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The Technology of Money : Back To The Future Edition – Insights from BitGold.Com

untitledFor Americans who came of age in the 1980’s, the future arrives today: Oct 21st, 2015, the day Back to the Future’s Marty McFly drops in from 1985. It’s fun to forensically diagnose technological predictions of the past, so Josh Crumb of wrote a blog post regarding a form of technology also important to Marty and the film- the technology of money.

The film had many fun predictions, some of which landed just a bit off the mark, such as $50.00 for a bottle of Pepsi. But how have prices actually changed in since the mid-1980’s, and why? With the benefit of hindsight, what might 1985 Marty have done to protect his savings over the past 30 years (aside from knowing future sports scores, part of the plotline of the movie, and the film’s other prediction of inequality, moral hazard and a general dystopia created from one-way bets)?

Mr. Crumb started with a simple question; would Marty have been better off landing in the future with dollars, gold, or a savings account left to compound interest for 30 years (assuming of course his bank remained intact through the 1990’s and 2000’s crises)? The result proves an important point in his core thesis: that gold is not an investment that grows over time, it is simply a store of value, something to protect your wages without taking a risk that your currency, bank savings, or investments are being managed poorly.

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TOP 10 global events in the cryptocurrency market

bitcoinsThere are a wide range of different news events that are starting to draw in attention from many within the Bitcoin community. Some people will be watching to see whether these changes may prove to be a positive development for the cryptocurrency. It could actually presage some of the major changes that are going underway for these Bitcoins. Investors and fans alike will need to stay on top of these developments and make sure that they are adapting to them accordingly. This could be a worthwhile way to follow these changes and to learn more about what Bitcoin may be offering to people out on the market.

10. MIT Fundraiser Nets Bitcoins For Students

A unique new fundraising project  has started to draw in attention from many within the Bitcoin marketplace. This is owing to the fact that these students have actually raised enough funds to disperse Bitcoins to a wide swath of students. The fundraisers hope to provide $100 in Bitcoins to students to raise awareness about this project.

9. Regulators Issue Warning About Bitcoins

The NASAA has opted to issue a set of warnings about the way that Bitcoins are used. The organization is stressing that users should remain cautious when it comes to trading the currency.

8. Legality Of Bitcoins In India

As Bitcoins expand to worldwide markets, many foreign investors will be wanting to learn more information about the unique nature of these coins. There is some debate among lawmakers in India about the status of the currency and how it should be used.

7. Bitcoins To Be Tracked By Bloomberg

This news will undoubtedly interest many investors out on the market. They may appreciate that Bloomberg has opted to start tracking the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This could actually lend some credibility to the format and help people become interested in what it has to offer.

6. Update On Bitcoin Mining

Investors may want to check up on how Bitcoin mining has evolved over time. This practice has actually become much more popular for people over the years. This is owing to the fact that there are a few different resources that will make it possible to secure this currency going forward.

5. Does Dark Wallet Support Money Laundering?

There are many so-called wallet providers out on the net, who provide a way to store Bitcoins. Dark Wallet is drawing in some controversy, because many claim that the company is supporting different types of money laundering organizations.

4. Failed Class Action Lawsuits

The Mt. Gox controversy has undoubtedly produced major changes to the world of Bitcoin trading. Though the event caused quite a stir, attempts to conduct a class action lawsuit have actually faltered.

3. Mastercard Working With Bitcoin

In another major development for Bitcoin, Mastercard has opted to make its presence felt in the cryptocurrency marketplace. The company has chosen to collaborate with Bitcoin and work out a few different types of payment plans going forward.

2. More Security For Bitcoins

There are new regulations on the horizon for the Bitcoin currency. This is causing a fair amount of debate, since traders aren’t exactly sure yet what this will mean for them. They may want to track these developments to see how it could impact their cryptocurrency.

1. Are more regulations a good thing?

Much of the debate about Bitcoins tends to revolve around the relatively safety of the currency. It has undoubtedly risen and fallen by a surprising amount over the past few years. This has got many speculating as to whether more regulations could improve the way that people tend to operate.

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