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How to Integrate Stripe with WPForms in 3 Easy Steps

Connecting Stripe with your WordPress contact forms is much easier with the new addon. 

How cooler a contact from can get than accepting payments right away?

Now you can integrate Stripe, one of the best online payment solutions in the market with your WordPress contact form in just three steps.

WPForms is trying hard and has succeeded in making the lives of their users a lot more simpler with their addons. 

The contact forms are also subjected to updates once in every short while.

That being said, let’s see how simple is connecting Stripe with your WPForms.

1. Connecting Your WordPress Site and Stripe

Before getting started, make sure that you’ve installed WPForms on your WordPress site

Now you should install your Stripe addon and activate it. 

Once this is done, open WPForms and then settings. Select the payments tab from settings.

Here you can switch the currency and choose the one in which you would like to make your transactions.

Next, scroll down and you will see connect with Stripe button in blue.

Click on that button.

After this, you will have to authorize the connection between your WordPress contact forms and Stripe

The content on this page will vary based on whether your Stripe account is active or inactive. 

Once the requirements on this page are met, you’ll be redirected to your website’s admin panel. 

Ensure that the connection status is in green to make sure that your contact form is connected to Stripe.

2. Create or edit your Contact Form

In this next step, you will have to create a new contact form or edit an already existing one. 

Your form should have at least two fields for Stripe to work with it:

  • Items field
  • Stripe credit card field

You can add any number of fields, apart from the mandatory fields, on your contact form according to the details you would like to collect from the user. 

3. Adding Stripe to your Contact Forms

Once the creation of the Word Press form is over, you can now add Stripe to your Contact Form.

Go to Payments and then Stripe.

Check the box labelled Enable Stripe payments from the Stripe panel.

Now you will be able to enter a short description.

This description will be displayed on the credit card statement of the user.

Next, below the Stripe payment receipt option, enter a valid email id from which Stripe can send a receipt to the user.

You are done if you intend to do only one-time transactions. 

But for recurring transactions, there are some more features to be activated.

Read on to see what they are.

Recurring Payments

Scroll down from the above window and you will see an option stating Enable recurring subscription payments under the title named Subscriptions

Check that box. 

Additional settings will appear once you check this option. 

Fill in the required details and you will be all set to go for recurring or subscription payments as well!

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Can You Save Money When Selling a House?

Your home is the most valuable asset for the vast majority of us and selling it will cost thousands. Using the money-saving tips in this article should reduce the cost of selling a house.

Real Estate Agent

One of the biggest complaints that people have with real estate agents is their commission. Many homeowners wonder, ‘Why should I pay an estate agent a big commission to do something I can do myself?’ Real estate agents can actually save you money during your home sale. Real estate agents know the right people, they know how to price your home to sell and they free up your time. Selling a home is a full-time job. That’s why there’s an entire industry built around it.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

By having a pre-sale home inspection you will know the exact condition of the property. Be sure, you pick an excellent home inspector, ask for recommendations from friends/family/realtors. There is no point in having your home inspected if the home inspector only catches a fraction of the issues. Not knowing if there is something wrong with your home adds a lot of stress to the sales process. Worrying that the sale will fall through because of something that turns up during an inspection adds a thick layer of anxiety to your life that won’t go away until the sale closes. Fortunately, you can wipe away that anxiety pretty easily. You just have to get your own inspection before listing. Something may or may not need to be fixed. A pre-listing inspection will let you know either way.


Remodeling your home adds to your enjoyment, but it can also boost your home’s value over time, too. Before you shell out a lot of money for custom updates in your home, having a solid understanding of what renovations yield the highest return for the money is key. Know which home renovations add the most value, for example, garage door replacement, a minor kitchen remodel, deck addition, siding replacement and front door replacement.

Curb Appeal

Many buyers can’t visualize changes and often won’t take a second look at a house if the first look doesn’t appeal to them. Tackle clean up and repair chores first, then put some time into projects that make the grounds more attractive. Get rid of mold and mildew on
the house, sidewalks, roof, or driveway. A quick way to improve evening curb appeal is with lighting. A fresh paint job, choose eye-catching color schemes. If you don’t want the cost of a new door, consider replacing plain doorknob hardware with something more attractive.

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Home Improvement Advice for Remodeling your Home

You know, when you need to remodel your home, you would make sure that you get it done right. And you would definitely want to have the best home repairers helping you remodel your home. For instance, If you are getting your bathroom and or kitchen remodeled you would definitely want to make sure that the pipes and fixtures are put together correctly.

Selecting and installing new bathroom cabinets is a big job requiring a commitment of both time and money. Make sure you have a clear plan before investing in a new bathroom setup. Some of the things to consider before remodeling your bathroom as well as possible remodeling projects you can undertake. It is meant as a starting point for both DIY projects and larger contractor jobs.

And if you want to a great shower installed in your bathroom, you would definitely want the best kind. Kohler luxstone shower is a great and beautiful shower system that will improve your bathroom a lot and it will help your bathroom rise to a level of luxury and elegance you never dreamed possible.

When it comes to the resale value of a home, renovating your bathroom is arguably one of the most important investments you can make. But there’s another, perhaps ultimately more beneficial, reason to consider a bathroom makeover. “I’m a firm believer that the space one inhabits has a huge influence on your personality and approach to life.

Remember, if you really want to achieve beautiful results, it’s important to start with a good team you can trust, and who understands your budget and where to allocate your funds so they shine.

And also, you know that a huge part of any home’s first impression is the approachability and affect of your entryway. Popular entryway trends in 2020 include adding more glass and wooden fixtures, as well as installing a steel door. Replacing the front door is a traditionally high-ranking improvement in terms of ROI, and a relatively simple improvement project.

Do you follow the home improvement industry? If so, the Home Improvement Research Institute thinks you should pay attention to these key trends in 2019. The nonprofit trade association is comprised of global building product manufacturers, national retail chains and allied organizations on the media and information side.

More than a third of homeowners who completed a home improvement project in the past year regret not spending more on the project, according to The Regret Factor Study. The  people that regrets this situation are more likely to have used a wide range of inspirational sources, especially television, magazines and social media,” observed declared Brenda Bryan of RICKI, the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence, who led the study with Leslie Gillock, vice president, director of insights at Wray Ward. (FOMO, the fear of missing out, has apparently migrated from vacation and party video envy on Facebook to real world remodeling projects. That’s worth considering when planning a remodeling project at the right investment level for your property, or supplying products or services for a client’s.

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How Your Amazon Ecommerce Store Will Profit from Inventory Management Software

The world is in an unprecedented era in the 21st century – there are so many new entities and massive changes that have occurred throughout the past 20 years that our modern world looks nothing like it did in the past. There has been a myriad of transformations throughout the 21st century, and many of them have come from the rise of the Internet and society’s need for these technologies. The web can be used for a multitude of different purposes, and has become increasingly prevalent all across the globe. The Internet has completely shifted the economy in recent years, and these changes have been evident throughout almost all industries. The Internet has affected many industries by including the need for web-based interaction, and it has also built numerous novel industries as well. Web development, IT, blogging, freelance writing, and so many other fields have been added to the economy, and this has had a major impact throughout the globe. While these fields are certainly revolutionary, ecommerce is another field that has been created in recent years and is extremely important to the modern retail world. Running your own ecommerce store has become a more popular career choice, and one of the most common ways that people sell ecommerce products is on Amazon.

The Impact of Amazon

There are a multitude of different methods for operating your own ecommerce store, but one of the simpler methods to running an ecommerce enterprise is by opening up your own Amazon ecommerce store. Amazon is highly utilized by ecommerce sellers because of its ease-of-use, and its popularity amongst buyers. Running your own Amazon ecommerce store can be extremely challenging, but there are numerous methods to help with common problems that all ecommerce sellers face. Inventory management is a challenging facet of ecommerce and although Amazon can provide some help with this aspect, investing in software to aid with this specific problem will certainly benefit your business. Inventory management software will help any Amazon seller and investing in it for your business will indubitably bring you results.

How Amazon Inventory Management Software Will Help

There are many technologies that top Amazon sellers utilize to alleviate their ecommerce challenges, and Amazon inventory management software is a great choice to streamline your company’s processes. There are many advantages to utilizing these programs, and learning about them allows you to understand why it is so helpful for your business. First, Amazon inventory management software will ensure that you never deplete your stock levels and that your seller rating remains in good standing. You will also be enabled to automate your inventory management, which allows your stock levels to be kept concurrent across all ecommerce channels you may sell on. You will also be given the opportunity to sync your orders with your warehouses, which simplifies a myriad of procedures.

Final Thoughts

While running your own ecommerce store can be a difficult process, inventory management software can make your job easier. Understanding the benefits of inventory management software will show you how your business can be made better as you go forward with your endeavors.

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Know the best free online Game Names

In this world, every day, lots of people play online games, and most of them agreed these games can be addictive. Through this habit has influenced the growth of the online gaming industry every day.

Nowadays, players can select a wide range of variety available for young children, teenagers, and adults. A lot of the games you can get online that targeted for a particular age group.

You can find most of the free online games from the Google Play Store. It is one of the influential app markets. There are many games, and useful apps are available, which are commonly used daily bases.

These are the following online free games that you can pay online as well as offline.

Swipe Brick Bbreaker: This is a puzzle game; it is very suitable for all kinds of ages. I spent my free time to play this excellent game.

Alto’s Adventure: This is an ancient game, but still, it is on-demand. It is a straightforward game anyone can play easily. Under this game, you slide down the sides of the mountain and press your screen for flipping or jumping in mid of the air to skip obstacles.

Spider Solitaire: Microsoft (MS) spider solitaire is a very famous game in the world; this gameplay by cards. If you are a card lover, then this game is perfect for you. Earlier, this game comes with MS Windows OS, now this game available for both platforms mobile and computer.

Baseball Hero: If you are a baseball lover, then this game is for you, The Baseball hero title is just for you only. You can select the team and give a name.

Adventure Town: This is the game is a town building strategy game that you can play offline as well as online. You can play this game with one hero who kills a dragon and protect the town.

You can easily play these games online or offline, in my next article you will get the list of the game which help you to earn money.

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What is a window hosting and why should you choose it?

In order to have a successful web presence then you should need to take the help of hosting providers. We all know that website hosting is a service that provides users with online systems for storing information, images, video or any file that can be easily accessed via the internet. So to get out of your web site, the quality of hosting service is what you actually need. Here is a little short in the Windows hosting solutions. Windows is a solution designed by Microsoft, and usually, comes with a licensing fee. We also know for a fact that most web applications become used today are based on Windows and therefore is most recommended. Windows hosting is generally recommended for users who want to create a website using the ASP.NET framework. 

Web hosting service allows developers to host a web site along with other applications with very easy in ASP.NET environment. Although known to be the hosting service is expensive, the benefit it brings along with it is certainly worth the extra money. Seamless integration, high level of security, and application compatibility control points are some of the advantages of the most famous. 

Windows website hosting is considered ideal for an ASP.NET application, which allows users to build a dynamic website and also makes it user-friendly. Windows hosting also provides better performance than any other platform. Even at the high server load server remains stable.

Why should you use Windows Hosting?

  1. On the basis of the Operating system

Easily the most obvious difference among Linux Hosting and Best Windows hosting is the reality that the operating device might be specific on both servers. If you are planning on being in interacting with the operating system directly, rather than using a tool like cPanel to manage databases and software, then you will probably find Windows easier to manage. Of course, if you are already familiar with the details of the Linux operating system, then you may find it easier to stick with this solution regardless of whether you plan to use a CRM system or not. 

Linux servers offer stability and greater security for most users, so if you can come to terms with the operating system rather complicated, then they might be worth the effort.

  1. On the basis of Use Case

Perhaps the most common reason people seek a Linux or Windows server is because they want to create their own unique sites or online shopping experience. Usually, if you’re looking to run an eCommerce company, you may find that hosting on Linux servers more attractive. Many of the joint accounts come with a lot of great tools that help you to install any programs that need as quickly as possible. Linux hosting option comes with an interface that makes setup a new email address with ease and may even automatically manage the software and tools like PHP and MySQL. On the other hand, Windows servers are more common in a larger corporate environment with a dedicated IT team. They can also be used with Microsoft software such as Exchange or SharePoint server.

  1. On the basis of Control Panel and Development Tools

If you need a little help making the most out of your hosting system, it is worthy to note that Linux has one of the most popular control panels in all – cPanel. With cPanel, you can install a large number of critical software, all through a simple interface.  Applications such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are all available with installation-click, and many of them will automatically update with new security patches as well. 

  1. On the basis of Disk Space, Domain and Database

Another thing to consider is that many developers prefer to use cPanel when they’re dealing with several different domains at once. This solution is often easier to manage the domain space, and with cPanel, you can even decide whether you prefer to allocate less, or more space for certain contracts depending on specific needs. 

Although your choice with Windows servers grew, most of the best hosting companies generally have more experience dealing with the Linux server which means that they will be better prepared to support you if you have any trouble. With that in mind, you may find it easier to choose a Linux server if you are a fresh beginner in space development.

  1. On the basis of Reliability and Security

Finally, no matter what you use your hosting company; it’s safe to say that you might want to choose a strategy that provides a lot of security and peace of mind as possible. While every good hosting provider should be able to help you with techniques to secure your site from perfect administration, the latest online attacks showed that Windows servers are generally more vulnerable than their Linux counterparts. Not only Linux is usually more secure than Windows, but more reliable as well. There is a Linux server on the web today are not required to reboot in a year – while the same cannot be said about Windows solutions. Although you will always be somewhat responsible for managing your own safety and security, many developers and system administrators find that it is easier for them to protect their sites if they are running on a Linux host.

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5 Rare Known things about GST

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is one indirect and destination-based tax for the entire country. As per the GST, the tax is applicable at every point of sale. The main objective behind its implementation was to make a uniform tax system in the country. GST has also increased the total tax collection of the Indian government.

Let us have a look at five rare known things about GST, or Goods and Services Tax.

1. GST slabs

A great worry is the complexity of different GST slabs and numerous cesses which are completely different from simpler tax structure in other countries. Various shop owners are worried how they would maintain bill books due to the variety of tax slabs.

Let us understand the complexity with an example. There are multiple rates for different services in a restaurant – AC or non-AC, luxury category etc. A GST of 5% is paid by restaurants with turnover of less than Rs. 50 lakh. While the restaurants having turnover more than Rs. 50 lakh with no ACs will have to pay a GST of 12%.

2. Increased growth rate

After the implementation of the GST, the export of goods and services has become competitive due to nil effect of taxes done on goods and products. If we go by a research, GST is a crucial part of the growth in Indian Economy.

GST has increased the GDP and also the tax experts say that the growth has also increase around 1 to 2 percent. All this growth will increase the job opportunities along with increasing the productivity at the same time.

3. GST as per Indian Constitution

The Constitution 101st Amendment Act got the presidential assent on September 08, 2016. This act has created way for the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax by making some special provision with respect to the tax.

The GST is basically a VAT which is an indirect tax levied on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at the national level.

The entertainment tax imposed on movie, theatre is subsumed in GST but the taxes on entertainment at district level will continue.

4. It was proposed way back

The Goods and Services Tax is a very old concept. They claim that they wanted to make this policy and implement it for the betterment of the country.

It was proposed by Vishwanath Prasad Singh in the year 1986 with a name of MODVAT which is a short of ‘modified value added tax’. He proposed this policy so as to abolish the different types of taxes imposed during the inter-state movement of commodities such as central excise duty and service tax.

5. Types of GST

GST is a destination-based tax as it is levied at the place where the supply of goods or services is done. Let us have a look at different types of GST.

SGST or State GST is levied on all intra-state supply of goods and services.

CGST or Central GST is levied by the Central Govt. on supply taking within a state.
IGST or Integrated GST is levied on inter-state supply of goods and on imports. It is first collected by the Central Govt. and then given to the states.

UTGST or Union Territory GST is levied on the supply of goods in the Union Territories of India.

GST, or Goods and Services Tax

Final words

These are some of the rare known facts about GST, or Goods and Services Tax. By now, GST has got the attention of every citizen of India as they are impacted by the rules set in the GST Act. Have any questions about GST and GST software? Feel free to ask us in the comment box!

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Fastest Way to Get a Personal Loan in India

Apply online to get your Personal Loan quickly. When you do get a Personal Loan, keep track of how it is spent. In certain circumstances, you can claim tax deductions on your Personal Loan.

When You Need Funds Fast

Apply for Personal Loan in India. Keep ready all the documents needed. Your loan will be processed quickly. If you have a good salary/income and a good credit rating, you will get instant Personal Loan.

If you have more than the minimum salary required to get a Personal Loan and do not have a lot of other loan EMIs running right now, you can get a good amount as loan.

When You Can Use Your Personal Loan to Save Taxes

When you use your Personal Loan for specific purposes that are accepted for allowable deductions, you can claim tax benefits on personal plans.

For House Purchase

Are you using the amount to fill the gap between your home loan amount and the actual price of the home you are buying? If you can prove this, you can claim tax deduction.

For House Reconstruction or Renovation

Loans used for repairs and renovation of your house are considered for tax benefits. If you have used your Personal Loan for these purposes, you can claim tax deduction.

For Investment in Your Business

If you have taken a Personal Loan to use as funds for your business, you can claim it as business expenses and thus use it to reduce your tax liability.

How to claim the benefits

Under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act, the type of loan is not specified, only the end user. So keep a documents checklist of all the bills and agreements you need to show as proof and save them. Submit them to claim deductions on the interest portion of your Personal Loan EMIs.

As for business expenses, you need to save every bill and receipt and submit them to account for how you used your funds in business, including your Personal Loan. Your business expenses are deducted from your profit, so it helps you save taxes.

Search for the best Personal Loan offers online through financial marketplace websites and lending portals. Choose the best offer and apply for a Personal Loan in India. If you apply online and supply all the necessary personal loan documents are required like the KYC documents and income proof immediately, you will get the loan fast. You need to make sure you have a good credit rating to get a loan at low-interest rate.

If you use the loan for a relevant purpose like the home renovation or business funds, you can use your Personal Loan repayments to claim deductions in tax.

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Alamo Associates: The Best at Lowering Interest Rates

You know, ” I’d like to start saving money, but I’m not sure if I can afford it right now” can be a common thought when starting your career with an entry-level salary. But, the good news is, you can start saving. And the great thing about it, is, it just takes some creative thinking and a plan for making extra money to kick-start your savings. And well, In today’s economy, side jobs are a common way to earn extra income. They provide flexible money-making options and can even help you grow professionally.

Alamo Associates is a great company that is prioritizing what clients need by offering a single monthly payment with low interest rates.

Please call them toll-free at 1-800-220-0581, if you have any questions regarding your low interest rate credit card debt.

Find Your Hobbies, Think about Your Passions

We all know, that side jobs can be done remotely—this means lower startup costs and faster earnings. Use your skills, do something you love or provide a service. And here are some ideas to consider:

Tutoring online. Use your knowledge to help students of all ages with languages, science or math.

You can drive for a rideshare service. After you apply, simply download the app and wait for the ride requests to come in.

Try working as a virtual assistant. And you can start by helping business owners by handling administrative duties like sending emails, doing research or scheduling meetings.

Pet sitting or dog walking. Check out apps or websites that connect you with pet owners who need your services.

Start a Catering Service. Channel your love of cooking into menu planning and hosting events.

Blogging or freelance writing. Just take a look for websites that connect businesses with writers on a per-project basis.Transcribing. Turn your super-fast typing skills into transcribing notes from meetings or podcasts, as well as providing closed captioning for TV shows or movies.

Selling stock photography or video. Individuals and businesses will pay you to take photos or shoot videos for them.

Get Higher-Than-Average Interest Rates When You Open a New Account

Reach Your Savings Goals Faster with a High Interest Rate Bank Account
High-yield savings, Money Market, and Certificate of Deposit account rates can help you grow your savings at a higher rate than those available for traditional savings accounts. Putting your money in a high-yield account can really make it grow fast — don’t underestimate the advantage of even a small percentage hike when it comes to interest.

What is a CD?

A certificate of deposit is a safe investment option with predictable returns and a guaranteed return of your principal investment when the CD matures. Certificate terms vary but generally last from a few months up to five or 10 years. Investing in a high-yield CD can help you achieve a number of financial goals, such as saving for a new car, by reliably growing your savings.

How student loan refinancing works

When you refinance student loans, you manage your existing federal and private education loans into a single loan. This new loan does not have an origination fee and typically has a lower interest rate. You can often choose between a fixed or variable rate loan when refinancing.

There are many reasons to consider refinancing your student loan debt

Lower your interest rate

Customize your loan payment

Combine multiple loans to simplify your payments

Choose your loan term

Improve your customer service

Remove a cosigner

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5 Tips to Help you Buy the Right VR glasses

Nowadays you can buy dozens of VR glasses from different brands, with different specifications and prices that vary widely. For example, you can buy the new Oculus Rift, with all the upgrades you could wish for. You can also buy an Oculus Go for a modest price from last year, are you missing something with that? The choice of the best virtual reality glasses is not the same for everyone, with these 5 tips you can quickly buy the right VR glasses.

1. Pay attention to your budget

Are you a seasoned gamer who spends hours every day behind the PC, or are you someone who wants to dive into virtual reality for the weekend? You can buy an Oculus Go for over 200 euros, you can also opt for an HTC Vive Pro that costs more than a thousand euros excluding a luxury gaming PC. If you do not yet have a suitable PC or laptop, you can save a lot of money with a standalone headset, especially if you need multiple headsets for business use.

2. More quality = less flexibility

If we combine the Go, Quest and Rift S, the most luxurious option also offers absolutely the best graphic quality. On the other hand, you are always connected to a gaming PC. For the best quality, you have to buy an Oculus Rift, though you do have to sacrifice some ease of use for it. So you can easily take a Go or Quest with you on a journey, which is a lot more difficult with the Rift.

3. Consider how much space you have

You have a complete virtual universe at your disposal without limits, yet your loft apartment or that stand at the fair does not grow a centimetre larger. The so-called 3DoF headsets are suitable for small spaces because you cannot move freely with them. The 6DoF headsets are made to use the space, so check the square meters that you have available. When buying VR glasses you will first have to make the distinction between 3DoF and 6DoF. Ask the specialist about the differences.

4. First, check the apps

If you go for the quantity you have to buy an Oculus Go, there are more than 1000 apps available for that. Unfortunately, there is a lot of junk in between, with the Quest there is much stricter quality control. That means a smaller selection of titles and usually also higher prices. For PC headsets you can check on SteamVR which devices the apps are suitable for, there are usually also a number of titles that are available exclusively for one brand or model. If the ‘killer app’ is not available on your favourite VR glasses, you have to think carefully about what really matters to you. Also, check if there is an option for VR kiosk mode which enables you to easily playback your apps without a controller.

5. Do more with an open system

In addition to the standard software, you can also buy VR glasses that let you install custom apps. Sometimes that is simple, but this is not always the case. For example, if you need virtual reality glasses for business use or in education, ‘sideloading’ of custom apps may be necessary. There are various options depending on the brand and type, a VR agency can tell you more about this. Where there’s a will there is away!

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