New US Based Company Makes Life Easier with Wireless Headphones Inspired by Ancient Greece

A new brand dedicated to enhancing the lives of electronic device users has exploded onto the digital market, providing thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts with headphones designed for an active life.

RadGadget Labs provides quality merchandise to US customers across a number of internet sites including and Buyshop. The new range of Tykhe headphones draws from its namesake, Tykhe the Greek goddess of chance and good fortune, to bring good luck to those who need it when living life to the fullest.

Richard Brant, Founder of RadGadget Labs said, “We are excited to that our range of headphones is available to buy at some of the biggest internet shopping providers. They are perfect for everyone who live life to its full potential.

“Compatible with some of the most popular mobile technology including Apple and Android smartphones, and tablets such as the iPad, our Bluetooth headphones give listeners clear sound, deep bass and a life free from tangled wires.”

Available in with three different sized earbuds and two pairs of soft inner ear stabilizers to keep buds in ear, RadGadget Labs’ headphones are ideal for the most rigorous activities such as running and biking.

On earphone buttons allow for complete usability allowing users to change volume, pause, play, fast forwards and rewind calls. Users can also speak to their friends and family through the in-built microphone.

With 5 hours of music playtime, 7 hours of talk-time, a 60 minute recharge time and a 6 month guarantee the Tykhe headphones gives users the chance to embrace a life with crystal clear sound.

To find out more about RadGadget Labs’ new range of Bluetooth headphones visit:


About RadGadget Labs

Founded by Richard Brant, RadGadget Labs is committed to enrich the lives of technology users through the development of innovative technology. Drawing on years of customer service and internet marketing, RadGadget Labs gives everything thrill seekers need to live life to the fullest, without endangering themselves. Inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of good luck, Tykhe, the technology specialists wish all their customers the very best in what they do and hope the goddesses’ guidance will help them live life to the fullest.