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Author Robert T. Kiyosaki Hits it Right on the Nail with His New Book for Entrepreneurs

00354561In the last couple of months, there have been numerous books that have been released on the market. There are some books that have skyrocketed in popularity, while others have just stayed behind. According to recent statistics, more people are searching for ways to better themselves by becoming their own boss, which is why the books that provide important and innovative information for entrepreneurs have become more popular overtime, take the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs by Robert T. Kiyosaki, for example.

Author Robert T. Kiyosaki has been writing books for more than a decade. At the moment, he has 20 books under his belt, including the international blockbuster book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ which is often referred to as the #1 personal finance book of all time. This highly regarded author has been a featured guest in various media outlets of different countries because his books, which tend to go hand in hand with the topic of finance, have topped many international bestsellers lists.
This author has been able to change the way millions of people think about money. Since his advice can resonate with most readers’ own business experience and leadership style, he tends to redirect their thoughts and thus challenges them. Mr. Kiyosaki is an investor, educator, and entrepreneur who believes that the globe urgently needs more entrepreneurs in order for there to be more jobs. With investments that tend to contradict conventional wisdom and perspectives on money, this well-known author has been able to earn an international reputation for courage, irreverence, and straight talk. He has become an outspoken and passionate advocate in financial education.
Mr. Kiyosaki’s latest book the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs includes sections on leadership, sales, leaders as teachers, the power of connectivity, speed, authority, respect, discipline, and on mission and team. From this author’s perspective, military training is able to support entrepreneurship and shape lives. The leadership, discipline, and training that are taught in the military can be of great help if your goal is to achieve huge success in the world of business. Thanks to all of these sections, you will be able to improve yourself and your entrepreneurial skills.
All the information found in this book, author Robert Kiyosaki based it on the years that he spent at the United States Marine Corps. And Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. With an engaging way of contrasting and comparing two very different value systems and cultures, compelling stories, and example, Mr. Kiyosaki shares with you the challenges that he had to face, which have made him into the savvy business man that he is today.
The style of this book is straightforward with no nonsensical information, which is just what you would expect from author Robert Kiyosaki. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or already are one and want to make the most of it, the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs book is one that you should highly consider in learning more about it.
We’re offering a giveaway to our readers so please enter your name and email address in the box below for a chance to win the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership  for Entrepreneurs book.

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Learning How to Utilize Biorhythms Can Help You Place a Halt to Bad Days

All that is involved to do this is just a couple of calculations that you don’t necessarily have to conduct yourself. Their eBook covers the concept of biorhythms and explains in detail how you can utilize them to give your life a 180 degree turn when things seem to be going down the hill for you.

The 411 on Biorhythms

Starting at birth, life tends to be affective by rhythmic biological cycles (referred to as biorhythms) that move in sinus curves throughout your entire life and thus are able to influence you in different ways. There are three key components that you need to comprehend about biorhythms: the ‘active phase,’ ‘passive phase,’ and the ‘critical day’ phase. Since the body is busy adjusting to the swing in the phases, the critical phase is the most vulnerable period of time for a person. In any particular rhythm, the abilities associated with it can be very low.

How Biorhythms Have Been Utilized

Biorhythms have been put in practice in a variety of different situations. For example, Air France has been noted for utilizing biorhythms to ensure that pilots are less likely to have preventable accidents. In many different countries, to select athletes for competition, biorhythms have also been utilized. The athletes that had high a physical cycle values on the day of the competition would be more likely to be selected.

If You Really Want, You Can Have Everything under Control

Thanks to the information that is stated in this product by BinaryMark, people have been able to march out their houses without thinking negatively regarding things that might occur throughout the day. You can definitely have everything under control if you really want; you just need to have the right information by your side to help you do so. To attain more information about this product that has already helped numerous of people to live more joyfully, feel free to visit


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Win a My Cloud EX2 from WD

Win a free ( My Cloud EX2 4TB ) during the WD giveaway promotion on April – 13- 2015  to May – 4 – 2015.

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• Centralized workplace storage with anytime, anywhere access to files
• Easy setup and management
• Advanced data security

• High performance
• The ability to reliably save, share, back up, stream and manage large amounts of data.


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kO4Ycz3V_400x400Online auctions have always had a grand following due to one being able to attain different items at very affordable prices. When the Internet made a splash in our world in 1994, the online auctions that were available could be counted with one hand, but nowadays, it is a totally different story. We now have a grand range to choose from which can definitely cause a bit of confusion when it comes to deciding which one is your best bet. There is the old school eBay and eBid and the new school Zidders which is transforming online auctions as we know them. is literally taking the Internet by storm. It is being the talk of countless of media outlets and individuals, in general, around the globe, as it provides an innovative platform where anyone who has $0.99 to their name can walk out with the newest laptop, flat screen television, camera, gift card, perfume, iPad, iPhone, or etc. that’s on the market. Yes, it’s an innovative online site where the prices never increase.

Zidders functions with bids. It is 100% free to join. All you need to do in order to participate is sign up. Once you join, you will automatically receive ten free bids. If you fill out your profile, you will immediately attain ten more free bids. That is 20 free bids! You can bid and win on any live auction with these bids.

Other auction sites auction at different price points, while Zidders auctions are always $0.99 from start to finish. Once you win an item, you will never be charged with additional charges for shipping. Everything that is being auctioned on this high quality and easy to navigate website is guaranteed to be brand new and authentic.

Remember, there are multiple bidders; therefore, Zidders decided to integrate their Smart bid feature to do the job for you, which means that all you have to do is program this feature to bid for you, and sit back and relax. Each time somebody bids on an item, the time will automatically reset. If you are the last bidder present when the time runs out, that means that you won the item. At any time that you want, you can purchase bids that suit your budget by utilizing Pay Pal, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa cards.

If you lost at an auction, you don’t necessarily lose all your bids. By clicking on the buy it now button, you can attain all the bids you used credited back to your account. All you have to do is purchase the item at it’s affordable buy it now price. With Zidders, nobody has to leave empty handed.

How can Zidders give items for only $0.99? That is the million dollar question that numerous of people are currently asking themselves. The answer to it is quite simple. makes money from the bids you purchase, which allows them to give all of their items at cheap prices. is the next evolution in the online bidding world that is fast, fun and virtually risk free, and winners never pay more than $0.99 for amazing items from the world’s most trusted brands. Get started here:

Follow Zidders for upcoming news and updates and a sneak peak at the weeks newest items.

Zidders Socials:




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Ditto – Exceptional Eyewear For All

0About Ditto

If you love eye wear and haven’t got the time to get to the Mall then try Here you will find an array of beautiful glasses with a virtual experience. We have designed a process where you can choose your glasses online by telling us a little about your style first so we can help find the perfect pair for you.

We have a collection of designer glasses from all over the world and we have frames for just about any style that you want. Our glasses are made from the highest quality materials and our lenses have an anti-reflective and anti scratch-coating. We have the best collection of designer eyewear and all the latest brands.

A Ditto is a video that you take of your face and then record it from your webcam. You can then try on virtual eye wear to get a good idea of what the finished product will look like on you. We shape our glasses to fit both your face and head size so you will have something unique to you. You can buy risk free with free shipping and return within 30 days for a full refund if not completely satisfied.

How Ditto Works

To virtually try on your chosen glasses then you will need to use your webcam and then press the “allow” button to begin. You will then get to try on several glasses to see what ones suit your face best. It gives you an 180 degree view so you can see from all angles what you look like with the glasses on. You can also ask your friends for their personal opinion or our trained stylists for a personalized recommendation if you’re not sure what one you want.

This is a virtual way to try on many of the famous brands from Persol, Ray-Ban, Alain Mikli, Illesteva, Westward Leaning, Elizabeth and James, Selima Optique and many more. This is the modern way to try on glasses in the privacy of your own home without the crowds. So if you are looking to buy some designer glasses but haven’t got the time to go to the shops then why not try and enjoy the virtual experience!

Also you can enter to win free sunglasses for life. Take the quiz before December 11- 2014 and you’ll be entered to win two pairs of designer sunglasses every single year for the rest of your life!


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DealFuel: Happy Thanksgiving !!

Dear DealFueler,


Celebrate Thanksgiving this time with our Thanksgiving special freebie.

This Thanksgiving element pack contains:

  • 3D Thanksgiving Hat
  • Thanksgiving Men and Women
  • 18 Thanksgiving Buttons
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys
  • Turkey Illustration

Sneak peek into some of the elements:

Grab these Thanksgiving special elements for free!!



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HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

HUB IT is a modular USB3 hub and charger which takes a fresh approach and is full of potential. Unlike traditional chargers which will simply provide the USB ports with a bring-your-own-cables policy, HUB IT have created a line of enclosed modules that cater for all smartphones, as well as some more obscure devices like Nintendo DSi.

The HUB IT from Eggtronic is on sale for $56 at the time of writing and faces stiff competition from a number of fronts, none of which match the specifications exactly. The Bolse 7-port charger ($36) for instance offers a superior charge-only product that works with existing cables and has a higher capacity with it’s 12A power supply (compared to 4A in the HUB IT); whilst another $25 or so would get you a generic USB3 hub. Again though, nothing matches the product precisely in terms of modularity or future potential.

hub it box   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway


The HUB IT is fairly substantial in size – taking up a full 17cm squared of desk space, 4cm high – but very light, with an ABS glossy black plastic case. The choice of case resulted in it being covered in my dirty fingerprints within seconds of taking it out of the box, and quickly attracted dust.

hub it overview   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

The design is like the base of a pyramid, with vast entrances on either side from which the module cables and ports emerge. A small orange light in each alcove indicate when power is being drawn.


  • 3 x USB3 ports
  • 4 x modular USB3 data and charging ports
  • 5 x modular power spaces
  • 4A power supply

This can be a little confusing. The 3 standard USB hub ports are built into the bottom section of the base unit and cannot be changed. Above this is a grid array of 9 modular ports. 4 of these ports act as a USB3 connection and charger, for whatever modular connector is plugged is (such as micro-USB, or Apple Thunderbolt); providing both data and power.

hub it top down   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

The other 5 modular ports are essentially hidden under the case, and are as of writing, unused by any current modules, but can potentially be used by things like a wireless Qi charging module once released. For the time being, only the 4 externally facing module sockets are designed to be used.

The module on the rear side is situated above the power and USB in ports, and as such doesn’t have another USB3 port there available for us.

What’s in the box?

  • HUB IT main unit
  • 5v 4amp wall plug
  • USB3 cable
  • Micro USB module
  • Mini USB module
  • Apple 30-pin module
  • Apple Thunderbolt module

hub it included connectors   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

For my needs with a number of older and newer devices, this is actually a perfect mix. For you, that might not be so true, so the cost may increase if you need replace specific modules. That is of course the whole point of having a modular approach – but there’s a cost involved.

The maximum power of the wall unit should also be noted as a limitation to the current offering: despite 4 charging ports, only two will be functional at any time for full speed charging. This could theoretically increase with a bigger charger, which the manufacturers have said is in the works.



The modular units themselves – essentially 18cm retractable cables in a solid plastic housing – feel pretty solid with a reliable retraction mechanism that never faltered or got stuck during my testing. However, this doesn’t reflect long-term usage testing and small children pulling on cables.

hub it cable length   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

On the underside of each modular unit are 10 jumper pins sticking out, which could prove to be a point of weakness if you keep some modules in a drawer.

hub it module underside   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

Additional cable modules are available from Amazon for $8 each, though I suspect future module upgrades with advanced features may cost more. The full list of modules can be found on their accessories page.

Changing modules is a simple case of clipping off the loosely attached lid and exchanging them.

hub it case off   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

Is the modular approach a good one? One the one hand, hot swappable modules with short, retractable cables is a lot more convenient for your desktop than having an additional USB charger (and hub) and trying to find the right cable. If you do happen to buy a new device with some magical new port that isn’t covered, then you still have the standard USB ports.

hub it 2 modules removed   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

It should be noted that HUB IT isn’t fully realised yet. The manual refers to wireless charging module, Bluetooth modules, an SD card reader, and even a portable battery pack so you can carry the HUB around and charge without it being plugged in – but these are currently unavailable.

hub it inside closeup   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

Should You Buy One?

The HUB IT is innovative – it’s fresh approach to an age old problem. It’s also full of potential, such as changeable cases and exciting new module ideas. Provided the hardware lives up to long term wear and tear, I can see enormous value in this approach: when a new connector is available, simply swap it out to make a perfect arrangement for your needs. While not all the promised modules sound particularly useful – a battery pack, for instance, would imply someone would want to carry this rather large unit around – and I just can’t see that happening. It’s difficult to judge the long term value of the product without consideration to the potential.

hub it charging light   HUB IT USB3 Charger Review and Giveaway

It’s not all rosy. The build quality of the case feels a little cheap, being only loosely attached (are frequent module changes to be expected?), and the standard black plastic case seems designed to make me want to replace it immediately – but functionally everything is there. It’s a hub, it’s a charging station, and it adapts to suit your exact charging needs.

Ultimately, it’s a little too early to be judging the HUB IT. Once a few more modules are released, the value proposition should increase. However, I hope they allow for some customisation at the point of order – difficult if they’re distributing solely through Amazon, but at least a few variations would be desirable – instead of buying the base set then immediately having to purchase additional modules. An Apple-oriented variation, or an Android and wireless Qi set, for instance.

MakeUseOf Recommends: It’s a solid combined charger and USB3 hub with potential to be great – but if you only need a charger, or only need a hub, you could do better looking elsewhere.

How Do I Win The HUB IT?

For mobile users, click here to enter.

The winner will be selected at random and informed via email. View the list of winners here.

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