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SingleCare Helps You Save Big on Prescription Drugs

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for your medical bills? Did you know that U.S. residents pay three times more for drugs than in Britain? According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, healthcare costs in the USA are twice as much as 10 other high-income nations such as the UK, Australia, France, and Switzerland. Apart from high doctor fees and administrative costs, Americans also have to shell out considerable amounts for prescription drugs. In fact, an average American can spend around $1,200 per year on prescription drugs which is more than anywhere in the world. For certain drugs like cancer medications, the costs come down to $10,000 per month!

Is there a way to get your medication at lower prices and save your hard-earned money?

If you are looking for answers to the above question, then SingleCare can help you out by offering huge discounts on your prescriptions – up to 80%! I like SingleCare because of the low prices and there are no fees and premiums to pay which means you can save money instantly.

What is SingleCare?

SingleCare is a healthcare company that offers transparent, affordable pricing on prescriptions. It’s free, easy to use, and regardless of your coverage status, you can save money when you use their pharmacy savings card and coupons. Their cards and coupons can by physical or online – whatever works best for you!

You don’t need to pay anything to create your account and are charged only when you fill a prescription at the pharmacy.

How can I Save Money on Prescription Drugs?

The first thing you want to do is go to the website and/or mobile app to search for your prescriptions. It’s like a search engine for your prescription savings, where you type in the name of your script and enter your zip code. The results page allows you to adjust the dosage and quantity of your prescription and below it shows you pricing at each of the partner pharmacies. There you can select your coupon and have it texted to you, sent via email, or get a PDF version to print. Very easy!

The SingleCare pharmacy savings card is accepted nationwide at over 35,000 pharmacies including Target, Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Longs Drugs, Walgreens, Harris Teeter, Fry’s, Duane Reade and more!

You can get an average savings of 50% on medicines which also includes prescriptions for your pets. Some over-the-counter medicines are also included under the savings program if you have a prescription for them. I was recently online searching for some amoxicillin antibiotic tablets and I found them, but, the price was very high $66.70, then when I searched on and Walgreens the prices was much lower $14.95. And also, since I am a first time customer, I saved an extra $5 off my first prescription.

SingleCare is Your Way to Affordable Medicines and Healthcare

With options like SingleCare, you don’t have to worry even if you don’t have insurance or if you want an alternative to your insurance. From helping you fund in the cost with third-party options to ensuring you pay less, you’ll love what you’ll see

SingleCare has helped millions of Americans to save hundreds of millions of dollars on prescription drugs. You can become one of them by signing up for SingleCare through their website and/or mobile app. It doesn’t matter whether you have insurance or not- everyone can take advantage of the medical discount plan without any restrictions! Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for your medical bills?

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Six Reasons to Outsource a Medical Billing Service

The invisible engines in the medical machinery have great importance. A good hospital or health practitioner is only as good as its backend staff. The clinic needs to hire capable medical billing services to ensure proper billing and up to date coding. Billing and coding is a challenging task. It demands a skilled workforce which is guaranteed by the billing companies eagerly. There are many more reasons to outsource a medical billing staff such as:

1.    Better Control

It is the need of the time to outsource a medical billing company. However, it is a mistaken belief that outsourcing the medical billing services loses control over the business dealings. It is seen in 70% of medical practices that the provider feels more in control than ever before. They are seen handling the transactions more efficiently. The reason is that the company provides the medical providers trained and dedicated billing staff. They make sure of a full-time job engendering a better control of the providers.

  1.    Cost-effective

Outsourcing a billing company is a cost-effective way. A medical provider can save up to 30-40% of collections on the medical billing process. A vast amount of money is used for the salaries, articles of furniture and other office staff of the medical billing in-house staff. If the providers outsource the services, the monthly expenditures can be saved easily. The provider will not need to incur unnecessary costs. Hence, it eliminates the need for hiring a dedicated medical billing team along with the training and updating sessions.

  1.    Enhanced Focus on Patients

Subcontracting the third party lets the medical practitioners concentrate on their patients more than before. Health physicians spend their time concentrating on the patients instead of devoting their precious time to their billing process. It is a good thing to spend time on your dominant proficiencies such as quality patient care and treatment. Outsourcing a billing service is a perfect way to make available valuable time for the patients. It also helps in maintaining an increased volume of the patients and revenue.

  1.    Optimum Safety

Safety of the patients’ data and the information is also a significant duty of the medical officer. The third party interference by outsourcing the billing services is a secure procedure. The billing companies make sure that they are working in compliance with the HIPAA. All the billing companies are HIPAA compliant and run a 100% secure medical billing process. It protects the technical data from hacking. These companies ensure the medical provider that all the data is kept confidential. Hence, it provides a safe environment for the patients and health practitioners.

  1.    Easy Approach to Trained Specialists

Most of the outsourced companies have a qualified team. They offer the providers highly experienced staff that are familiar with all the details of medical billing and coding. The outsourcing company verily reviews and complements all payments. They are responsible for making sure that all the carriers are paying the right amount of money. They also track the outstanding claims and process them until they are paid.

  1.    Follow the Legal Requirements

One of the significant reasons to hire the services of a medical billing company is that they follow the legal requirements. It is imperative to get up-to-date about the latest versions of all the laws concerned with the medical billing. It is hard for the medical provider always to have all the updates and amendments related to billing and coding. The latest version of ICD 11 is one such example. The changed coding directly affects the time management and other payment outcomes for the health practitioners. Therefore, a medical billing company can easily fulfill the legal requirements which is one of the primary task of their full time job.

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What To Know About SingleCare

What is SingleCare

SingleCare provides its members direct access to top quality care, and signing up for membership is absolutely free. There are no monthly premiums, co-pays, member fees, or deductibles because members are only responsible for the costs of the services they receive. You can get a suprep coupon 2018 for great discount deals from SingleCare.

You know America’s healthcare situation is messy at best. Since 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) — commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare — has intensified efforts to insure more Americans and improve the transparency and reliability of our existing healthcare structure.

Health Savings

With SingleCare, your employees enjoy major savings on the health services they need, such as dental and prescriptions. And with our video doctor visits, they can get the care they need without missing work.

And also, in the past, most Americans got their coverage from employers, but as companies began scaling back these coverage plans in order to cut costs, employees started seeking alternative insurance options and participating in exchanges. Consequently, there are now more individuals in the open exchange, the open market where consumers can seek out better service from competing private insurers hoping to offer the lowest rates. In theory, this should increase market competitiveness and drive down prices.

You get full and part-time benefits

SingleCare helps employees access health services that may not be affordable. There is no exclusion for part-time and seasonal employees, who might otherwise not qualify for sponsored benefits.

But, the reality, however, has been exactly the opposite, as patients find themselves faced with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs before insurance companies are willing to chip in. Healthcare plans are written in complicated language, include hidden fees, and contain devastating coverage gaps. Many have been left with no choice but to remain uninsured or, in some cases, forgo treatment altogether.

And it’s simple to use

SingleCare is a terrific addition to your overall benefits package. Implementation is a breeze. No IT work, no claims, no headaches. Just give us some basic employee information, and we’ll take care of the rest.

SingleCare: A Better Option

And you know, as the country’s healthcare situation becomes increasingly complicated, many are searching for alternative ways to find more affordable treatment. SingleCare has responded to this new wave of coverage-seekers, providing affordable healthcare solutions specifically crafted to your needs on a pay-as-you-go basis.
SingleCare has secured pre-negotiated, highly discounted rates across an expansive network of healthcare and prescription providers, saving members up to 50% on a comprehensive range of services. There are no monthly fees and members only pay for the care that they receive, giving members the opportunity to receive affordable care.

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