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4 Work Productivity Tips And How They Save Money

They say time is money, and they’re right — especially when it comes to workplace productivity. The more efficiently you get things done, the more money you save.

There are lots of methodologies out there on how to increase productivity, some of which involve technology. Utilizing technology is one of the most effective ways to make your workplace more efficient.

Technologies designed to improve workplace productivity abound, and they’re growing in popularity. Here are four things tech can do to make you more productive and save you some money along the way.

1. Get Organized

Businesses need to keep track of a lot of information, documents and data. Employees also need reliable access to these resources. While technology increases the amount of data we have available, it also provides a lot of innovate ways to organize it.

Storing information in the cloud is one way tech can help keep businesses organized. Using the cloud allows you to store everything in one place, so it’s easier to find. It also enables more dependable access to important resources, even if an employee is not physically in the office.

There are plenty of other services available for organizing specific aspects of a business. A customer relationship management platform, or CRM, can help you keep track of all your marketing, sales leads and customer data. A virtual timeclock can allow you to track hours worked even if that work is done remotely.

This improved organization will reduce the time employees spend looking for information and allow them to focus more on completing work and bringing money into the company.

2. Collaborate

Organizing a collaborative work project can be a complex task. Project workflows involve usually between 16 and 20 steps and can require employees from different departments, and even from different office locations, to work together.

Web-based collaboration tools can help you organize all those steps. There are both free and paid programs available that have a wide range of functionalities.

They often include chatrooms where team members can communicate via text, video or audio. They also often allow project managers to assign tasks to specific people and provide a space for employees to create a project plan and schedule, which can help keep everyone on the same page. Cloud-based documents can be edited by the whole team, and everyone can see changes being made in real-time.

Ensuring everyone is up-to-date on a project’s progress can help it get done on schedule — and sometimes even quicker — and reduce the likelihood of miscommunication and the mistakes that can result from it. Reducing the amount of work that needs to be redone saves money, and getting projects done quickly allows a business to increase its amount of work and make more money.

3. Automate Tasks

Automation is a popular topic today. Some lament the job loss it can create and others praise it for the way it can increase productivity. Automating repetitive tasks can save a company money, because it enables them not to pay someone to do the task and eliminates the possibility of human error.

While not everything can and should be automated, computerizing the right work can benefit a business immensely. Repetitive tasks like sending out a thank you email when someone makes a purchase and backing up your files are suitable candidates for automation. There are plenty of online services that will help you automate these tasks and many others as well.

4. Work Remotely

Being able to effectively communicate, share files and work with other people whether or not they’re physically in the room with you allows businesses to be a lot more flexible and efficient.

Teleconferencing and videoconferencing do away with some of the costs and time requirements of in-person meetings. Driving time eats away at work hours, and gas, food, lodging and renting meeting spaces can be expensive. Virtual meetings allow you to talk with customers, business partners and co-workers no matter how far you are from each other at little to no cost and in much less time.

Internet technologies also allow you to expand your customer base outside of your company’s physical location, connect with other people in your industry no matter where they are and hire people from all around the world to work remotely with you.

Technology can help businesses increase their productivity and save money if they implement it well. Taking a look at where your company’s productivity needs improvement allows you to develop a plan. Trying out technologies that may help fix those problem areas lets you discover what works for you.

When you find the right technology and plan for implementing it, the likelihood is high that you’ll save plenty of time and money as well.

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