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How to Earn Money on your Smartphone

Technology has taken force over modern society in every respect; from manufacturing to office businesses, how we get there and even how we spend our free time, it’s hard to image what life would be like in this day and age without the global connectivity offered to us by the internet, and all the gadgets and hardware we use to access it.

Over the course of the past decade, probably the most notable advance in technology has come through the rise of the smartphone. Initially an impressive, high end resource reserved for those at the top of the commercial ladder, smartphones have now become the norm, with previous mobile phone models becoming all but extinct. The first smartphone is believed to have come into existence in 1992, but it was 10 years later that the more popular Blackberry smartphones hit the market in 2002, and then a further 5 years later that this technology really hit the headlines with the release of Apple’s first iPhone in 2007.

Smartphones are no longer reserved for the elite, most adults in the developed world now own a smartphone, along with the vast majority of teenagers and even some children. Apple has continuously strived to improve its product since the original iPhone was released, and to date has created 18 different versions of the smartphone. Whilst these products remain industry leaders, Apple now faces stiff competition from Android, another technology giant owned by Google, and offering innumerable models of smartphone, as well as tablet computers and a range of other products.

The rise of smartphones has worked twofold: on the one hand, their ability to carry out multiple tasks on one pocket sized device has attracted users and made the smartphone a highly desirable product. At the same time, the current generation’s desire to be able to handle numerous tasks using just one device has led developers to improve their product offering to meet this gap in the market. We now expect to be able to access everything and anything from our mobile devices, from a standard internet browser to applications that range from mobile banking to gaming.

Since we rely so heavily on our smartphones for everything from business to leisure time, paid surveys platform Crowdology has come up with a way for users to earn a little extra cash from the convenience of their smartphones. We often like to stare at our screen to pass some free time, so you can now earn money for doing so by reviewing products and services for a variety of brands.

There’s no doubt that, in order to stay ahead of the game, technology providers are going to have to improve their product offering as users expect to be able to carry out increasingly more functions on their smartphones, and look to them more and more for entertainment during spare or dull moments.

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The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide

Email marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing tools for any business. To be more precise, it is an integral part of an online and offline business. It allows building direct communication between the brand (business, company) and potential or existing customers. Well-designed newsletters, that meet corporate standards and are just interesting for the audience are the well-thought e-mail marketing campaign. Now, this is the most profitable channel of digital communications. You can invest $1 and get back $38, according to experts.

What tasks does email marketing solve?

● Building a long-term customer relationship program;
● Understanding the interests and preferences of customers;
● Stimulating repeat sales;
● Support for loyalty programs;
● Expansion of customer database.

The process of developing an email marketing strategy is quite a challenge. Any mistake can lead to a complete loss of interest in your letters and the brand as a whole. Thus, to build an effective communication strategy via email newsletters and see an increase in customer involvement and their motivation in making purchases, you need to get the proper knowledge. And that’s why the Every cloud team have prepared for you this Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide. This data can help you to estimate the profit and loss from email marketing. You will be able to develop your own marketing campaign that will work ideal for your business and customers. Knowing how men and women use email can define the right segment of customers. The understanding how consumers use email on various devices will give you a hint where to put an emphasis in the next email campaign. Time, when to send email, will inform you when your customers are more willing to answer you. E-mail marketing is not a rocket science when you know how to use it.

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7 Resources I Wish I Knew Before Writing Selling Social Media Posts

It seems that these days writing is easier than ever: all you need to do is simply write and post it online. However, it’s not like that. Sure, it’s hard to spoil good writing if you have the necessary skills and are able to write engaging posts – but at the same time, it’s possible to make it even bet-ter. Much better, actually

Good writing has to be polished, engaging, and attention-grabbing. There are plenty of online re-sources that can help you with any of these things – and today I want to share them with you. Here are 7 amazing websites and tools that could help you make stunning social media posts even eas-ier.

1. Hemingway App

We hear that it’s so important to be concise in our writing – but what exactly does it mean? The best way to find this out is by practice, and this tool can help you with that. Hemingway App is a free online tool (though you’ll have to pay $19.99 if you want to purchase a desktop version) that proofreads your text.

However, proofreading is not its only benefit. The best thing about Hemingway App is that it helps you write better, avoiding complex sentences and unnecessary language. It highlights all the words that seem too complex and all the sentences that are too short – and all you need to do to accept its suggestions or decline them if you want to.

2. Readability Score

This tool is a great addition to the previous one – though it doesn’t offer any stylistic suggestions, it analyzes the readability of your text, giving you an actual score. You can use Readability Score to check how easy it would be for the readers to understand your text and (in case the result isn’t sat-isfying) improve this score with the help of Hemingway App.

3. EliteEssayWriters

Being a good writer doesn’t necessarily equals being a good proofreader. So if you have an oppor-tunity to entrust the proofreading part to the professionals, why not do so?

EliteEssayWriters is a website that offers academic writing and proofreading services at reasona-ble prices. Students use it to get some help with their work or to look for a proposal essay example – and you can use it to get high-quality proofreading as quick as you need it. Be sure: professionals working for EliteEssayWriters are able to deliver the best result no matter how soon a deadline is.

4. ZenPen

Sometimes even the best writers find it hard to concentrate on the whole writing process. Sure, you can use various timers like Pomodoro or other tools that help you focus, by why not choose an easier way?

ZenPen is a minimalist text editor with a full-screen feature. It allows you to focus on the writing process only, without getting distracted by other things.

5. Easy Word Count

Many writers need to keep track of the word count during their work. However, it’s not always pos-sible. Sometimes the text editors simply don’t count the words right and sometimes they don’t even have this option.

That’s when this tool can come to your aid. Not only does it offer you the exact word count but also proofreads the text, highlighting grammar and error mistakes. It’s an online tool so you can reach it easily from any mobile device.

6. Cite It In

Quotations as well as references to various reliable sources add value to your content and can at-tract even more readers. However, you need to make it right in order to avoid troubles. An incor-rectly cited source or quote can affect the originality of your content and lead to accusations of pla-giarism.

Lucky for us, we have a website to prevent this. Cite It In structures your sources correctly and au-tomatically. All you need to do is simply fill the form – and enjoy the result.

7. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Some people struggle with post ideas, not knowing exactly what do they want to write about. Some have a certain idea or ideas in mind yet still fails to come up with the right topics.

Topics and headlines matter a lot when it comes to social media. Always remember that people usually make their choice on whether to read an article or not in the first 15 seconds of looking at it. So if you do want to impress them, you need to do so with the help of a header image, a short de-scription, and a topic of course.

This tool can help you with the latter. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator generates blog topics basing on the three words of your choice. Moreover, it doesn’t generate only one topic – no, after typing three words only, you’ll get a list of 10 amazing topics you can use.
Writing good content for social media can be a challenge. It requires not only strong writing skills but also attention to so many details. These details are actually the most challenging part as even an experienced writer might not know what to focus on in the first place.

However, online tools can make the process a lot easier, taking care of the details for you. While the tools listed in this article are indeed useful, you don’t have to use all of them. Instead, focus on the areas you might need some extra help with and try to use the tools that could help you with these areas.

Moreover, don’t use them blindly: always try to analyze and evaluate the effect they have. Does your writing is shared more often when you come up with headlines on your own or when you use randomly generated ones? Does shortening your sentences actually helps or your audience like your raw, unedited style more?

Remember that all writers are different and what works for one might not work as well for another. Therefore, always evaluate, compare, and experiment to find the path that would truly be the best for you.

I wish you good luck with that!

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, I write or various web platforms. My posts address the topics about self-education, writing, motiva-tion, professional development. In my spare time, I prefer to read novels and crime thriller stories. You can connect with me through @battonschristi

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SEO Information Hacks For Marketing In 2017

Modern day digital technology can be found at the heart of almost every recently successful business venture.  Without proper knowledge of the tools and capabilities of the internet, a business owner is practically powerless.  

Technology has been integrated into almost every part of our lives, personal and professional.  It is high time entrepreneurs jump aboard the digital bandwagon, and start learning.  Take a moment to take in this short summary, highlighting some of the most relevant tips and tricks for search engine optimization and digital marketing in 2017.  

Understand the basics of how Google ranks

Most novice web designers tend to look at the concepts of SEO with the wrong perspective. Beginners see SEO as a quick and easy way to soak up an initial return, but it is quite the opposite in reality.  

Search engine optimization takes time and plenty of effort.  It is a slow, steady, and painful journey to the top of the rankings.  The bottom line in mastering Google’s ranking algorithm is trust.

Google does not trust you, and will not trust you until it sees the appropriate signs of excellence.  Even if the content of a website or blog post is quality (like this knowledgeable example), it will not rank high on the search engine results without first meeting the “trust” standards of Google.  

Components of earning Google’s trust

There are three main components to earning Google’s ever-coveted “trust” stamp of approval.  

  1. Indexed age – Google looks very closely at the indexed age of a website and its internal content.  When a site is brand new, it will have a much more difficult time ranking on the first page of Google’s search results.  The indexed age of a site is dependant upon the date in which the Google bots discovered the website, not the date in which the site was launched.
  2. Authority profile – A site will have a higher authority when it shows quality links to quality material and a healthy range of diversity between sources.
  3. Underlying content – The metadata and other underlying content within a site’s design is commonly overlooked.  Be sure to fill in all the blanks.

Utilize fewer variations of keywords

The days of oversaturating a page’s content with different variations of the same keywords are over.  Google’s RankBrain is smarter than those silly games and can now recognize abbreviations, acronyms, plurals, synonyms, and even answers to general questions.  

Practice ethical SEO to avoid penalization

Before attempting to delve into the realm of search engine optimization, it helps to understand what is considered “bad form.”  Using one word 90 times on one page to try to rank higher in search results is not good practice.  Research other faux pauxs of SEO.

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Some Tricks to Improve Your SEO Efforts

When you get started off on your quest for great SEO, there are going to be a lot of different paths you take to try and achieve a high ranking. Certain things will pay off, and others will end up feeling like a complete waste of time. SEOjury will help you to identify these high return activities early and allocate more of your time towards them, so you can create a chance for yourself to speed up the path to SEO success greatly.

One thing that marketers rightly stress over is keyword selection. Keywords are essentially the most focused version of your message, so you need to understand which ones you are going to use and then hammer them down. Something many marketers forget is that it isn’t about maximising the visitors to your site, it’s about maximising the buyers that get to your site. There are tonnes of people in the world who your product or service isn’t going to be right for, and you don’t need them. All you need is to get the people who are most likely to derive value from what you’re offering.

To find the right keywords, Google has a tool called the “Keyword Planner” which can help you to narrow down your results by basing your decisions on actual search results. The planner is judging the keywords for relevance to your content and then the overall demand that keyword is facing at the moment.

This may sound like a mundane task that is over focused on semantics, but 48% of marketers believe this to be the most effective SEO tactic there is. It has been found that 50% of search queries that are made have four or more words, and it is your job to make sure you have captured at least a few of these.

Similar to the use of keywords is the meta tag tool. Meta tags are small bits of text in the HTML code that describes the contents of a web page. Through Google, it can signal to visitors what the page is really about in a very succinct way. Studies have shown that 43.2% of people click on a specific result due to the influence of the meta description.

Between these two tools, you already have a lot to go on to make your website more SEO friendly, but the final piece of the puzzle is making sure your content is great. Having relevant keywords and proper meta descriptions helps, but no one is going to stay on your website if you have terrible content. People will be a lot less likely to buy if the content feels worthless, and they will leave after viewing one page, which will result in a high bounce rate.

Between all of this is a huge opportunity to create relevant content that engrosses the reader, and then have them buy whatever it is you are selling. All you need to do for this to happen is have decent content that Google can correctly classify and place in their search results. The combination of proper keywords and meta descriptions will make it much easier for this to happen as you will have a concise message to present to the world and Google.

SEO can seem very daunting in the beginning, but you should think of it the way you would think of public speaking. Your goal is to get out there and say things in an interesting way while also hammering down your main point. Your message is one thing (the content), and the way you present it (SEO) is what helps it spread.

Presented by

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Snips Launches Audience Demographics for Influencers to Optimize Content and Brand Engagement

Snips Social Insights to Offer Analytics and Audience Demographics For Influencers to Measure Brand Engagement Across Social Media.

Chicago, IL, June 14, 2017 ( – ​​Snips Media today unveiled Social Insights, a new platform for influencers that offers real-time analytics and audience demographics. Social Insights allows influencers, bloggers, and content creators to better understand their audience and optimize engagement across social media, web, mobile apps, email and messaging platforms

“Audiences vary greatly across social media. Followers on Instagram and Snapchat will likely be younger and have very different interests than those on Facebook and Twitter,” said David Zaretsky, CEO and founder of Snips. “Social Insights provides a unified platform for influencers to better understand their audience, so they can optimize what content and offers to share, when to share it, and what platforms to share it on.”

Marketers recognize the more you know about your social followers, the easier it is to create and share content they will find valuable — the key ingredients for driving engagement, growth, and building a business. But most social media sites provide little or no audience demographic information, leaving influencers with very little knowledge about their social communities to build brand relationships.

Social Insights fills this gap by providing influencers a snapshot of their entire social audience demographics, including age, gender, ethnicity, education, income, interests, and others. Using this data, influencers can optimize their content strategy and offerings to fit their audience interests and increase engagement.

“Social Insights was developed to help influencers grow their business and for marketers to reach their audiences more effectively,” said Zaretsky. “Brands can now build influencer campaigns and programmatically reach audiences that meet their specific demographics — all on one platform.”

Social Insights is an extension of Snips Media’s Social Verify platform, a tool for authenticating social media traffic and measuring influencer campaign performance. With the growing number of bots and non-human traffic plaguing social media, marketers are increasingly finding it difficult to engage the right influencer and evaluate the success of a campaign. Together, Social Verify and Social Insights create a unifying platform that solves both problems.

“Social Verify filters out the fraudulent traffic so you’re measuring only real human engagement,” Zaretsky explains. “Social Insights then analyzes only the clean traffic, which results in a more reliable picture of an influencer’s audience engagement and demographics.”

Beginning today, all Snips influencers and advertisers can access Social Insights through a subscription model. For more information, visit:

About Snips Media

Founded in 2013, Snips is the only performance-driven influencer network that connects brands with audiences across all digital platforms — social media, web, email, mobile apps, text messages. Through Snips, advertisers can work with social influencers to promote content, run online contests and giveaways, or sponsor organic content with high-impact advertisements. More than 15,000 influencers and brands rely on Snips’ network to create monetization opportunities and drive audience engagement. For more information visit

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Pros and Cons of Pay of Performance SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process to increase the visibility of a website or a page. Pay for Performance SEO means you pay only for the results you get. This makes search marketing affordable. If you are looking for cost cutting for your top ranking keywords in pay per click advertising, then PFP SEO is the right choice. Previously SEO was on the basis of monthly fees whatever the result and ranking are. But PFP SEO is totally different from the traditional one. You only get paid when you can see the results otherwise not. There is nothing about a monthly fee. PFP SEO in digital marketing increases the profit for both client and agencies or freelancer, but some risk as well like contract writing, negotiation etc. This PFP is considered as a business model in digital advertising where an agency charges from the marketer for the ranking and results. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of Performance Based SEO Services:

Pros or advantages for the client:

There is no upfront payment or you can pay a small amount. There are no such monthly fees. You can pay only for the clicks and ranking or results. The agency will give the best result as promised as it is performance based. The risk of the client is reduced with the use of pay for performance. The earlier client had a lot of risks as they pay monthly, but PFP places the majority risk on the company. If a company tied up with you in this contract, be sure company will give you 100% result. You will get the daily report and update from the SEO Services USA about the ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Cons or disadvantage for the client:

After signing a contractwith the SEO Company in USA for many reasons the relationship cannot work out. This can be a very tough situation for any client, as the company gets a small piece of each sale. There are many fraud companies are there who do fraud click, calls, form submissions only to get their performance fees If the agency or the freelancer do work very well the client has to pay more at the end. If the agency performs poorly, release from the contract is a bit tough to find a better one under the contract. A long-term contract with the agency is also risky. If the agency doesn’t perform, it is for sure client will not pay much so the work will be delayed.

Pros or advantages for Agencies or freelancer: 

An agency can earn more over the time limit of the contract if they achieve good success.

If the agency has performance bonus and profit sharing it will motivate the employees and they will perform well, which a plus point of the agency. Once the client and agency are tied into the contract than client fully relies on agencies these makes a professional relationship for a long term.

Cons or disadvantages for Agencies or freelancer:

The agency fully depends on the financial condition of the client. If the client earns well agencies get the bonus, but if the client becomes the broken agency to faces financial crisis.


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Nothing is Impossible

People may say that you are a dreamer. However, just because it is a dream does not mean it cannot become a reality tomorrow. Nothing is Impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can be a success in anything you want.

For some people, this is easy. They are confident in their abilities and will strive to make their dreams come true no matter what happens. For other people, this is hard. They are plagued by self doubt and negative influences. This hinders them from even considering the possibility of turning a dream into reality.

Nothing is impossible if you believe. That old saying, “If you believe it, you can achieve it,” says it all. You have to envision your goals. It does not matter if your goals are professional or personal. Belief and faith in yourself is key to erasing the word impossible from your vocabulary.

The first step to believing nothing is impossible if you choose to be a success. This might seem redundant to some people, but many times people are their only obstacle to gaining success. Being successful is a choice. You can wallow in self doubt or you can be optimistic. There is a lot a positive attitude can do to help you.

Nothing is impossible if you stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You can do this by listing your fears and attacking them. You have to become proactive and face your fears. What do you perceive as your shortcomings? Work to improve them. When you do this, you will increase your confidence. More confidence equals a more secure you. Therefore, you will stop doubting yourself and gain faith in your abilities to accomplish your dreams. This is crucial step to having obtaining a positive attitude.

Another way to remain optimistic during your journey is to let go of negative influences in your life, because nothing is impossible if you purge your life of negativity. Whether it is yourself or friends and family, you need to have positive influences in your life. If someone is bringing negative energy into your life, you should remove them from your life or try to change the relationship between the two of you. Unresolved issues can be the source of a lot of negativity. Just like your fears, you need to be proactive and resolve your issues. If you cannot, let go and seek out healthy relationships between yourself and the other people around you.

What does it mean to be proactive?

Nothing is impossible if you overcome procrastination. As Benjamin Franklin has said, “You may delay, but will not.” If you have a dream you, should You do not have to have your goal on your mind 24/7, but do not waste time keeping your goals in the dream phase. You need to actively work to move your dreams forward. Nothing can happen if you do not learn how to follow through on your dreams. Nothing comes from inaction. To avoid procrastination, you need to take immediate action and keep it consistent.

Therefore, nothing is impossible if you do your best. Your best is enough. You should do your best in everything that you do on a daily basis. This will prepare you for when you become a success. To do your best, you have to stretch your yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Do not box yourself into a bubble. Expand your horizons and your expectations. Also, you cannot do your best unless you are willing to stretch the amount of work you do and stretch your imagination.

Nothing is impossible if you put in the work. Imagination and dreams are free, but it will take some elbow grease to turn your dreams to reality. You cannot fully appreciate making the impossible possible without putting in hard work. You have to do your research. The more you know, the more you can achieve. For example, if you have a dream of opening your own restaurant, but you have never worked in a restaurant in your life. Get to work. You can go back to school to learn about running a restaurant and/or you can get hands on experience by obtaining a job at a similar restaurant.

Nothing is impossible when you do your research. This needs to be reiterated, because good research is the root to making a plausible plan. You cannot blindly rely on luck and circumstances. Let’s go back to the restaurant example. If you find out during your research that thousands of new restaurants fail within the first year, would you still be motivated to open a restaurant during these economic times? Do not get discouraged. Your goal is to make your research work for you. What are the main reasons the restaurants are failing? Is it because of the economy, bad customer service or poor management? You need to find all the problems people face when opening up a restaurant and find solutions to handle these problems. You need a plan A, B, C and sometimes D if you want to succeed.

Nothing is impossible when you are dedicated to a plan. The key to success is to make a logical plan and stick to it. It might need to be adapted along the way, but the foundation of the plan should remain the same. Your plan has to make the “impossible” possible. Do not get discouraged when you hit a stumbling block. You need to remain committed.

Nothing is impossible when you accept failure. This might sound absurd, but failures are a big part of your learning curve. Do not be stopped by your stumbles. You journey to success will be plagued by trials. A failure does not mean you have to throw out a white flag. Each stumble is a growing pain that allows you to grow. Failures prepare you for success.


This is a journey for you. It might be plaque with ups and down, but in the end, you want to be proud of what you accomplished. Knowing that you did your best and put in hard work makes the journey satisfying. Remember, Nothing is Impossible so get to work achieving what you believe.

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4 Ways To Kickstart A Profitable Online Business… Even If You’re Not An Expert Yet

Do you really have to be an expert to make money online?

Every single day, I see this question asked by a lot of newbies, and it’s a valid question in my opinion.

In life, if you want to earn a living in a particular field, you have to be knowledgeable in that field.

The field could be engineering, computer science, medicine, architecture or anything else really.

And unless you know what you are doing, you can’t succeed in it.

So why should making money online be any different?

It’s not.

But there is a difference.

Let me explain:

When I came online 6 years back, I had NO CLUE what I was doing.

I had no prior experience selling anything on the internet.

Yet I went on to create 5 different multi-million dollar business and have clients pay me up to $100,000 for my services.

How did that happen?

How can a newbie go on to achieve that much?

The answer lies in a fundamental concept which if you truly grasp, can make you succeed really fast….

You don’t have to be an expert to make money online. You just need to learn something that others want to learn and help them with your newfound knowledge.

That’s it.

You don’t have to be a Frank Kern or Ryan Deiss or Andre Chaperon to start raking big money.

Just learn a skill that others want to master.

Once you do that, you can provide value to others and start making sales.

With time, you can develop your skill sets which will help you provide more value and make more money.

That’s how I went from being a complete newbie to becoming the youngest & highest paid entrepreneur in the home business industry.

You see, the Internet has given us a HUGE ADVANTAGE.

In the past, if you had to make a living in any field, you had to COMPLETELY MASTER it before you can do so.

But with internet, that’s not necessary at all.

You can choose a small niche subject to master and make a full time living by helping people with that.

For example:

If you were to become a doctor, you have to finish medical school and get a license to practice.

On the internet, that doesn’t matter.

If you know of a good way to get rid of acne on face (let’s say home remedies), you can create a full blown website around that topic, give people lots of information regarding it, promote your product as a solution to their problems and start making sales.

How awesome is that.

When you focus on a niche subject and become knowledgeable at it, you will be looked upon as an expert by your audience.

Why? Because you are helping them SOLVE their problems.

The same concept applies for building a business in the internet marketing & home business niche.

Master a skill and start using it to kickstart your business.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Learn How To Use A Particular Traffic Strategy

There are so many traffic strategies out there which you can master – Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Banner Ads, etc.

When you get good at any particular traffic strategy:

  1. You can simply use it to drive traffic to various affiliate offers. There are many programs out there with well developed funnels. You can become an affiliate for those programs, send traffic and let the system make the sales.
  2. You can help others learn more about the traffic strategy that you have mastered. You can write articles, blog posts and emails to give value to people. When you do so, people will look at you as an expert and take your recommendations seriously. You can make relevant offers to your audience and make commissions.
  3. You can create a quick information product using your knowledge, hire out a copywriter to write a great sales letter to sell that product and start promoting it. You can make lots of sales this way.
  4. You can offer coaching programs to people who want personal one-on-one help in getting traffic from a particular course. There are lots of newbies out there who would be glad if someone could take their hand and show them how to setup a traffic campaign properly. You can be that person.
  5. You can offer done for you programs where you setup the traffic campaigns for your clients and get paid for your efforts.

As you can see, when you master ONE thing, you open up a lot of avenues to build a profitable online business.

  1. Learn How To Setup Funnels & Blogs (Tech Stuff)

Marketers need to have their own funnels to make sales more effectively.

The problem with most marketers is that they are too overwhelmed and scared to build their own funnels and blogs.

This is where you can come into the picture.

If you know something as simple as putting together a good lead capture page…

Or  setting up a wordpress blog on a domain

Or making a full fledged funnel using point and click programs like Leadpages. Clickfunnels…

You can help people set that up (through coaching or done for you services) and get paid nicely for your services.

In fact, there is an incredible amount of free training available online how to setup funnels and blogs.

If you don’t mind a bit of elbow grease, you can master this skill and start providing your services (you can find people on social media who need your help or you can pay someone to run Facebook Ads for you to get clients).

When you get good at it, you can even outsource the work and start scaling your business.

  1. Learn How To Write Content (Blog posts, Emails, etc)

No online business can succeed without creating quality content.

Marketers need to create either blog posts or emails to educate their audience and turn them into customers.

When you master this skill, you can offer your services (done for you, coaching) and get paid for it.

You can even create your own info product and make sales with it.

  1. Learn How To Use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Social media is a very powerful tool to connect and network with like-minded people.

When done correctly, you can use that to promote products with ZERO advertising costs.

Most marketers have no clue as to how to use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram properly. Instead of connecting with people and providing value, they resort to spamming their links which produce little to no results.

Now if you invest in the right courses and master the art of social media marketing, you can use that to teach other marketers how to do the same and charge good money for it.

A lot of people would LOVE to take up your offer.

As you can see from all the above examples, you don’t really need to be a complete expert to make money online.

You just need to be good at something which is valuable to others so that you can use your knowledge and skills to help them out.

If you are promoting an affiliate product or services, it’s not necessary that you need to have results to make sales.

You can piggyback on the success stories of the product you are promoting to market it effectively.

At the end of the day, what people TRULY care about is how they get to benefit from something.

Give them what they need and you will do well.

So get good at something and build a business around it.

When you start making sales, you can use your existing success to build up your credibility and get more future customers & clients.

And before you know it, you will be having a thriving business that is growing every single day.

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