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Considerations for Launching a Tech Startup

Now the time to launch your tech startup. You have brainstormed and decided to move forward with your plans. Or maybe, you just have the idea and nothing else.

It could be that you appreciate that tech is a hot sector and having an iron in the fire is most important. Whether you have a product in mind or are just looking to get into the sector with the help of some unsecured small business loans, this article will help you consider what you will have to contend with as you begin your journey:

Current Hot Tech Topics

If you are someone with ideas or are unsure where to focus your efforts, the very first thing to do is research those areas of tech that are gaining traction now. What products are being developed and what opportunities may exist? Here are some of the hottest trending areas.

– Wearable Tech

This has been with us for decades but continued advancements and integration with smart home devices and augmented reality will result in even more options being made available to entrepreneurs.

– Augmented Reality

Yes, virtual reality (VR) is still a thing. Manufacturers of VR devices continue to improve on their offerings, but now augmented reality (AR) is ready to be used by government and business, and eventually household consumers. Opportunities exist to create applications that generate the overlays used with a real-world environment.

– Internet of Things

Smart home devices, traffic cameras, GPS sensors in automobiles, are examples of things that are connected to the Internet but not manipulated by humans. As all aspects of our lives are monitored and controlled by various machines and programs, this segment of technology will continue to grow – as will concerns over the security of IoT and similar tech. When used with other tech, such as AR, numerous possibilities emerge.

Planning for Your Tech Startup

As with any business, you need to clearly define what it is you want to accomplish and put all of this data into a professional business plan. Your business plan is your roadmap to success or failure. It affords you an opportunity to be honest with yourself and with potential investors.

– Research

What are you going to produce? Maybe you have a great idea for an improved smartwatch or maybe you want to create an AR application that can present images of someone else’s smartwatch market yourself as a virtual reseller. Examine your ideas and honestly decide if they may be profitable.

– Capital

How much will this tech venture cost to get off-the-ground and remain afloat? Most high tech ventures are funded by those who specialize in building up tech companies. Seek out those people and make sure you know every word and calculation in your business plan.

Start-up Funding Crowdfunding Investment Venture Capital Entrepreneurship Internet Business Technology Concept.

Understand the Realities of Running a Tech Startup

Whether you receive venture capital for your tech startup or acquire funding from other sources, you have to face the reality of managing your startup. Even if it is just you, and no employees, you need to be able to manage time and resources. If you have staff, there are other considerations to take into account that place demands on your time and take you away from focusing on your desired goals.

Launching a tech startup is a trying, but potentially rewarding undertaking. It’s always worth following a dream and if yours is launching a tech startup, you should go for it. Just appreciate that it involves a considerable amount of work to accomplish, and keep running.

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inLinx: The New Social Networking Site That’s Starting a Buzz

The globalisation of technology has made social networking a vital part of lives for people across the world. Social networking sites enables people to connect with their friends, families, colleagues and share information. The rise in social networking users worldwide is estimated to reach 3.02 billion, up from current 2.62 billion users, according to Statista. However, concerns regarding online privacy, cultural insensitivity, customisation, and language barriers are crucial to social users. This has led in creation of inLinx, an innovative new social networking site focused on responding to these user concerns through its unique features. inLinx is becoming one of the most highly acceptable websites in the existing social market when compared to other social channels.


#1. Improved Privacy and GDPR Compliance

inLinx takes privacy of its users with great seriousness and is at the heart of its conception. The website complies with the GDPR regulations that need the protection of EU citizen’s transactions. inLinx lets the users select what information their family members, friends or the world, in general, can see. It helps the user group family into four sub-categories, implying that the user can choose what information is for a particular group and which one is not. It ensures that none of the user’s activities with friends or family is accessible in the search engines, making it a secured social channel. Unlike Facebook, this social site is completely ad-free!

#2. Social Behaviors and Culture Conscious

One of the most crucial needs of global user is that a networking website should always consider the user’s social culture and behaviors. In some countries, different websites have been banned, as they do not accommodate culture sensitivity. inLinx however, is the only networking website that is acceptable in different cultures, as it is competent to offer customised features. If a country does not allow dating websites, this particular feature shall be blocked for that country, as an example.

#3. Exclusive Family Social Networking

inLinx understands the need to strengthen the family relationships. This social network could be used as an exclusive platform to connect with your faraway relatives, may it be uncles/aunties, parents-in-law, etc. It enables to create upto 4 family groups and control what each family sees and sharing and controlling important personal life information with a specific family, leading to stronger relationships. Parents can use inLinx to tell stories about their school days to their children, and this helps bring family members closer. The way it benefits to create virtual families, makes it a distinctive social network.

#4. Introducing the ‘Treat As’ function – A State-of-the-Art Approach in Social Networking

inLinx brings the most innovative feature – ‘Treat as’. This feature enables to treat the connection, either as a family member or a Linx/friend. If the user decides to treat someone as a family member, it means that he or she will only access information for the family group they belong. If the user decides the person to be a Linx, he or she will access both family posts as well as Linx posts. This is the first of its kind feature, giving user 100% control of its social media. The ‘Treat As’ video gives more information on how it works

#5. Putting you in the Driving Seat and Easy on the Eye User Interface

inLinx understands that users are more satisfied if given the power to control their accounts. As a result, the website is designed to close and even hide any of the family group or friends group, giving users the sovereignty over the privacy of using this social network in public. With more people using social media, it has become imperative how users spend time. inLinx, understands the importance of work-life balance and hence makes it easy for today’s time-deprived professionals to manage their time effectively. The InLinx design is eye-catching and simple to understand.


#6. A Multilingual Social Platform

Embracing the constant change for global access has made it essential for social networking to be flexible regarding languages and for this reason, inLinx became the first networking website that has been translated into over 50 languages by the day it was launched. The site is aiming to double this number in a year, and this will make it have over 100 languages available, giving users the much needed flexibility and customisation in the social space.

#7. More Than One Timeline

For a long time, social network users have been stuck to just one timeline, may it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. inLinx allows the user to have up to 5 different timelines. Doing this empowers the user to place posts of what they want and where they like. The choice of creating more than one timeline depends on the user interests and personal choice.

#8. Storage for Beautiful Memories and Keeping all in One Handy Location

Everyone wants to store the good memories that he or she shares with friends during our day to day lives. Understanding this, inLinx allows users to store all kind of memories they create (videos, and photo albums) on a daily basis on their timelines. In later years, one can look back and remember about the past days, share with children and inform them even about their family tree by telling them about the special things that happened before they were born.

#9. Provides SEO Friendly Business Listing

The competitive business landscape makes it strenuous for businesses to make their digital presence, especially but having a page listed on Google is very challenging and costly. The unique SEO friendly algorithms that inLinx employs, facilitates small and medium-size entrepreneurs to advertise themselves online, free of charge.


In conclusion, social networking websites are very important in today’s connected world. It is important that when inventing these social websites, organisation’s take account of customer experience for enhanced satisfaction and loyalty. inLinx has crafted its way by listening and comprehending the user needs, making it one of the most forward thinking social networking websites.

Check it out and register today!

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Technology & Profits: How One Can Boost The Other

The use of technology in the realm of business is obligatory for today’s organizations to succeed.  You need technology to keep up with the rest of the world and especially to remain relevant to your specific industry.  

We use technology every day for so many different tasks that the world would be in quite a pickle without it.  In a society dependant upon tech tools, your business should invest time and focus into fine tuning it technological output.  

Here is a quick overview of a few ways your business can use technology to boost success levels.  

Use a business blog to reach the masses

Assuming you have a business website (every business today should have one), you need to make sure to nurture a commanding blog presence online.  Your business blog is an outlet to all sorts of opportunity.

Your blog posts should also be relevant to the industry your organization operates within.  Check out how this business website uses its blog to draw in more viewer engagement.  

The most important thing to remember when it comes to forming your business blog is that it should have substance.  Invest time and money (if you have to) to make sure that every post is informative and engaging.

Befriend social media in your web design

Social media is one of the most beneficial pieces of technology you should invest in linking to your business.  If you can successfully link your website, or any of your online content, to social media, you have an instant chance at free marketing.  

Litter your business website with social media share buttons for a better chance at the action.  Your blog and homepage are both great spaces for dropping the handy little buttons into your design.  

Technology facilitates communication

Communication is vital to the success and longevity of your business, no matter the industry or size.  You need to be able to communicate with your professionals and with your target audience.

In addition to adding a contact page on your business website, you should invest resources in building an engaging presence on social media.  Whatever communication endeavour your embark upon, make certain to follow through with your side.

Save money with remote workers

Advancements in technology have made it much more affordable for small business owners to hire more qualified professionals.  Remote workers don’t need an office, because they work from the comfort of home.

If there is no need for an office, then your business isn’t paying out as much overhead to operate.  Hiring people online gives you the chance to more thoroughly vet their accomplishments and competency before offering employment.

Technology makes it possible to go paperless

Technology has advanced to become such a major part of our lives that it has made going paperless possible.  It is actually possible to run a business successfully without causing a huge impact on the environment through paper waste, and businesses are beginning to see the benefits.

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Motive Partners

In the current world, financial trading has become one of the daily sources of life for many people. As a result of this, millions in terms of financing has been directed to new discoveries on the same line. This has made it possible to trade in the same. Thus tech guys also ventured in this line and as a result there was a revolution in the financial technology. Many and different organizations have allocated some part of their resources to this business venture to discover new and better methods so as to furnace thousands from the same. As a result, some huge investors have taken to the business of helping start-up companies that have new ideas in the financial technology line or as it is best known as the FinTECH industry. There are a variety of investors and some are the Motive Partners who we are going to discuss in depth below.

Motive Partners is a group that contains various entrepreneurs and investors all from different fields and all have different expertise in the various environments to ensure that they help start-up businesses that have decided to venture in the financial technology sector. On top of this they also ensure that old businesses that are focused to improve the financial technology are also boosted and given some sort of backup. The company is made up of people who have different expertise including: operators, investors, industry leaders as well as technologists all that help guide the said company to ensure its success. The core mission for the investment firm is to build as well as backing of the various start-up financial technology organizations to ensure that the said firm has a stable and bright future.

The above investment firm will take the company that they plan to invest in hand in hand through all the hardships that they face. Since many people in the world are taking into ensuring that they manage their accounts as well as their property personally ensuring that financial institutions do not handle this, they educate the public about the various financial technologies that they have. This will ensure that the start-up company has a stable and steady customer platform. The start-ups suffer from different hardships and the main ones are that they do not have enough capital to ensure that their ideas transform to something tangible. The investment firm will ensure that in a case where the idea is a good one, your ideas will be helped so that they can manifest to something tangible. They will also help different start-ups to ensure that there is an innovation that is line with the financial sector.

Since time in memorial, there has been domination from the financial institutions in the financial services and as a result there may be some sort or reluctance from this institutions. The group Motive Partners will fight for financial stability as well as the rights of their customers to ensure that there is some competition to the financial institutions so that the services offered also improve. The economic situation is also affected by the ways in which the financial institutions carry out their businesses. This is caused by the fact that most institutions in the line currently do not get the share of the capital that they intended to have. As a result they will have to better their services or face death due to the fact that most people are taking matters to their own hands. The group Motive partners has also had a hand in this due to the fact that they have educated their customers on the business.

The group has changed the FinTECH market through the following ways investing, innovating and also operating. In the investing arena, the group has taken to the different areas to figure out the various methods that may result to the improvement of the financial technology. Through this, they have invested in the different firms and made the ideas from the firms develop to actual algorithms or more tangible material to trade in the financial market. Through innovation, they have seized opportunities that others deemed not possible to ensure that there is sanity in the financial trading sector. They have also made vast changes that are visible to people in the financial services department. Through operation, they have helped the organizations that they partner with in their managerial areas so that they have stable companies and as we all know happy workers give the best results in any working condition.

Photo of a creative business team busy at a meeting

The group in itself also has a chain of command within itself. The group that manages the investment firm is broken into three parts that include: Managing Partners, the founding partners and finally the team that is in the administrative role. The managing partners include Rob Heyvaert, Stephen C Daffron, Mike D Hayford and one man that is known as Andy Stewart that was just promoted from the partner’s level.

The next level of managerial, comes the founding partners that include: Frank Martire III who is the general head of counsel in the firm. Next is Etienne Castiaux who is in charge of the technology and has a title as the chief technology officer in the firm. Luc Philippi is next on the list and he is in charge of the operations that occur within the firm. Jon Bradford was one of those founding father to the company from its early stages and has since held a part in this managerial office. Alastar Lukies is the final member within the founding partners.

The group that is held responsible for the organization of the firm consists of people who are the principals in the investment sector the people that fill this shoes include Sam Nayden, Neil Cochaine and finally Yuting Zeng. There are also two people who act as the principal chiefs of staff and the two include: Brad Yankiver and Sam Tidswell. Next there is a man that is responsible for the investments and acts as the vice President to the principals and his name is Jeff Yellin. Jessica Roy is next in the ranking order and she is the director in human capital sector. AK Patel is the guy that is head in the IT area. There is an associate that is added to the list and his name is Ashvin Sinnathamby.

Early this year, the firm took an investment in a company that is known as LMRKTS. The amount that they invested in the said company as of now has not yet been revealed to the public. The company is responsible for reducing counterparty risks in most banks. The company is based in New York.

The investing firm is located in the current day New York as well as in London.

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What the Online Business Really Needs

E-commerce businesses need the website and the product or services to sell, right? Well, yes, but it needs much more than that. How are you going to handle technical issues or a hacking? Where on earth will you advertise? E-commerce sites are an excellent business option, but the internet is saturated with them and you are going to need to navigate some things that you may not have thought before. If you have an e-commerce business in the works, take a moment and read this list of things you need to really think about.

Accepting Payments

Unless you decide to run your basis on COD (cash on delivery), and no one ever does that, you are going to have to consider how you are going to accept payments. The options for online payment solution need to be examined in order to make the best selection based on your needs. Do you want payment processing that is strictly online? Some companies like an option to include invoice payments, phone and email payments using a virtual terminal, and even subscription billing. Are you going to be a strictly local e-commerce site or are you opening your products or services on a global platform? What if you want to start small and grow later? The one recommendation we make is that when you look for a payment processing solution, make sure it can accommodate your growth as a business. You do not want to change processors frequently!

Protecting Your Livelihood

Although hacking occurs on a regular basis, doing everything you can to protect yourself is vital. Who wants to spend a lot of time and energy bouncing back after losing money? If you are willing to lock your car, home, and valuables then the same should happen to your business. It all begins with considering your hosting options for the website. There are lots of very inexpensive hosts out there and they come with very cheap security. When you are looking for a web host, do research on their history with hacking. How often have they been hit? How much information was stolen? How quickly did they resolve the issue and what did they do to prevent it? Another thing you can do is backup your data on a regular basis. It makes bouncing back a lot easier and can help you learn how to better protect the information. But rather than learning from mistakes, simply invest in excellent tools that are designed to keep your site safe.

Finding Your Clients

While a medium-sized town can have four McDonald’s locations and each do very well, most e-commerce sites struggle to get the much-needed clientele because of the saturation. You have to find that one thing that makes you stand out and a bit different than other sites, even if you are offering the same product or service. To whom and where you advertise will have a huge impact on gaining customers. Know your target market and start there, it can always expand later! Peruse marketing platforms and find that one that seems the most helpful to what you want to gain. Can they help convert traffic into sales? What is their success rate for providing customer support? How helpful are they in tracking site trends?

Handling Legal Issues

A customer is upset with the product/service and is angry at how it was resolved. They decide to sue you. How on earth are you going to handle that while trying to run a business? Some people opt to hire an e-commerce lawyer because it saves them time and energy. It can be pricey but if you can afford it then we highly recommend it. If you can’t, you need to read up on the laws surrounding e-commerce. Learn as much as you can and you should be okay. It can help you head off some small issues initially and hire that lawyer if things are bigger than your capability.

The biggest mistake some people make is to treat their online store as a hobby. It’s your livelihood and will help you achieve your dreams. Protect it well, work smart, and care about it. You should be just fine!

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What To Know About Data Management Systems

Well you know a database management system (DBMS) is the software that allows a computer to store, retrieve, add, delete, and modify data. A DBMS manages all primary aspects of a database, including managing data manipulation, such as user authentication, as well as inserting or extracting data. A DBMS defines what’s called the data schema, or the structure in which the data is stored. And the tools we all use every day require DBMSs behind the scenes. This includes ATMs, flight reservation systems, retail inventory systems, and library catalogs, for instance.

Background on Database Management Systems

The term DBMS has been around since the 1960s, when IBM developed the first DBMS model called an Information Management System (IMS), in which data were stored in a computer in a hierarchical tree structure. Individual pieces of data were connected only between parent and child records. Profisee master data management is a company with a mission of innovating data management strategies by providing an easy to use, easy to deploy enterprise MDM platform.

The next generation of databases were network DBMS systems, which tried to solve some of the limitations of the hierarchical design by incorporating a one-to-many relationship between data. This took us into the 1970s when the relational database model was established by IBM’s Edgar F. Codd, literally the father of the modern relational DBMS that we know today.

Open communication

Open communication between management and employees sets the stage for an atmosphere of trust. But if you want to establish a new, more trusting culture, you can’t expect employees to take the first step. Company leadership initiates the process of open communication by sharing information with employees on a regular basis. This includes good news and bad. Southwest Airlines’ policy of sharing information enabled the company to weather the sudden increase in fuel costs during the 1990-91 Gulf War. The company kept everyone informed as fuel prices soared. Southwest’s CEO Herb Kelleher sent a memo to pilots asking for their help. Through inventive thinking, the pilots found ways to rapidly drop fuel consumption without compromising safety or service. Leaders of organizations that sustain innovation offer multiple opportunities for communication.

While not every company can offer an open-door policy for its senior executives, or even a chance for regular face-to-face contact, every organization can institute programs that enable front-line workers to feel heard. From CEO lunches with cross-sections of employees, to monthly division meetings between employees and the general manager, to open intranet forums for idea sharing and feedback, leaders can communicate their openness to hearing innovative ideas from those who are closest to the customer.

Innovation is also required to be competitive today and tomorrow

We all know now that businesses around the world are more connected than ever before. Just ask any company how many smartphones they have, how many tablets and laptops they have, how many virtual meetings are held with clients, and how many emails and text messages are sent. Oh, and we haven’t even talked about the use of social technologies. Being connected is probably the most powerful influencer of innovation. There are many reasons for this.

And also the immediacy and accuracy of real-time data transfer has become the norm. We now have the ability to share and connect with people, groups, and companies around the world. The quality and ease of use of digital media is not just for professionals any longer. Online learning and the global reach of it have changed the face of learning. Mobile technologies, cloud based storage, computing, medicine and space have continued to amaze us year after year. The list could go on. Some form of innovation touches every aspect of our life.

Managing that expectation and deliverable is critical for sustainable growth to occur. In thinking about sustainable growth, I spoke with Kevin Wells, Executive Vice President, Global Market Development for Reach Analytics. Kevin’s comments were quite telling when discussing how to predict innovation for growth purposes. How do you predict innovation, and also leverage predictive analytics so that your business can use that information to create growth?

Features of the Modern Relational DBMS

The relational database management systems (RDBMS) implement the relational model of tables and relationships. The primary design challenge of today’s relational DBMSs is to maintain data integrity, which protects the accuracy and consistency of the data. This is ensured through a series of constraints and rules on the data to avoid duplication or data loss.

DBMSs also control access to the database through authorization, which can be implemented at various levels. For example, managers or administrators might have access to data that is not visible to other employees, or they may have the authorization to edit the data while some users can only view it.

You know that most DBMSs use the structured query language SQL, which provides a way to interact with the database. In fact, even if the database provides a graphical interface that allows users to easily view, select, edit, or otherwise manipulate the data, it is SQL that performs these tasks in the background.

Examples of DBMSs

Today, many commercial and open-source DBMSs are available. In fact, choosing which database you need is a complex task. The high-end relational DBMS market is dominated by Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2, all credible choices for complex and large data systems. For small organizations or home use, popular DBMSs are Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro.

More recently, other nonrelational DBMSs have grown in popularity. These are the NoSQL flavor, in which the rigidly defined schema of the RDBMs is replaced by a more flexible structure. These are useful for storing and working with very large data sets comprising a wide range of data types. Major players in this space include MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Redis, and CouchDB.

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The evolution of Co-Working: Veris advantage for the new business ecosystem

Visitor Management System evolution

Just a decade ago, the concept of co-working space was unheard of in India. Now in the year 2018, coworking communities personify the flexibility and innovation required to succeed in today’s time and age. Driven by a global push for a cultural shift, flexible offices are on a steady rise. The way we work and what employees’ value is changing with time. Flexibility is really important for this generation of employees as well as entrepreneurs.

Co-working spaces are often associated with affordability, but in reality, the atmosphere, facilities, location, and networking are some of the reasons why startups are opting for co-working spaces instead of shelling out money on fancy offices. The environment nurtures ideation and collaboration and helps avoid hefty fixed costs.

What works?

Low Startup Cost

Renting commercial office spaces can burn a hole in your pocket. From signing a long-term lease to hefty deposits, renting an office can be very expensive, particularly if so much of space isn’t required at the beginning of a venture. Although most co-working spaces charge a monthly rent some places also offer hourly, monthly or pay-as-you-go packages.


The space cost of prime locations is often dramatically high and you may need to sacrifice location for a lower monthly rent. By opting for a shared office space, you can get an office in the central location and also stay well within your budget. Location is a crucial factor for business, having an office in a prime area not only makes a good impression on your clients, but also your clients won’t have a hard time finding you.

Flexibility and Networking

Coworking spaces create a flexible, convenient, and professional environment which nurtures creativity and generates a synergy between people working together. Also, it is easier to scale up the shared office space as the business grows. You can customize your contract to suit one person or a team until you move into a bigger commercial space.


Most co-working spaces offer facilities such as vending machines, fridge, microwave, air conditioning, and small café or a snack counter. As a startup, you need to save costs wherever you can and at the same time, you also need these necessities – which make shared working spaces an ideal solution. Some shared spaces also offer added advantages such as security and visitor management system like Veris. As a co-working space, it can be hard to keep track of employees and which organization they belong to and tracking one of those employees down can be a hassle. So, why not implement an iPad visitor management system? It’s modern, hip, and an effective way to greet visitors and locate staff using only an iPad/tablet.

Veris it is a cloud-based visitor management system that can help you organize and manage your visitor data. It lets your visitors pre-register or self check-in thereby saving you the cost of hiring a resource. The Veris app works like a full-time resource managing your visitors, employees, and also allows you to send QR code based invites to your visitors with GPS details, timings, parking instructions, and so on!

Veris leverages the power of technology to minimize hardware and human resource requirements. Get the Veris advantage to efficiently and smartly manage the visitor and employee data with just a few taps.

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Calculating the Price Tag of Driverless Cars

Excitement is building within the driverless car industry as the entrance into consumer market moves closer everyday. Arrival dates differ from expert to expert. According to some, driverless cars will be fully functional and on the road within a decade, while others are predicting it will just be a few years from now. There are also those who are sticking to the conservative ten year mark.

Beyond the release date, a few things need to be worked out before the driverless cars hit the road. The technology, for one, continues to need refinement.

Right now, laser-based systems, known as LIDAR (short for “light detection and ranging”) appear to be the most promising technology under development. However, if the cars themselves are expected to be able to prevent all collisions and avoid causing car accident injuries, work still needs to be done. Major companies like Google, Amazon, and Velodyne – along with over 50 startups – are entering the competition to release the most effective model.

The size of the technology and number of components necessary also make for less than attractive car styling. A LIDAR sensor on the roof with the possibility of adding secondary ones elsewhere, alternate radar systems, and cameras all need to be mounted onto the vehicles. The result looks ungainly and inelegant. Before the research can focus on reducing the size of the units, the industry needs to unanimously support a standard.

However, the biggest obstacle confronting the permeation of driverless cars into the mass market is their price tag.

Cost Will Dictate Adoption by Consumers

Individual teams of researchers and developers are already promoting their own cost-effective solutions to the problem of the high prices of driverless car technology. Meanwhile, they’re pointing out the high expense of their peers. A small start-up named Ouster claims their system will only run consumers $12K, while the Velodyne’s tech costs $75K.

Of course, no one knows the final figures, but even at $12K on top of the cost of the car itself, the price will remain out of reach for most consumers. Waymo, a Google spin-off company, says it has reduced costs of its $75K system by 90%, or to about $7.5K.

The average American car purchaser spends about $34K on a new vehicle. Convincing them that a 33% mark-up for a driverless car is worth it–or even needed–is going to be a hard sell.

Cost predictions, however, need to be examined for clarity. The $7.5K low-end estimate from Google is certainly cheaper than others, but that’s only how much the main LIDAR device will cost. Smaller assist versions will likely be needed around the car as well. This currently runs up a tab of about $8K each, unless Waymo can figure out how to reduce that by 90%, too.

Factor in an additional radar system at $10K and necessary cameras ringing in at around $5K, and the equipment costs quickly jump back into the five-figure range. Which is, again, in addition to the cost of the computer system that runs and coordinates all of the tech in addition to the original cost of the car.

The Prices Will Drop

Taken together, best case scenarios call for around $25K worth of driverless car tech to be added. This is almost the current price consumers are willing to pay for a car alone.

To put some comparative context around that, it’s the difference between buying a new Chevrolet Corvette for around $60K and a new Impala for around $30K. Both are nice cars, but most consumers are opting for the Impala price-range.

It’s the nature of technology that prices will come down. Miniaturization, for instance, brings manufacturing costs down, as does scalability. In 2007, the iPhone cost almost $600 in today’s currency, versus the now-routine $200 versions of each new iteration. Flat screen TVs cost around $5K for a 42” screen ten years ago and can be had for less than a tenth of that today.

Time will dictate the real costs, which will undoubtedly be cheaper than they are presently. Until then, we can all anticipate the safety and convenience, and try to wait as patiently as we can.

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How Technology Is Changing How We Handle Our Finances

Technology is finding its way into every aspect of our lives. Technology advancements have caught up with the online trading industry, changing it for the better. Today, the world is witnessing an increase in the types of trading instruments.

CFD Trading

Contracts for Difference (CFD) are basically contractual derivative products with two parties (buyer and seller) involved. CFDs can be used in reference to anything from the FX trade to the Binary Option. Each varies based on the underlying tradable asset.

In CFD trading, a broker creates a derivative contract that pays you money in the event of a successful prediction of the price movement of the tradable asset. These assets include currencies, commodities, bonds, stocks and indices. If you think you can correctly predict the price movement of the asset, then you stand to make a decent income.

Why CFD Trading?

Millionaires earn huge sums of money buying and selling an asset. In fact, some become overnight millionaires with just a single trade. CMC Markets offer several tradable stocks.

However, there are many more being traded around the world every day.

Here are a few reasons behind CFD trading popularity:

Anytime: You can trade anytime you feel like 5 days a week (business days)Anywhere: Thanks to technological advancements and online platforms, you can even trade from the comfort of your own bed.

Additional Income: Make CFD trading your side business to supplement your monthly pay slip.

Flexibility: CFD trading makes you your own boss. You can take a break whenever you like.

Freedom: You no longer have to stay within the confines of an office. All you need is a PC or mobile device and a stable internet connection.

How Technology is changing CFD trading for the better. It does not take much for one to understand why technological advancements realized over the past two decades have had positive effects on the securities trading spectrum.

The global securities market is volatile – driven by socioeconomic, geopolitics and natural events, it changes every day. So having all that information available at the tips of your fingers is crucial.

Mobile CFD Trading

Given that you can trade in CFD 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, most investors are were left glued to their computer screens all week long waiting to pounce on any market changes.

Mobile technology is among the notable inventions in the trading industry. Mobile internet technology has revolutionized how the world transacts business and investments.

The online trading industry is itself a clear reflection of this technological advancement. Initially, most brokers relied on a desktop platform.

However, with the internet accessibility innovations, more traders seem to favor the flexibility that comes with mobile trading apps and mobile websites.

The innovations achieved over the past two decades have resulted in more traders than ever enjoying access to trading platforms, market insights and information from top market experts and other industry insiders.

At the same time, this advancement also helps CFD traders with real-time monitoring coupled with other features such as copy trading to complement the traditional educational tools.

Technology is also helping traders use essential features such as pattern recognition scanners which are designed to automatically detect common patterns in the CFD trading market. This makes it easy for traders to make accurate and informed decisions.

Technological advancements are making it easy for traders to access crucial economic calendars on a real-time basis. These calendars are designed and powered by CFD market trackers, such as Dow Jones to help traders keep tabs on current economic events.

Upcoming Online CFD Trading Innovations In numerous ways, the full potential of the mobile technology is yet to be realized on a global scale.

There are still areas where this technology is yet to be implemented. Keep in mind that to enjoy the best of mobile trading, you need access to the internet. Unfortunately, there are areas where internet access is yet to be made widely available.

Another innovation to look forward to is whether a worthy competitor to the MT4 platform will emerge.

Although most of the recent inventions seem to focus more on access to trading, it is likely that the next wave will be characterized by game-changing innovations probably focusing on the trading platforms and mobile apps.


Is technology working for CFD trading or against it? It is clear that CFD trading has greatly benefited from advancements in technology, helping traders make trades efficiently and effectively. In addition, price comparisons and analyses help online traders make well-informed decisions.

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Comio C2 Lite smartphone Review Specification and Price

Comio C2 Lite review

If you are looking for a latest 4G smartphone then the Comio C2 lite smartphone might be a good choice for you. However, if you are planning to purchase the device in upcoming days, then here is a C2 lite smartphone review. So you can easily get an idea of whether you should go with this latest 4g Mobile or not.

Comio C2 Lite smartphone Review:


Talking about the display at first, well the Comio C2 Lite smartphone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display on the top. The resolution of the display is 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. The display comes with a 294 ppi and 64.99 % screen to body ratio.

CPU RAM and Storage:

Under the hood, the Comio C2 Lite is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core MTK6737 processor along with Mali-T720 MP2 graphics. This processor would be good for low end gaming also it will help the device to run most of the applications smoothly. Furthermore, the device also has 1.5GB of RAM. Talking about the storage, the device comes with 16GB of internal storage. Plus you can expand the storage capacity up to 128GB via a microSD card.


Coming to the camera section, well the smartphone does not sport a dual camera setup. Instead, the Comio C2 Lite has an 8 megapixel primary camera on the rear panel. On the front panel the device sports a 5 megapixel lens for selfies and video calling. In addition to that, it comes with other camera features like Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus and a few more. The rear camera is capable of shooting videos at 640×480 @ 30 fps.

Operating System:

The Comio C2 Lite runs Android Nogat 7.0 along with Comio UI out of the box. However as of now, there is no information if the smartphone will get the Android Oreo update or not.

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As far as the batteries are concerned, the Comio C2 Lite smartphone packs a 3900mAh battery. This would enough good for a day. However, there is no support for fast charging like technologies.

Other features:

Apart from all the above mentioned features, the smartphone also supports dual sim and both of the slots are GSM. Also, you are getting connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, FM, 3G and 4G. however, the device lacks of a fingerprint sensor.

So that was all for the Comio C2 Lite smartphone Review. If we talk about the device, well, of course, it has some decent features. But at the same time, it lacks a few of them. But since the device is priced at Rs.5999 so we can not expect much. Overall it is a good device that you can think about purchasing.

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