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5 Ways to Get Monthly Income When you have Retired

While saving can help you access a corpus of funds during your retirement, having a regular income can put your pocket and mind at ease to continue living your usual lifestyle without any financial restraint. Your monthly income need not end with your employment years. You can still receive a regular monthly income by making smart financial moves. You can do this by investing in schemes that offer returns on a regular basis.

Look at 5 such Investment instruments that offer monthly earnings.

  • Senior Citizens’ Saving Scheme

This scheme is a popular choice and is available only for early retirees and senior citizens. If you are above the age of 60 years, you can easily avail this savings scheme from your nearest bank or post office and receive earnings every quarter. If you are an early retiree, you will need to invest in this scheme within 1 month of receiving your retirement funds. This scheme has a five-year tenor and you can choose to extend it for an additional 3 years at the end of the tenor. You can also avail tax benefits under Section 80C and invest up to Rs.15 lakh in a Senior Citizens Saving Scheme. The current interest rate for the SCSS is 8.3%.

  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

This scheme allows you to invest up to 4.5 lakh as a single account holder. The current interest rate of this scheme is set at 7.3% and though this is the annual rate of interest, an average of this is paid monthly. However, the interest earned under this scheme is taxable. You can also plan for the interest to be credited to the savings account you have with the same post office instead of having to visit the branch every month.

  • Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposit for senior citizen offer you safe and guaranteed returns and are better than your savings account in terms of earnings. With the option of non-cumulative deposit, you can choose your interest to be paid out every month, or other periodic intervals like quarterly or annually. In order to gain from higher returns while still opting for a safe option like a Fixed Deposit, choose to invest with an NBFC like Bajaj Finance.

Here you can find FD interest rates up to 8.75% that increase by 0.25% upon renewal. Additionally, you can use online account management to keep a track of all your details. Also, you can invest as low as Rs.25,000 to start your FD. Moreover, you can use an FD calculator to predetermine your returns in order to add efficiency to your investment planning.

  • Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

Devised specially to benefit the senior citizens, this scheme offers you an interest rate of 8% that is payable monthly. This scheme is available up to 31st March 2020. At the time of purchase, you can choose the payout frequency from options like monthly, quarter yearly, half yearly or annually. The policy term for PMVVY is 10 years. Here, the minimum pension per month starts at Rs.1000 and the maximum pension per month can go up to Rs.10,000. However, the maximum investment limit for this scheme is Rs.15 lakh. Also, this pension scheme is exempted from GST or service tax.

  • Mutual Funds

In order to gain regular income while still gaining from high returns through mutual funds, you can opt for debt mutual funds and choose the monthly dividend option. These mutual funds allocate only 10%–20% of your capital into equities while the rest is invested in safe bonds or debt instruments.

However, it is essential to remember that the returns from these mutual funds may not be as high as regular mutual funds as there is a lower risk involved. Additionally, you can invest in a systematic withdrawal plan that allows you to withdraw a fixed amount on a regular basis. You will also need to choose the date, amount and tenor in advance for this scheme.

So, consider the above options to continue receiving monthly income post retirement too.

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How to Fulfil your Dreams with the Best Investment Options?

All of us have dreams and personal goals that we relentlessly pursue. At times, our goals may appear to be too far-fetched or even unattainable. They may appear to be too expensive and beyond our reach, financially. By exercising financial discipline and making wiser investment decisions, we can have greater control over our financial future and fulfil many of our financial goals.

The key to financial success is in being aware of the various investment options available in the market and choosing the most suitable ones. Among the various investment options available to make dreams come true, fixed deposits score over others because of these features:


  • Safety of your Investment


An investor needs to be sure that his investment is in safe hands. A fixed deposit has been a preferred financial instrument as far as the security of your investment is concerned. Apart from FDs offered by banks there are several NBFCS that have entered the market with similar products.

For instance, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit not only gives you high returns on your investment but also offers flexible tenors to meet your liquidity needs. You can get an FD interest rate of over 8% on Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, which is higher than the market average.

Bajaj Finserv also offers pre-approved loans, cards, insurance and EMI Network offers to help you fulfil your financial needs. Click here to discover your pre-approved offer.


  • Guaranteed Returns


An FD offers you guaranteed and predictable returns. Using an FD calculator, you can determine the exact amount that will be available to you at maturity. Though bank FD interest rates have fallen in recent months, there are several corporate FDs that offer you attractive returns.


  • Liquidity


If you need money periodically, you can opt for a non-cumulative FD and withdraw the interest amount as periodic payments. You can choose a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly scheme based on your requirement.

If you opt for a cumulative FD, the interest amount will be re-invested in to your capital and will generate higher returns.


  • Availability of Loans


Most banks and financial institutions offer loans against FDs. The amount of the loan usually hovers around 70-90% of the FD amount. There is no processing fee on such loans and the procedure for availing these is very simple. The interest on these loans will be 2-2.5% higher than the interest rate that you get on the FD. You will, however, continue to earn interest on your FD.

The repayment can be done in convenient EMIs and the bank does not charge any penalty in case you pre-close the loan. Loan against FDs can help you tide over financial emergencies in your life. Very few financial instruments give you this kind of flexibility.


  • Ease of Operation


An FD is convenient and easy to operate. Most banks and NBFCs offer customers the facility to login to their websites and create FDs online. You can track your investments on a real-time basis and make any change that you may want. Pre-closure of FDs can also be done online, and the money would be automatically credited to your savings account.

Traditionally, fixed deposits have been the most preferred savings instrument in India. With NBFCs and other companies entering the market, today you have several options to choose from. FDs offer a lot of flexibility and convenience while guaranteeing the safety of your money. It is one of the safest investment options available today.

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Tested Tech Ideas: Work Smarter and not Harder!

Today, with the level of technology available, you can create businesses that are very different from the conventional ones and still earn millions. These businesses are cheaper and easier to start and run. The investment is minimal while the return on investment (ROI) is many times more (over a thousand times). Most of these businesses are virtual; this means that there is no need for offices, inventory, brick and mortar assets, large staff, countless licenses, shipping costs and many other overheads. These businesses are automated (work twenty hours seven days a week) and are accessible to anyone from and anywhere, and any time as long as there is an internet connection.

The business ideas or models presented below are not the only ones that can enable you to make money online; there are more. However, these are the businesses that can give good return on your investment and have minimal frauds involved. Some other tech businesses include; content generation and management, paid to click, paid to read emails, paid to watch movies, paid to stuff envelopes, paid to invite friends and many others. The similarities of these activities are marred by low payment or ROI and a lot of fraud.

Proven Tech Ideas that can earn you Good Money

  1. Affiliate marketing

In affiliate market you need to find one or more index (high demand) product or service from thousands of online and offline products. Then you must define your market segment and how to reach them through the available online marketing channels such as websites, SEO, Pay per click (PPC), Pay per view (PPV), Back links, Blogs, Social Media and other advertisement channels.

Once you have defined and reached your target audience, you need convince them to buy the product. NB// you do not own the products but you are sell them for a third-party for a commission. Most affiliate marketing channels come with systems that track every sale made through your efforts and total commission is calculated.

 A start-up affiliate marketing business just needs your time (a few minutes daily), a computer, internet, a home office and sometimes a website. However you can succeed more with a website. So as you can see, the investment is very small. Some of the products include software, clothing apparel and electronics among many others. You can use platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Clickbank among many others.

  1. Social Media Networks

The social media platforms have become very rich income generating grounds for everyone. Some of the popular social media networks where you can earn money include; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsup among many others. Since these platforms enable people to interact; marketing of goods and services is very easy through content, links, images, threads, paid advertisement, banners and word of mouth. In social media networks you can earn through the following.

(i) Selling your products: You can sell products and services that you produce yourself whether they are tangible (clothes, books, furniture etc.) or intangible (e-books, software, websites, music etc.).

(ii) Selling affiliate products: Here you will sell goods you pick online and offline for commissions. The price you sell the products is dictated by the seller but you get a margin or commission per unit. What this means is that you do not have the right to manipulate the prices to your favor. This fixing of prices results from the urge to compete with other similar products and affiliates. However. You can lower the prices making your commission margins decrease. The advantage is that you are not responsible for their production, inventory, insurance and shipping; your only play part in their marketing.

(iii) Social media account management:Social media account management is a bit new compared to the two mentioned above. You will find that there are businesses and people or personalities who either do not have the skills in using the social media networks or just do not have the time to communicate with their publics (customer, staff and suppliers).

 This group is now hiring part-time or full timer account managers to manage their social media content. The content includes responding to questions and enquiries, engaging followers in discussions, creating fresh content, getting feedbacks, updating existing content and many other duties. The managers act as virtual assistants.

  1. Re-packaging Third Party Products and Services to as your Own

Sometimes you might find a number of products that if combined with each other will increase the value of each other (value addition). An example is if one business (A) produces movies, another (B) sells movie players and the other (C) offers payment solutions. It you can create a product that combines the three (A, B &C), you are certain to sell more and earn bigger revenues from the three. What you do is to sell the package as your own, but when the buyer payers you, you remit the agreed amount to the original owners.

This too requires very little investment for there will be no inventory needed (no capital to buy products before you sell them. All you need to do is make contracts with the suppliers and gear up the marketing campaigns. Due to bulk selling you will get better profit margins than if you sold the three products individually. The advantage of this is that you decide the price or profit margin.

  1. Virtual Assistance services

Since the crack of the twenty-first century, formal job opportunities have tremendously declined. Businesses have scaled done on labor, space, benefits, transport and marketing costs making millions of people lose their eight to nine jobs. Fortunately, the internet has come to fill in the gap. There are many activities that can generated revenue from home which include offering virtual assistance to companies and individuals


Virtual assistance services includes responding to emails, making phone calls to clients, managing office diaries, making bookings, managing social media accounts, customer support services among many others. The payment are done based on the quantity of work, hourly, bi-weekly, monthly salary and the number of chores performed per a certain period.

  1. Virtual Brokerage

Brokers act as proxies. There are millions of items that can go through brokers to increase their speed of sale and value, access markets that were limited to the seller or meet some demanded requirements. To be a virtual broker you need to research thoroughly for items on sale in different places and find viable buyers. This is then followed by making agreements with the seller on the terms and prices. The seller does not give commissions but the broker adds a margin on top of the sellers price so as the reward for the work. However, the broker has the freedom to manipulate the prices upwards and downwards. All expenses are catered for by the broker thus occasional loses can be expected if proper pricing is not done.

Virtual brokerage can be done on things like properties and motor vehicles among others (both locally and international. Also, you can offer the service of negotiating on behalf of foreign businesses (purchase, contracts and mergers) where the reward can be cash or in form of equity.

  1. Foreign Business Agency

You can start a business where you are contracted to do some functions in a new market region on behalf. If a company wants to sell products in a new country or area, it would be very expensive for it to ship its staff, do first research, study the market and meet the legal requirements before knowing whether it will engage fully. The best person to do this is a person residing there or an agent. The agent is well versed with the past and existing conditions in the market, legal policies and competition. In this type of work, you will be remunerated in form of cash, franchise rights, discounted prices or equity in the satellite branch.

  1. International Stocks Trading

Another way to earn online is to trade in internationally quoted stocks. However, before starting the real trading, you need to do some training using virtual cash to buy stock to understand the transactions. There are many websites that offer training so that you can later use them. All what is required is to have some knowledge on stocks trading, allocate some time every day during the working days (stock markets do not open on weekends), and some money to buy shares or activate your account. It is advisable that you start with little cash and increase the levels of investments as you make profits and accumulate money on your online account. When you have enough money you can withdraw it through the provided channels such as direct bank deposits or money transfers such as MoneyGram, Pay Pal and Western Union.

This trading entails buying stocks that you predict will increase in value to later sell them at a higher price. Great caution must be exercised lest you end up bankrupt; it is much of playing with odds like in gambling.

In all the above businesses, technology plays the greatest role in bring the parties together, communication, marketing, customer support and enabling payments. This technology is the internet and it’s accessories such as computing gadgets, communication equipment among a few others. With more technological advancements in the future, there will be more ease in trading, communication, skills access, marketing and better customer satisfaction. This will result in more money and investments.

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No Technology No Investment!

Technology and investment are two inseparable dependent catalysts; they affect the success of each other. Since the times of the early man (medieval age); millions of years ago, man used technology to increase efficiency to ease investment. In this case, simply think of the crude farming tools such as hoes and blades; transport means such as carts; manufacturing of tools, utensils and many others. Despite the level of technology being crude or extremely simple compared to the modern levels, it laid the foundation for what we have today. So, there cannot be any investments without technology, and vice versa.

5 Ways that Technology Aids in Investment

In simply terms, technology improves the investment process. Today, technology forms an integral part in our lives hence investment; just look around and you will find many technological innovations such as telephones, computers, televisions, microwaves, calculators and many more. All of this equipment help you to meet the levels you want of comfort and efficiency. Some of the benefits of technology in investments include;

  1. Increased knowledge on investment

Once you have developed an idea of a certain investment project, you need to get all the information about the project from the availability, viability, costs, law requirements, expected profitability, market and chain of distribution. All of this information is at your fingertips thanks to the internet, media and many print products.

  1. Increased and effective production

To increase the number of products processed to multiply the revenue, you must employ technology. The right technology will decrease the wastage on materials, labor or human resource costs and raw material tracking. When the production is efficient, you will experience lower overall production costs, timely delivery and quality products which are healthy for a sound investment (return on investment-ROI is higher).

  1. Enhanced accuracy in financial accountability

Technology allows the investor to easily and accurately track the investment at any time and stage (from start to the end). Human resource is also well-managed with fewer errors in staff duty rolls; it’s very hard to beat or cheat the system when absence or lower output is documented. This tracking eliminates unnecessary losses due to wastage, theft and oversight. There are hundreds of computer programs that in the market that can be used for this function. Alternatively, the investor may opt have customized software that caters for the specific person’s needs.

  1. Improved packaging and warehousing

New packaging materials and designs have being technologically developed to wonderful standards. The products produced today are safer, long-lasting, attractive and easily stacked and stored. These benefits contribute to more revenue (ROI) because we spend less money on insurance, litigation due to accidents, less storage space rentals and few employees to work in the warehouses. The modern, technologically built warehouses are temperature and contamination controlled, reducing spoilage; have stacking equipment such as mechanical loaders and forklifts. All these increase safety in the warehouses and loading zones while reducing the labor costs.

  1. Increased, deeper and cheaper marketing achievement

The modern technology has enhanced both marketing and investment promotions in cost and their penetration range. You can use the internet, print and audiovisual media to reach the market audience you want to pass any information at any time or place.

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