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Best Buy & Staples: Printer Shopping Made Easy

Online shopping is increasingly becoming the new black. From the simplest items such as groceries to office equipment, people are now turning to online platforms such as Best Buy and Staples to shop for almost everything. Due to that, such online stores are now on the rise and every day we wake up to news about the launching of a new shopping platform. However old is gold and the old online shopping stores remain the best especially for office equipment like printers. To help you prepare for what you should expect, my team and I went hunting in platforms known for providing the best selection of printers. We have put together a list showing differences between printers in these two shops and the overall shopping experience.

Brands available at Best Buy

At Best Buy you get to choose between HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother. All these come from well-established brands and which are known for their efficiency.


Epson printers-Printers from Epson are the most common sight at any office which goes a long way in proving that they are efficient. They boast a 3-in-1 functionality, inbuilt wireless networking, a 100 sheets input tray and even borderless printing. Through Best Buy you are now able to buy this printer.

Canon– Printers from Canon take you a notch higher with their four in one functionality, and different print speeds. They too offer you wireless and inbuilt networking.

Hp– These are simply the best from Best Buy, and they pride themselves over Wi-FI, four in one functionality, a 35 sheet automatic document feeder, a 100 sheet input tray and they can print up to 9.5 black sheets and up to 6.8 ISO colored papers.

Brother -These too, bring with them some remarkable features, and they have an even higher capacity of tray input as they can hold up to 250 sheets. They also boast a touch screen and four in one functionality. They can print up to 32 papers.

Staples is your Office Superstore

Printers at Staples

At Staples, you get printers from the same brands as those at Bestbuy just that, Staples goes on to add your options by offering those from Kodak, expression, and Dell.

Kodak– With the latest printer from Kodak, you get to do everything from scanning, downloading and printing projects all in one step. They are wireless, and some of them have LCD screens. You get to buy them quickly from Staples.

Expression-They come in a compact size which allows you to use them even in minimal space but they are highly functional, and you can scan copy and print freely. The 2.7 LCD screen enables you to navigate effortlessly.

Dell -These have 3 in 1 functionality, have high speeds, they allow two-sided printing which saves you on time and they have USB and Ethernet inputs.


Best Buy expert services and Unbeatable Prices

Overall shopping experience

Both shops offer you a good shopping experience, if you are doing it online, the response is quite fast, and the delivery is always on time. They stock printers from some of the best brands which ensure that you get nothing but the best. Also, they offer a diverse array to select from regarding size and price. Both shops are more than willing to replace printers which have issues hence your money does not go to waste if you buy a product which is not functional.

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4 Stocks That Could Double in 2017

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Some of the content in this release contains forward – looking information within the meaning of Section 27 A of the Securities Act of 1 9 9 3 and Section 21 E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1 9 3 4 including statements regarding expected continual growth of the profiled company and the value of its securities. In accordance with the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 it is hereby noted that statements contained herein that look forward in time which include everything other than historical information, involve risk and uncertainties that may affect a company’s actual results of operation.

A company’s actual performance could greatly differ from those described in any forward – looking statements or announcements mentioned in this release. Factors that should be considered that could cause actual results to differ include: the size and growth of the market for the company’s products; the company’s ability to fund its capital requirements in the near term and in the long term; pricing pressures; unforeseen and/or unexpected circumstances in happenings; etc. and the risk factors and other factors set forth in the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, acompany’s past performance does not guarantee future results.

Generally, the information regarding a company profiled is provided from public sources which we believe to be reliable but is not guaranteed by us as being accurate. Further specific financial information, filings and disclosures as well as general investor information about the profiled company, advice to investors and other investor resources are available at the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) website and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) website at Any investment should be made only after consulting with a qualified investment advisor and reviewing the publicly available financial statement and other information about the company profiled and verifying that the investment is appropriate and suitable. makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided or discussed. Viewers should not rely solely on the information obtained in this release or on our website.

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State Operated Casinos

State operated, land based casinos are a major source of revenue for many states. They offer many of the same gaming experiences as Las Vegas casinos such as the traditional blackjack and poker table games, as well as a large variety of slot machines. Technology has changed the style of the slots, transforming them into a visual entertainment experience mimicking games and game shows such as Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

Instead of marketing the casinos as places to gamble, the experience has been repackaged as gaming. Critics say it is clearly a way to make losing your money as fun because the odds are always in favor of the casino. But the amount a player spends at a slot machine can be as little as five cents per play while getting the benefit of being visually entertained. Add to this the fact that many casinos also offer live entertainment and popular restaurants to eat at, and the casino is now an adult getaway.

State operated casinos differ from privately owned casinos in two ways. The first is that by law, the casino has to pay out a certain percentage of gaming money back to the players in the form of winnings, called the pay off percentage. The second is that while the states take in millions of dollars each year from casino operations, most of that money is returned to the public to fund public programs such as education or senior citizen programs that benefit all its citizens.

Looking toward the future, states are now looking at online casinos for additional sources of revenue. The Department of Justice ruled that online gaming (excluding sports betting) did not violate any Federal laws, and gave each state the right to decide whether or not it was legal for their citizens. Nevada and New Jersey are two states that already allow online gaming if you are within the geographical boundaries of the state.

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What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Investing In Fixed Deposit?

People usually hesitate while investing their funds as they don’t want to end up losing their money. Investments always involve risks but investing in a right place can always help you earn higher returns. Since our  childhood, we have been taught to save money so that we can utilise it at the time of an emergency.

Though saving is an age old method, investing your funds these days can help you earn higher returns. You might have some surplus funds coming from a business profit or from a salary hike or even from inheritance. No matter how you receive the surplus money, investing them can always help you earn higher profits over it. When it comes to investments, people usually hesitate to invest their funds as it involves risk. But if you park your funds in the right place and at the right time, you are likely to earn benefits from it.

Fixed Deposits is a major and a commonly preferred way to invest funds. Though fixed deposits are considered as a safe investment option, there are times when you can make some mistakes while investing in a fixed deposit.  These mistakes can get you in a huge trouble. Although fixed deposits have less risk involving factors, it is still important that you must avoid these mistakes while investing your funds:

● Using all your savings:

At times, people resort to investing all their savings in the hopes that they will earn higher returns in the future. Even though you will be getting higher returns in the future, you should not invest all your savings in a Fixed Deposit account. It is a known fact that you can only withdraw funds from a Fixed Deposit after it gets matured. Thus, when you invest all your savings in a Fixed Deposit, you will have no financial backup whatsoever. In case if you need money urgently, it can get difficult for you to arrange funds if you don’t have a financial backup. In such scenarios, you might have to break your FD which is not an ideal situation to be in.

● Don’t ignore the liquidity term/conditions:

In case if you are stuck in a financial emergency and need some urgent funds, then you can use the money that you have invested in Fixed Deposits as an option. Though a Fixed Deposit account can be more liquid than other asset options, you cannot withdraw funds from your Fixed Deposit account. Fixed Deposits restrict fund withdrawal before its maturity. In such a situation, you can only break your Fixed Deposit to liquidate your funds, but breaking your Fixed Deposit will lead you to pay a penalty.

● Not being assured of your returns:

Before you invest your hard-earned money in a Fixed Deposit, it is essential that you have checked and compared all the prevailing rates in the market. Compare all the prevailing prices in the market and select the lender which provides you with the best rate of interest. Evaluate the returns by using various online tools like FD Calculator. This will help you to determine your earnings and you can do so within a few clicks.

● Compensation for inflation using an FD: 

If you intend to increase your purchasing power, a Fixed Deposit is not the greatest idea. Fixed Deposit interest rates have been influenced in the recent times. But before you invest, it is essential that you stay aware of all the latest happenings in the market.These are some mistakes that yo should avoid while investing in a fixed deposit to have safe investment and earn higher returns in the future.

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The Success Story of The Biggest Online Payment System {PayPal}

In the chart of successfully growing businesses, PayPal rightfully occupies one of the top spots. Founded in late 90’s by Elon Musk and a group of enthusiasts, PayPal is now recognised as the world’s largest online payment processor.

After seeing some ups and downs, the company proliferated. Between years 2000 and 2002 PayPal grew big enough to finally announce its entry to the charts of NASDAQ with $13 per share. Later, PayPal merged with eBay for the tremendous $1.5 billion, becoming the only payment gateway for eBay users.

PayPal is now available in 203 markets and multiple currencies. It allows customers to hold balances, deposit and withdraw their funds securely, with full compliance and control over their financial data.

The company also vouches for its moral standing in the market. Hence the decision to withdraw as a payment method from the majority of the gambling websites. The decision contributed to the reputation of PayPal; the platform is recognized as the world’s most reliable payment s with system ever growing user base. The company acquires different payment solutions to penetrate into the online retail market even further. Recently, they collaborated with the MasterCard, leading to the inception of the Secure Card service. This decision alone brought the company a revenue of the whopping $1.8 billion.

PayPal drives the time reduction for any transaction; financial data collection and manipulation is automatized. Information is processed through the innovative Informatica MDM, governance and PowerCenter platforms. Robust transaction control and security makes PayPal service the most preferred and trusted by the ever growing user base.

The prominent success story of PayPal has inspired many start-ups. Nevertheless, if you still think that transactions can’t go beyond bank accounts, we strongly suggest taking a closer look at our infographic below. Facts and figures speak for themselves; a quick and simplified system like PayPal is what you get by keeping up with times.

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Use These 4 Calculators To Save Your Business Money

There a variety of online calculators that entrepreneurs and business owners can use to budget better and save money. Many of the calculators are accessible and easy to use, helping replace pricey financial professionals that can cost new businesses a pretty penny.

Although economic factors fluctuate, especially regarding interest rates and taxes, many calculators update to reflect present rates. Additionally, most of the calculators are compatible with mobile phones.

Businesses have numerous financial needs and necessary calculations. Many businesses regard the four types of calculators below as essential components of wise budgeting and conservation:

1. Loan Calculators

Most businesses are familiar with loans, a necessary frustration for many businesses in need of cash. Businesses tend to fail if they overestimate their ability to pay off a loan. Loan calculators help by providing a clear picture of how long it will take to pay off the loan, while also informing businesses in the midst of a line how certain adjustments will impact the time it takes to pay off.

Bankrate’s business loan calculator is a straightforward and useful loan calculator. Users can insert their loan amount and term, resulting in monthly payments cost, total principal paid and total interest paid, in addition to a viewable amortization schedule. Alternatively, you can provide the loan term in months and interest rate per year.

Another useful loan calculator comes courtesy of FinAid. Although useful for general loans as well, FinAid is especially helpful for business owners still paying off educational loans. In addition to general fields like loan balance, interest rate and loan term, you can also input enrollment status, degree program and total years in college to provide a comprehensive calculation of what’s owed and how long it will take to pay off.

2. Investment Calculators

Investments can vary wildly. Some investments can be high-risk and high-reward, while other investments are safer, though without the upside. Investment calculators can help distinguish which area an investment falls in. The Ultimate Investment Calculator provides a plethora of options to help decide.

With the Ultimate Investment Calculator, you can set numbers such as starting amount, periodic investment amount, number of cash flows, the annual rate of return and your goal amount. Inputting today’s date and the first cash flow date can help project the potential return on investment. Additional options include setting your state’s marginal tax rate and annual inflation rate, which can project even more personalized numbers. The results will include your total cash flow, internal rate of return, total investment return and IRR after taxes and fees.

Dave Ramsey’s investment calculator is simpler than the Ultimate Investment Calculator, with retirement in mind. In addition to inputting your age and the age you plan to retire, you can input how much you have saved, how much you contribute monthly and your estimated annual return, to help calculate your estimated retirement savings. These two investment calculators cover both your present-day investments and how these will impact your retirement savings.

3. Fuel Tank Calculator

A calculator that aids with fuel tank savings is especially useful for businesses with transportation options and fuel-related operations. Inefficient spending regarding fuel tanks can be very costly. Ecogreen Monitors’ Fuel Tank Savings Calculator lets you project annual tank savings by inputting the tank size, average delivery, distance to tank, number of deliveries, labor cost and estimated delivery percentage.

For general fuel, the U.S. Department of Energy has a calculator that helps save money and fuel. You can select your specific vehicle, among other options, to determine cost estimates each year and month. Knowing these numbers can help when developing a business plan regarding transportation costs.

4. Markup and Discount Calculator

Useful for businesses and consumers alike, Financial-Calculators’ Markup and Discount Calculator provides a great way to calculate a markup or discount. To calculate a percentage increase, enter the net amount and percent increase while setting the other three inputs to zero. Percent off and percent change values are also available via a similar method. This calculator is a very convenient one for businesses, ensuring their coupons and discounts match with their advertising. Omni’s Markup Calculator is a useful alternative.

Investments, loans, fuel costs and markup estimates are all common costs for most businesses.

These calculators can help save time and money among small businesses, which can use them to conveniently and cheaply make estimates, projections and business plans.

Image by Photo Mix

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Tips To Start a Successful Online Business

I think that the most common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is a good place to start in order to better your own business chops. The good news? If you don’t have these traits, you can develop them over time.

And I know It won’t always come naturally to you, but mimicking the positives of successful entrepreneurs can give you the edge you need. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule (After all, Steve Jobs wasn’t exactly known for his social skills.), if you want to optimize your odds of running a successful business, it’s wise to pick up every feasible tool.

Grace Lever review, The Founder of & The Doing Academy is a tremendous entrepreneur. And through the power of digital marketing, as she stated her philosophy is centered on the principle of “Doing” and she equip business women to embrace good old-fashioned Doing with her Live “Doing Day” Workshops across the country.

Here are some of the most common characteristics shared among entrepreneurs who have achieved great success.

How to Start a Successful Online Business

Well, you know there is a proven method that you can use to guarantee your success when you’re starting a small business online. And I’ve seen thousands of people start and grow a successful businesses by doing the following:

  1. Find a need and fill it.

2. Write copy that sells.

3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.

4. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.

5. Establish an expert reputation for yourself.

6. Follow up with your customers and subscribers with email.

7. Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.

Anyone, from newbie to seasoned online entrepreneur, can benefit from this process in learning how to start a business online.

What I’ve Learned During the X Years I’ve Been an Entrepreneur

Twelve years ago I took a big step into starting my own online business after working for other people as an affiliate marketer and not making any money of my own. I had big ideas, some often too large, but still the same and I wanted to be my own boss. I jumped in knowing the basics of blogging and social media marketing which at the time is nothing compared to what is out there today and I decided to take the first step by purchasing my own domain. I chose the domain name ( money and technology ) and started my website the URL address is I saw what others was doing on the internet like creating websites and blogs and making lots of money.

And I read their websites and blogs and I liked what I was reading and that’s what inspired me to want to create my own websites and blogs. So later on I started to learn about creating websites and blogs. The first blog that I ever created was entitled (  tracy’s blog ) at It was on Blogger platform. But since then I have creating lots of other websites and blogs. I have a website entitled Money and Technology at as listed above and it’s the website that I have been making most of the money that I have made from blogging. I have been making money with the google adsense advertisements, from affiliate marketing advertisements and from sponsored posts from advertising companies.

X Traits All Successful Entrepreneurs Should Have

1. Type-A personality

I know that people with a Type A personality are generally more ambitious, more driven, and have more follow-through. They’re not dreamers; they’re doers. Of course, this also comes with a slew of other problems like high stress levels (and everything that comes with them), but it’s the drive and follow-through that you should focus on. Dreams can be great, but what’s the use if you lack motivation to do anything about it?

2. Morning people

You should know that study after study has shown that morning people are more successful in their careers (and in many other aspects of their lives) than night owls. And also, there are certainly successful night owls, and if it’s truly impossible for you to get up at 5 a.m., then it’s not required for your success. The reason morning people get more done is that they’re not as prone to procrastination, which is something you can work on no matter what your internal clock settings.

Thinking About Starting an Online Business? Read This First!

We are all aware of the high percentage of new businesses that fail. When this occurs, money is lost, time and effort are wasted, and dreams go unfulfilled. If you are considering starting a business of any type and want some insight into the risks (and rewards) of doing so, I suggest you read Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.” This is one of those rare business books that not only describes problems, but also offers good advice for overcoming those associated with a small business start-up.


I know that one of Mr. Gerber’s fundamental beliefs, and the basis for the book’s title, is that it is a myth (the “Entrepreneur Myth”) that small businesses are started by entrepreneurs risking capital to make a profit. Grace Lever has a great video show on her YouTube channel to help empower entrepreneurs. Go and signup and check it out.  Entrepreneurs typically do not start businesses, he says; people with certain technical skills to start businesses when they are gripped by an “entrepreneurial seizure” and suddenly feel a need to do things for themselves.


But this concept really hit home with me, because I know of instances where a dissatisfied employee one day realizes he or she can do things better and opens a competing machine shop, assembly house, restaurant, retail store or some type of “one-stop-shopping” business nearby. While this new business sometimes becomes successful, it fails just as often because the new owner knows no more about running a business than his or her former employer. The problem, as stated so well by Mr. Gerber is “the technical work of a business and a business that does that technical work are two totally different things.” So to put it simply, a person with technical skills will not necessarily be a good owner of a business that sells those technical skills. In fact, it can be argued that the more technical skill a person has, the more that person will focus on the technical things going on to the detriment of other aspects of the business.

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How I Make Sure My Family Is Prepared for the Unexpected

We all know life can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unprepared. You need to help take care of your family’s financial future, so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve planned ahead.

Preparing for the unexpected

You can start planning by starting an emergency fund for your family. And to begin planning for your emergency fund, you should  start by setting a savings goal. Because it’s the simplest way to calculate how much you’ll need is to track your family’s total monthly spending. And once you’ve determined your monthly budget, you’ll want to decide how long you want the fund to last you and your family. You should know about My Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault to help. While more is always better, many advisors suggest making a goal that equals at least 6 months of your regular spending.

I have a savings account and a checking account. Saving is basically putting aside money or a way to utilize your present income for future use.

One saves for several reasons such as for a college education, buying a new car, for a new TV set you wish to acquire in three to four months time, for down payment on a home, or to provide for yourself when retirement comes.

As much as there are several reasons for saving, there are likewise many methods in which one can save. In most instances, the best method can be determined by whatever plans you have for the future.

1. Savings accounts. When saving for just a short period or for emergency purposes, consider opening a savings account passbook, as it is in this method that you can easily gain access to your funds.
Great for both long and short term savings, you can deposit and withdraw money to your account and earn interest, based on your average daily balance. A minimum balance is required to be maintained though, and you are charged with a penalty should you fail to maintain it.

2. Checking account with interest. Here one can benefit from checking account conveniences, while your deposits gain interests. Generally these types of accounts grants privileges such as limitless withdrawal and check writing, access to ATM and bill payments that can be done online. This method typically requires a daily maintaining balance of at least $2,000.

3. Money market insured accounts. For long-termed goals, this method is ideal, as it generally offers a much higher rate of interest compared to a regular or standard savings account.
The interest rate usually is dependent on the amount of money in your bank account; larger balance means higher interest.

4. “CD” or Certificates of Deposit. This is a savings method requiring you to “loan” your money to your financial agency for a certain time frame, usually ranging from thirty days up to five years. Here, the longer the time span again, means higher interest.
Keep in mind that usually insurance companies offer better deals on interests compared to banks, so before you invest, compare rates first!

At certain times, when your goal is many years away, it can be a wiser decision to save money in a certain way that you are not drawn.

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Google Adsense: Discover How Easy It Is To Use AdSense

The AdSense difference

In 2015, Google paid out nearly $10B to their publishers. That’s the power of AdSense. Ads that work for you. See the difference high-quality ads make. Ads — including text, display, rich media, and more — are reviewed to ensure the content is family safe and appropriate for an audience like yours.

Your space is in demand.Advertisers constantly bid for ad space. Millions of advertisers compete for ad space. That means more money, more relevant ads, and more ad spaces filled. You control the look and you call the shots on the ads that appear. You can block ads you don’t want, choose where ads appear, and change the look and feel of text ads to match your site.

You can even control the categories of ads you allow. Your site. Your rules. Leave the money stuff to us. We’ll handle the process of billing the advertisers and networks. When ads are seen or clicked, you’ll automatically earn money. You get paid once you’ve accrued a certain minimum amount.

How it works

Select the ads that you want on your site. More options mean more opportunities for revenue. Choose the right ad types and formats for your website. Ad types include text, display, or a mix of the two. Explore our wide variety of ad formats. Choose where you want ads to appear. Copy and paste a piece of code on your site where you want to show ads. Watch the highest paying ads go live. Advertisers bid for your ad space in a real-time auction.

Mobile friendly

Connect with your audience wherever they are. Mobile is built into AdSense. Responsive ad units automatically adapt to different screen sizes so you can create a great user experience and continue to earn revenue when people view your site on a smartphone or tablet.

You have custom insights to see what’s working and to fix what’s not working.Get the real story with performance reports. Performance metrics help you see where the right tweaks can increase profits. You can also get your stats on the go with the AdSense mobile app.

Compare and learn with AdSense Experiments

Quickly create, run, and analyze A/B experiments without changing your code. AdSense Experiments lets you compare one of your ad settings against a variation to see which performs better. Do more with adsense by tapping into more features with your AdSense account.

The Google Publisher Toolbar

View up-to-date information about your AdSense account while browsing in Chrome. Get a snapshot of your earnings and site performance right from the toolbar, as well as ad overlays that offer in-page reporting and blocking controls
install the toolbar.

More ways to make money

Custom Search, when you deliver ads based on user searches the ads are more relevant, so people are more likely to click. Find everything you need to run ads next to search results, whether you already have search or not. Content-based sites. Add Custom Search Engine so readers can search your site and see targeted ads next to the search results.

Search-based sites. Add a Custom Search Ads next to your own search results based on what your users are looking for. Getting Started.Game Sites, Show video, display, or text ads within your own web-based games. It’s easy to get started, whether you integrate with one of our technology partners or build ad serving directly into your game.

Apply now  

Video Content, Integrate in-stream and overlay ads with your video content. AdSense gives you access to a large variety of both global and local video advertisers.

Apply now

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4 Tips That Will Have You Driving The Perfect Car This Summer

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Have you done your research while buying a car? Think of what you want, and research around for performance, price, availability and other details.

All of it could take a while is not just the best place to buy new and used cars; it also helps you in your decision making by enabling you to find the perfect car.

Tips to Get the Right Car

Here are some tips that can help you find the car you need.

1. Research Car Models gives you options to perform your research based on make, body style and price.

Pick up anything- a specific body style or make- and then discover new matches along the way.

2. Car to Car Comparisons

You can use the Side-by-Side Comparisons to find out the pros and cons of popular models.
Personalized comparisons can also be created with your specific chosen models.

3. Resource to Helpful Information is home to tons of useful information that you will ever need to decide on a car. Be it top models or most fuel efficient vehicles, you can learn about everything right here.

You can also get tips on financing options and know everything you need to decide if a certified pre-owned car is right for you. The value of a used car can also be evaluated on the platform.

4. Huge Database of Vehicles has a huge database of cars of every type and make. Whatever your budget or preferences are, be sure to find the perfect car with ease.

You can even search for cars using zip codes and put up your own car up for sale.

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