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Best Buy & Staples: Printer Shopping Made Easy

Online shopping is increasingly becoming the new black. From the simplest items such as groceries to office equipment, people are now turning to online platforms such as Best Buy and Staples to shop for almost everything. Due to that, such online stores are now on the rise and every day we wake up to news about the launching of a new shopping platform. However old is gold and the old online shopping stores remain the best especially for office equipment like printers. To help you prepare for what you should expect, my team and I went hunting in platforms known for providing the best selection of printers. We have put together a list showing differences between printers in these two shops and the overall shopping experience.

Brands available at Best Buy

At Best Buy you get to choose between HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother. All these come from well-established brands and which are known for their efficiency.


Epson printers-Printers from Epson are the most common sight at any office which goes a long way in proving that they are efficient. They boast a 3-in-1 functionality, inbuilt wireless networking, a 100 sheets input tray and even borderless printing. Through Best Buy you are now able to buy this printer.

Canon– Printers from Canon take you a notch higher with their four in one functionality, and different print speeds. They too offer you wireless and inbuilt networking.

Hp– These are simply the best from Best Buy, and they pride themselves over Wi-FI, four in one functionality, a 35 sheet automatic document feeder, a 100 sheet input tray and they can print up to 9.5 black sheets and up to 6.8 ISO colored papers.

Brother -These too, bring with them some remarkable features, and they have an even higher capacity of tray input as they can hold up to 250 sheets. They also boast a touch screen and four in one functionality. They can print up to 32 papers.

Staples is your Office Superstore

Printers at Staples

At Staples, you get printers from the same brands as those at Bestbuy just that, Staples goes on to add your options by offering those from Kodak, expression, and Dell.

Kodak– With the latest printer from Kodak, you get to do everything from scanning, downloading and printing projects all in one step. They are wireless, and some of them have LCD screens. You get to buy them quickly from Staples.

Expression-They come in a compact size which allows you to use them even in minimal space but they are highly functional, and you can scan copy and print freely. The 2.7 LCD screen enables you to navigate effortlessly.

Dell -These have 3 in 1 functionality, have high speeds, they allow two-sided printing which saves you on time and they have USB and Ethernet inputs.


Best Buy expert services and Unbeatable Prices

Overall shopping experience

Both shops offer you a good shopping experience, if you are doing it online, the response is quite fast, and the delivery is always on time. They stock printers from some of the best brands which ensure that you get nothing but the best. Also, they offer a diverse array to select from regarding size and price. Both shops are more than willing to replace printers which have issues hence your money does not go to waste if you buy a product which is not functional.

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4 Stocks That Could Double in 2017

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What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Investing In Fixed Deposit?

People usually hesitate while investing their funds as they don’t want to end up losing their money. Investments always involve risks but investing in a right place can always help you earn higher returns. Since our  childhood, we have been taught to save money so that we can utilise it at the time of an emergency.

Though saving is an age old method, investing your funds these days can help you earn higher returns. You might have some surplus funds coming from a business profit or from a salary hike or even from inheritance. No matter how you receive the surplus money, investing them can always help you earn higher profits over it. When it comes to investments, people usually hesitate to invest their funds as it involves risk. But if you park your funds in the right place and at the right time, you are likely to earn benefits from it.

Fixed Deposits is a major and a commonly preferred way to invest funds. Though fixed deposits are considered as a safe investment option, there are times when you can make some mistakes while investing in a fixed deposit.  These mistakes can get you in a huge trouble. Although fixed deposits have less risk involving factors, it is still important that you must avoid these mistakes while investing your funds:

● Using all your savings:

At times, people resort to investing all their savings in the hopes that they will earn higher returns in the future. Even though you will be getting higher returns in the future, you should not invest all your savings in a Fixed Deposit account. It is a known fact that you can only withdraw funds from a Fixed Deposit after it gets matured. Thus, when you invest all your savings in a Fixed Deposit, you will have no financial backup whatsoever. In case if you need money urgently, it can get difficult for you to arrange funds if you don’t have a financial backup. In such scenarios, you might have to break your FD which is not an ideal situation to be in.

● Don’t ignore the liquidity term/conditions:

In case if you are stuck in a financial emergency and need some urgent funds, then you can use the money that you have invested in Fixed Deposits as an option. Though a Fixed Deposit account can be more liquid than other asset options, you cannot withdraw funds from your Fixed Deposit account. Fixed Deposits restrict fund withdrawal before its maturity. In such a situation, you can only break your Fixed Deposit to liquidate your funds, but breaking your Fixed Deposit will lead you to pay a penalty.

● Not being assured of your returns:

Before you invest your hard-earned money in a Fixed Deposit, it is essential that you have checked and compared all the prevailing rates in the market. Compare all the prevailing prices in the market and select the lender which provides you with the best rate of interest. Evaluate the returns by using various online tools like FD Calculator. This will help you to determine your earnings and you can do so within a few clicks.

● Compensation for inflation using an FD: 

If you intend to increase your purchasing power, a Fixed Deposit is not the greatest idea. Fixed Deposit interest rates have been influenced in the recent times. But before you invest, it is essential that you stay aware of all the latest happenings in the market.These are some mistakes that yo should avoid while investing in a fixed deposit to have safe investment and earn higher returns in the future.

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Four Brands That Have Mastered Customer-Driven Big Data

You’re probably not thinking about data when you add a shirt to your online shopping cart or download a coupon for some free curly fries. However, the new reality is that data is driving what you see, what you buy and how you perceive brands. Big companies in the worlds of retail, finance and entertainment are already using big data processing to change the way business decisions are made. These companies know that big data isn’t just a tool. Big data is like a fact-based crystal ball that removes questions about consumer wants and behaviors. Take a look at the four companies that are using big data exquisitely when it comes to running operations, staying relevant and pleasing customers.


You don’t always think of high-tech systems when picturing a football stadium full of screaming fans. However, the NFL has been one of the pioneers of using big data to protect its players and boost its image. Players have started using wearable data-collecting devices that use algorithms to detect whether certain workouts are too stressful or if athletes are developing certain injuries. This is really changing the game because the NFL has faced scrutiny over the health and wellness of its players in recent years.

Capital One

Capital One is first in line in the consumer finance industry when it comes to using big data to grow business and create customer satisfaction. The company has been using big data for years to track and anticipate the behaviors of customers. This has helped the company to efficiently present specific customers with specific offers that they want. The result is that customers have positive experiences and Capital One gets more revenue.Large corporations with household recognition obviously have some big advantages when it comes to using marketing resources to create smart business decisions and sculpt effective campaigns. However, the actual pieces of data that those companies are pulling in can be obtained by an enterprise of any size. Of course, a smaller company or enterprise won’t necessarily use a data analytics platform with the same scope as a large corporation. A platform can be scaled to offer exactly what an enterprise needs to pull data from internal and external sources and start making smarter business decisions.

Free People

You may know Free People as a hippie-inspired clothing brand that sells customers flowing, bohemian threads. However, the way the company gets its clothing in the hands of customers is quite sophisticated and calculated. The brand relies on customer records harnessed from big data to determine its future apparel designs. Free People’s plan to make business decisions based on customer purchases, customer returns and browsing habits enabled the brand to create tailored promotions and design its website in a way that makes customers more likely to complete purchases. The result is that Free People has managed to buck the downward trend in the retail industry.


It won’t be a coincidence if you find yourself craving a hot sandwich and some curly fries after you see a television commercial or digital ad for Arby’s. The restaurant chain has poured a big investment into using data to craft effective, targeted marketing campaigns. The chain has mastered the task of using data-based feedback to make sure its advertisements are sent through the right channels to create campaigns that are effective.

Using the Same Big Data as Big Companies

Large corporations with household recognition obviously have some big advantages when it comes to using marketing resources to create smart business decisions and sculpt effective campaigns. However, the actual pieces of data that those companies are pulling in can be obtained by an enterprise of any size. Of course, a smaller company or enterprise won’t necessarily use a data analytics platform with the same scope as a large corporation. A platform can be scaled to offer exactly what an enterprise needs to pull data from internal and external sources and start making smarter business decisions.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score and Managing Your Debt

Today, almost everything you do requires a good credit score. It affects your ability to secure a mortgage, to buy a car, rent an apartment, to go to college and sometimes may even determine whether or not you land the job. For this reason, if your credit score is low and has several bad marks on it against you, it’s in your best interest to repair your credit score as quickly as possible. The good news is that there are many ways to achieve this, faster than you might think.

Borrowing money with a bad credit score

A bad credit score limits your ability to borrow money from the usual places such as a bank and a credit union. However, there are other companies offering quick installment loans to those in the process of building or rebuilding their credit. These online companies generally have minimal requirements including a social security number, a checking account and a steady income.  They also have a variety of repayment options that let you pay off the loan in small payments for up to a few years. Just make sure that before you actually take on the loan that you are able to meet your monthly obligations, otherwise your credit will continue to worsen.

Family and friends

While no one wants to let a family member or friend know about their hardship, sometimes acquiring a loan from them is a better option. For one, the repayment of the loan will be the same as the amount you borrowed. For two, you can delay the payment a few days during the month if your paycheck falls midweek. If you should acquire the money from a family member or friend, just make sure to treat it like any other loan and make every effort to make the monthly payments.

Restoring your credit

Restoring your credit is important and can take far less time than you might imagine. The first thing you need to do is make a list of all your outstanding debt and the monthly payment required on each one. Then, write down your total monthly income. If when you do this and deduct personal living expenses you have money left over, you’re in great shape to begin tackling the first loan or credit card. If, you don’t have anything left over, or, worse yet, have a deficit each month then you’ll need to reduce your monthly expenses or take on a part-time job until you even out.

Paying down debt Your credit score depends on several factors. It consists of your ability to pay, how much debt you owe and the amount of credit cards and other loans you have out and their balances. In order to raise your credit score, you have to pay down your debt. If you have six or more revolving lines of credit, close out a couple. Having access to too much money can actually hurt your score. If you have two to four credit cards, a car loan, and a mortgage, you’re in good shape. Any more than that and the debt to income ratio becomes too high, placing you in the possible risk category. You should never use credit cards as a means to pay bills, go food shopping and basically afford to live. If you want to raise your credit score significantly, you’ll need to reduce your balance on each credit card to less than 50% of the available line.

You can do this one by one, by making payments to the card that holds the highest interest rate and then move onto to the next until all your credit cards are a least less than half full.Today, you live in a technical world where a credit score pretty much determines whether you can purchase just about anything. You can keep your score in good standing by making your payments on time, reducing the number of outstanding loans and cards you have, and by reducing the amount you owe on them. If you learn to live within your means and use your cards only for emergencies or as a temporary way to acquire items before a paycheck of bonus, then you will enjoy a high quality of life minus the stress.

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5 Tips on Getting an Industry-Specific Loan

There are various options to consider when you are looking for a business loan. In the age of super-specialization it is not surprising to find financial institutions offering business loans that are industry-specific.

Keep these five things in mind before applying for an industry-specific Loan for Business to avoid rejection:

Write a business plan that is specific to your industry

Typically, when you apply for a loan, the loan officers do not have an in-depth understanding of all industries. They follow generic rules which are applicable across all industry types. However, the loan officers of industry-specific loans have a good understanding of your industry. Hence you have a better chance of your loan getting approved with a business plan that is created specific to your industry. Achievements or credentials also hold value during the industry specific loan application.

Share industry-specific data

While applying for an industry-specific business loan, you must remember that the loan officers are aware of your industry and its trends. More than the business plan if you can share some data from your operations which can help them understand the scope of your future success, then the chances of approval becomes high. Remember that your application will be assessed with respect to the trends and benchmarks of your industry. Hence you must endeavour to provide industry-specific data to help the officers get a better understanding of your business.

Assess your exact loan requirement

A business plan is an important document as it helps you understand the scope of your future business and the investment sought clearly. You must try and make this plan as detailed as possible. If you miss some expenses, then you may fall short of the working capital in the long run. Also, certain industries are season dependent while some others are market dependent. You must seek the advice of a professional to chalk out your business plan and understand the exact amount of loan required.

Opt for a collateral-based secured business loan

A secured or collateral-based loan has many benefits; a lesser rate of interest and higher chances of approval. While applying for industry-specific loans, you can choose to offer an industry-specific collateral. If a dentist provides his equipment as collateral, then the valuation of the collateral is higher in an industry specific loan as it considers the relevance of the collateral to your business too.

Research, compare and decide

Most banks and financial institutions are offering these loans hence you need to compare the interest rates offered, fees and the application process among other things. Some banks / financial institutions might be keen on lending to doctors while some others might have an inclination towards architects. Research well. Ask around. Find a few options, compare and finally choose a loan that matches your requirements.

Bajaj Finserv has unique loan offerings for Doctors, Engineers & Chartered Accountants. The loans have been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of various professions.

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The Genius Trick Amazon Shoppers use To Save Money

Think Amazon has the best prices? Well, here’s a surprise for you.
Shopping on Amazon can be addicting, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Wikibuy is a five-star Chrome extension that finds better prices at other retailers when you shop on Amazon, automatically.

You’re probably thinking: but Prime delivers in two days! That’s awesome, but after Amazon factors two-day delivery into its prices, it can often be a more expensive option.
Ask yourself: do you really need two day shipping on everything you buy? For waiting a few more days, Wikibuy can keep you from wasting money by finding a better priced option.
Here’s how simple it is:

You’re having a great day, shopping for a backup laptop charger, and BOOM! After taking a few seconds to check hundreds of retailers, Wikibuy pops up with a lower price (if it exists).

You click “quick view” to investigate. Looks like Wikibuy is going to save you $16 if you wait an additional 4 days. No biggie, you didn’t actually need the charger in two days.

Get rid of Amazon Prime? No way! The free movies, tv shows, customer service, etc are worth it alone. But, you should use Wikibuy with Prime to make sure you don’t waste money on items that aren’t needed in two days.
Oh, and it’s completely free. Try Wikibuy for free HERE.

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The Best Online Affilate Network For Vendors to Make Money Selling their Products is Clickbank


ClickBank is the largest online marketplace for digital information with more than 10,000 product vendors and 100,000 affiliates promoting their products.

As an affiliate you receive a commission for every sale that you make when you promote a product on ClickBank. So you can see that ClickBank is the perfect place to sell products as an affiliate. Not only that, with ClickBank managing the payments it relieves you of worrying about tracking your sales – it’s all handled by ClickBank. Most importantly, with ClickBank you get paid on time every time.

Thousands of people make a full-time living on ClickBank and some affiliates get burned in the process. The key to success with ClickBank is identifying which products are likely to convert for you and return you a decent profit on a regular basis.

With AffiliateX all of this research has already been done for you with over 200 products listed and updated daily. All you have to do is log into your AffiliateX account and browse through the top selling products in each niche and then which you would like to promote.

Key things to look out for are products with a rising gravity which you can easily find by clicking on any product within a given niche for example as of writing this article we can see that the product My Vegas Business has a gravity of 231.71 and is still increasing.

Other products to look for are ‘evergreen’ products i.e those that are the mainstays of a niche and have continued to convert well for affiliates over a long period of time such as Coffee Shop Millionaire which has been around for more than 2 years and still going strong with a rising gravity.

Once you’ve chosen your product(s) that you would like to promote find out as much as you can about that product – either by reading honest reviews or even emailing the vendor for a review copy. From there you can create articles to promote the product and feature it them on your website or you can use banner ads on your site to promote the product.

Because all of ClickBank’s products are delivered digitally this keeps costs low for the product vendors who will then pay up to 75% in commission for each sale. What this means for you is that once you find a good converting product it can be extremely lucrative for you and then you move on to your next product in your niche to promote and so on.

Ideally, you should end up with 3 or 4 high converting products that you are profiting from on a daily basis. Of course you do need to bear in mind that you may not hit the ‘jackpot’ right out of the gate. It may take a few attempts to find the right product but once you do you’ll be on to a winner.

Now with all that said the best and easiest way to start find profitable products is to head over to AffiliateX and start browsing through the hundreds of products that are available for you to promote and remember these are updated on a daily basis so you’ll always be seeing the top products that are currently converting.

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Tips to Consider when Buying a Drone

Businesses and individuals alike are finding many different ways of using drones every day. From event photography to real estate to sports, the use of drones is gaining popularity for a number of commercial purposes. Besides, people have found a great pastime activity in flying drones. As a result, demand for drones has been growing rapidly in the last couple of years. However, drones are sophisticated items and buying one is not a piece of cake. There are many things you must keep in mind before going out to the market to acquire one. Below is a rundown of important tips that will surely go a long way in helping you to buy a drone that is fit for your particular needs.

1. Define the purpose of use

Different types of drones are designed for different purposes. Thus, the first tip for buying a drone has to do with identifying and defining the purpose for which you want the vehicle. For instance, if you are looking to acquire a drone for recreational purposes only; a quadcopter would just be fine. However, if you are looking for a drone to assist in cargo carrying, you will have to find a drone that is capable of lifting weighty loads and transporting them over some distance. If you need a drone for professional videography or photography, then you will have to shop for an advanced model capable of capturing photos and videos at different angles. In a nutshell, the purposes for which you want the device must be clear to you even before you go out shopping for one.

2. Understand the machine

Another aspect that you must consider when it comes to buying a drone is that of its machinery. Drones are of different types, and their respective mechanisms vary accordingly. You, therefore, must understand that not all drones have the necessary machinery to perform the specific function that you want them to do. For instance, although a quadcopter with simple machinery will be okay for fun, it does not have the mechanical the necessary capabilities to serve commercial purposes. A good example will be getting a drone with an installed camera if you want to use it for aerial photography. A drone for photography would also need to have a gimbal support to keep the camera stable during flights, allowing it to capture clear videos and photos.

3. Understand drone design

When shopping for a drone, the design is something you cannot afford to overlook. Generally, all unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the same basic idea; they fly without an onboard human pilot. However, they differ significantly in terms of design. For instance, the military drones are jet propelled and are almost similar to usual airplanes. On the other hand, quadcopters are propelled by four motors and are almost like helicopters. Thus, unless you need a stealth drone for military purposes, it would be prudent for you to go for a UAV that has a simpler design.

4. Battery Time

Battery timing is a critical factor to think about when shopping for a drone. Usually, a quadcopter will fly for five to fifteen minutes at a stretch. However, a drone with a bigger battery can stay airborne for up to one hour or more. Thus, if you are looking for a UAV for commercial purposes, it would be prudent to go look one with a powerful and reliable battery.

5. Range

Most drones have a range of than 50 meters or less. This distance is generally suitable for taking aerial shots. Nevertheless, there are other drones with much higher range. For instance, if you want a drone for the purpose of wildlife photography, it would be wise to shop for a UAV that can provide you with a range of at least a hundred meters.

6. Availability of spare parts

Drones are mechanical devices, and it would be unwise to go shopping for one without thinking about how it will be serviced or repaired in case of mechanical problems. Most UAVs are sold with their spare rotors, and this is particularly important because these parts can easily break. Thus, remember to ask the dealer to provide you with spare parts or leads to where you can get them to keep your drone in good shape.

7. Cost

The price of UAVs depends on their type and design. If you want to acquire the most basic model, then you will not have to spend a great deal of money. However, you have to be aware that this is still going to be a considerable investment because these devices don’t come cheap. But you can take advantage of discounts provided by online UAVs dealers; search the internet and fetch the best deals in the market

In conclusion, it is apparent that there are a number of things you must keep in mind if you are thinking of acquiring a drone. But if you take the above-discussed tips into consideration, you will surely get the most out of your investment.

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Economic Hardship Forces Car Dealers to Massively Discount New Cars

Inventory Crisis Leaves Car Dealers No Other Choice.
The smell of a new car. The latest accessories, technology and comforts. Luxury upgrades. Free maintenance. And the admiring looks as you drive by.

Whether you need an SUV big enough for the whole family… a classy, luxury sedan… or a sporty two-seater. Owning your dream car doesn’t have to break the bank.

Because car dealers have been frantically manufacturing the same number of new vehicles with every imaginable feature… But with 2016 auto sales down as much as 42% from 2015 according to the Wall Street Journal – many of those lovely new cars sit unsold in dealer lots.

And while the car dealerships would love it if everyone would buy a new car at full retail price… The fact remains that they’ve been forced by the economy to quietly advertise massively discounted deals online.

If you know where to look online, cars can be found for a fraction of the price you pay anywhere else.

If the economy takes its time recovering, new car sales should take even longer to recover. That means you still have time to buy a nice car on just about any budget. But it may not last forever.

Where to Find these Massively Discounted Car Deals Online?

You won’t find the best car deals just by walking onto a random car lot and talking to the first salesman who appears… And many of the best deals aren’t advertised on TV. That’s because car dealers would rather keep the biggest discounts quiet so you pay full retail price.
But there is a place where you can find incredible deals from many of your local dealerships – in one place.

Because of the pressure to move unsold inventory, you’ll often find terrific deals on previous year cars – including luxury sedans, sports cars, SUV’s, trucks, electric, and hybrid models in all makes including Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevy, and many more.

Just about any car with any feature you can imagine!

And many come with free luxury upgrades, free maintenance and free technology upgrades. Packages others pay a premium for – but you won’t have to.

If you’re willing to spend a little time searching the deal “ads” you may find the perfect car for you at the perfect price.

Spending Less On Your Car Means More Money Left Over
Buying brand new cars in bulk costs dealers a ton of money, and the owners of these dealerships can’t afford to let that inventory sit around forever. So they’re willing to offer amazing deals if it means moving unsold inventory.

But remember, these steep discounts aren’t offered just anywhere.
These deep discounts are only advertised a few places online, so you probably won’t find the same prices anywhere else – no matter how many dealer sites you check. That’s because the dealerships want you to pay more for your car.

Yet I found this place where you can search deal “ads” from many of your local dealerships in one place.

Interested in the possibilities? Click on the button to search deal “ads” from many of your local dealerships in one place. Post a comment when you find a deal!

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