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Best Buy & Staples: Printer Shopping Made Easy

Online shopping is increasingly becoming the new black. From the simplest items such as groceries to office equipment, people are now turning to online platforms such as Best Buy and Staples to shop for almost everything. Due to that, such online stores are now on the rise and every day we wake up to news about the launching of a new shopping platform. However old is gold and the old online shopping stores remain the best especially for office equipment like printers. To help you prepare for what you should expect, my team and I went hunting in platforms known for providing the best selection of printers. We have put together a list showing differences between printers in these two shops and the overall shopping experience.

Brands available at Best Buy

At Best Buy you get to choose between HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother. All these come from well-established brands and which are known for their efficiency.


Epson printers-Printers from Epson are the most common sight at any office which goes a long way in proving that they are efficient. They boast a 3-in-1 functionality, inbuilt wireless networking, a 100 sheets input tray and even borderless printing. Through Best Buy you are now able to buy this printer.

Canon– Printers from Canon take you a notch higher with their four in one functionality, and different print speeds. They too offer you wireless and inbuilt networking.

Hp– These are simply the best from Best Buy, and they pride themselves over Wi-FI, four in one functionality, a 35 sheet automatic document feeder, a 100 sheet input tray and they can print up to 9.5 black sheets and up to 6.8 ISO colored papers.

Brother -These too, bring with them some remarkable features, and they have an even higher capacity of tray input as they can hold up to 250 sheets. They also boast a touch screen and four in one functionality. They can print up to 32 papers.

Staples is your Office Superstore

Printers at Staples

At Staples, you get printers from the same brands as those at Bestbuy just that, Staples goes on to add your options by offering those from Kodak, expression, and Dell.

Kodak– With the latest printer from Kodak, you get to do everything from scanning, downloading and printing projects all in one step. They are wireless, and some of them have LCD screens. You get to buy them quickly from Staples.

Expression-They come in a compact size which allows you to use them even in minimal space but they are highly functional, and you can scan copy and print freely. The 2.7 LCD screen enables you to navigate effortlessly.

Dell -These have 3 in 1 functionality, have high speeds, they allow two-sided printing which saves you on time and they have USB and Ethernet inputs.


Best Buy expert services and Unbeatable Prices

Overall shopping experience

Both shops offer you a good shopping experience, if you are doing it online, the response is quite fast, and the delivery is always on time. They stock printers from some of the best brands which ensure that you get nothing but the best. Also, they offer a diverse array to select from regarding size and price. Both shops are more than willing to replace printers which have issues hence your money does not go to waste if you buy a product which is not functional.

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State Operated Casinos

State operated, land based casinos are a major source of revenue for many states. They offer many of the same gaming experiences as Las Vegas casinos such as the traditional blackjack and poker table games, as well as a large variety of slot machines. Technology has changed the style of the slots, transforming them into a visual entertainment experience mimicking games and game shows such as Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune.

Instead of marketing the casinos as places to gamble, the experience has been repackaged as gaming. Critics say it is clearly a way to make losing your money as fun because the odds are always in favor of the casino. But the amount a player spends at a slot machine can be as little as five cents per play while getting the benefit of being visually entertained. Add to this the fact that many casinos also offer live entertainment and popular restaurants to eat at, and the casino is now an adult getaway.

State operated casinos differ from privately owned casinos in two ways. The first is that by law, the casino has to pay out a certain percentage of gaming money back to the players in the form of winnings, called the pay off percentage. The second is that while the states take in millions of dollars each year from casino operations, most of that money is returned to the public to fund public programs such as education or senior citizen programs that benefit all its citizens.

Looking toward the future, states are now looking at online casinos for additional sources of revenue. The Department of Justice ruled that online gaming (excluding sports betting) did not violate any Federal laws, and gave each state the right to decide whether or not it was legal for their citizens. Nevada and New Jersey are two states that already allow online gaming if you are within the geographical boundaries of the state.

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Tips For Running A Successful Business

Well there’s one thing i know when it comes to success, I’ve always believed in the saying, The length of our life is finite, but its wideness depends on us, to start great businesses. Marty J. Stallone is a great businessman and he is the  executive vice president of land development at metropolitan development group. And this just means that our purpose is to achieve the grandest things and widen the scope of our lives in the short time we have.

You should make a choice, any choice

You know people are constantly changing and, as a result, the world is constantly changing, too. When running a business in which a lot of time is spent on decision-making and measuring consequences is probably a waste of resources. And It doesn’t do anything but increase anxiety and fear of failure. Even with all of your planning, the winds will change and you’ll be back to worrying again.

So try and understand that failure is an opportunity, and a chance to try overcome all of the challenges. The companies that quickly meet problems head-on are better equipped to minimize future errors. Dormancy is the worst possible outcome of any challenge. The only bad decision you can make is to make none.

And become the industry, don’t just exist within it

Well, I call this the “The Green Fluorescent Umbrella” philosophy. Consider that being the best umbrella maker in the world might be difficult to achieve. But being the best green fluorescent umbrella maker is probably much easier, even if it means having to create your own road map to success.

And you can find out that, It’s very easy to fall into the temptation of commoditizing a company, fitting it into the existing spectrum in order to chase temporary economic success. But we live in a time of shifting paradigms, so it would be a big mistake to take advantage of an existing market rather than try to create a new one. Investing in macro goals is the biggest and most important commitment any business can make. So don’t be afraid to create your own lane.

The best business advice that I can give you

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Because most successful business owners will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help–from a mentor, colleague, even mom and dad. And for many, their ability to evaluate, internalize and act on the counsel they received was instrumental in getting their companies off the ground.In an effort to tap some of this wisdom, we called on business gurus to tell us the very best piece of advice they’ve received. From hiring to philanthropy and more, their responses were as varied as the companies they run.

My list of wise people to connect with on social media

1. Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight) “Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”

2. Ann Tran (@anntran_) “Humility, gentleness, and helpfulness go so much further and open doors you cannot imagine. Think from a higher level and try to see beyond today. Some hard work and insight will bring you to paths that will reward you so highly, it’ll make the little inconvenience you incurred so worth it.”

3. Jessica Northey (@jessicanorthey) “In Social Media the “squeaky wheel” gets the oil. You have to put yourself out there, to find people who will relate or even debate with you, depending on what you are looking for.”

4. Mari Smith (@marismith) “We must develop a thick skin. With an unshakeable sense of self – and a commitment to being compassionate – nothing will faze you.”

5. Aaron Lee (@askaaronlee) “These days, social media waits for no one. If you’re LATE for the party, you’ll probably be covered by all the noise and you might not be able to get your voice across. It could only mean that if you want to be heard by the crowd, you have to be fast; and on social media, that means you have to be REALLY fast.”

Some of the  best management tips for small business owners

Plan Ahead for Better Time Management

Well I think when you trying to help improve your time management skills, you should think about spending a half-hour to an hour every morning planning the day and prioritizing the most important tasks first in a list fashion. Prioritization is vital. Some people save their toughest tasks for the end of the day, but it may be easier to complete these tasks when the brain is freshest and the energy levels are high.

And also while creating your plans, think about allowing at least two slots for planned disruptions from others within the company… This may help make the company run smoother, which leads to growth.

Please be sure to follow these tips, and you may observe tasks are getting done more consistently and smoothly. And also you can consider making sure that your team leaders are trained on time management and have them do the same for their employees. This may help make the company run smoother, which leads to growth. It also benefits each employee’s personal life due to lack of stress from not getting things complete, which also benefits the entire company.

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The Success Story of The Biggest Online Payment System {PayPal}

In the chart of successfully growing businesses, PayPal rightfully occupies one of the top spots. Founded in late 90’s by Elon Musk and a group of enthusiasts, PayPal is now recognised as the world’s largest online payment processor.

After seeing some ups and downs, the company proliferated. Between years 2000 and 2002 PayPal grew big enough to finally announce its entry to the charts of NASDAQ with $13 per share. Later, PayPal merged with eBay for the tremendous $1.5 billion, becoming the only payment gateway for eBay users.

PayPal is now available in 203 markets and multiple currencies. It allows customers to hold balances, deposit and withdraw their funds securely, with full compliance and control over their financial data.

The company also vouches for its moral standing in the market. Hence the decision to withdraw as a payment method from the majority of the gambling websites. The decision contributed to the reputation of PayPal; the platform is recognized as the world’s most reliable payment s with system ever growing user base. The company acquires different payment solutions to penetrate into the online retail market even further. Recently, they collaborated with the MasterCard, leading to the inception of the Secure Card service. This decision alone brought the company a revenue of the whopping $1.8 billion.

PayPal drives the time reduction for any transaction; financial data collection and manipulation is automatized. Information is processed through the innovative Informatica MDM, governance and PowerCenter platforms. Robust transaction control and security makes PayPal service the most preferred and trusted by the ever growing user base.

The prominent success story of PayPal has inspired many start-ups. Nevertheless, if you still think that transactions can’t go beyond bank accounts, we strongly suggest taking a closer look at our infographic below. Facts and figures speak for themselves; a quick and simplified system like PayPal is what you get by keeping up with times.

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3 Ways Technology Can Make Your Business Money

Once upon a time, there was a candy business. They made some of the best candy in the world and had been since the early 1800s. As technology advanced, over time their aged CEOs simply did not adapt. The company stayed very well known in the town it began in, but as the country grew and the population flourished, so did inflation and the cost of running the business.

As the costs went up, the little candy company began to flounder. Until one day, a fresh, young, entrepreneur came and introduced some new ideas on how to market the best candy in the world. The owners were so excited, they asked the young man to stay. Below are some of the ideas he pitched.

Advertise Using Social Media

One of the first ideas the young man had was to place the candy at eye level. Nowadays, eye level is at the height of a computer screen. Throughout the day, millions of people check Facebook, Twitter, and other such sites on their lunch breaks, before bed, when they get up in the mornings, and when they can’t sleep. Any good business owner knows that if you can get a customer stuck on the image of a product he/she may want, that image tends to advertise for you long after they stop viewing the physical picture.

Set Up A Blog For Customer Feedback

With quite a bit of business moving to online channels, there is less and less physical interaction with the customer. So, the young entrepreneur suggested setting up a blog as a way for customers to ask questions about the different candies for sale, shipping practices and other queries, and receive real time answers from the company’s employees.

As time went on and the store grew in popularity, the young man knew that customers would begin sharing their experiences with the product, as well. This would give the company another avenue for advertisement and create an opportunity to improve with each critique.

Create An Online Store

The final idea he gave the aging owners was to expand by building more stores, but not physical buildings. They were to create online stores. This would give the whole world the privilege of enjoying the hard work put into making each piece of the treasured candy. Anyone who wished would be able to take as long as they wanted searching for the perfect sweet treat, order as much or as little as they wanted, and have it shipped to them anywhere in the world. The owners were most pleased with this idea.

After careful consideration and quite a few adjustments, the best candy company in the world was able to market to the world and spread sweet happiness to children and adults alike and lived happily ever after.

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A Simple Guide to Understanding Working Capital Loans 

Working capital loans are handy tools for your business to generate short-term finance to fund its immediate needs. Here’s everything you need to know about applying for it.

Do your liabilities exceed your current assets? Such issues may seem worrying, but are easy to resolve with a little extra help from external sources, such as Working Capital Finance. Working capital refers to the amount remaining after subtracting current liabilities from current assets. Current assets usually comprise stocks, inventory and cash. Current liabilities, on the other hand, are your financial obligations, including debt and accrued salaries. If your current liabilities exceed your current assets, your business may be at a risk of a short-term deficit. The primary goal of a working capital loan is to help you pay for these short-term expenses and clear your deficit.

How a Working Capital Loan Can Help Your Business:

1. Helps you raise short-term funds for your business: This is the primary and the most important benefit of working capital loans. They can be used to finance your business’ everyday financial needs like paying inventory costs, repaying short debts, and even tackling operational expenses.

2. Enables you to clear deficit: If the finance generated from your current assets is too less to meet the current liabilities, your business could be in a deficit. Working capital finance can enable you to clear this deficit by part borrowing and part liquidation of current assets.

3. Doesn’t require submission of collateral: A working capital loan is an unsecured loan that doesn’t require submitting any asset as collateral.However, in some cases, unsecured working capital loans may be subject to higher interest rates than other secured loans.

4. The loan amount can be used for any purpose:  For these loans, there is no restriction over the loan amount usage. You can use the loan amount for any purpose as long as it is business-related. However, these loans are customised for usage of financing the working capital needs of a business.

5. Features a line of credit: Line of credit is a facility that allows the borrower more flexibility when it comes to borrowing money up to a limit and a tenor based on business needs. Bajaj Finserv offers this facility on working capital loans.

6. Easy application procedure: Applying for this loan is extremely simple. If your business meets all the eligibility criteria, you can have the loan amount disbursed in up to 24 hours. The documents that you have to submit would depend on the type of your business like partnership, sole proprietorship or public limited and private limited company. However, generally, you have to submit documents like certificate of practice or business proof, business vintage of 3 years, bank account statements and your personal ID.

7. Short tenors: Since working capital is a short-term need, working capital loans have a shorter tenor. Hence, repaying the loan can be a quick affair and you can make EMI payments faster.

If you are anxious about how to finance your working capital, worry no more. Bajaj Finserv offers low cost business loans for working capital that can be used to tackle your financial worries.

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Cratejoy: Stunning Jewelry That You Will Cherish Forever

You know in the past month or so I have really been trying to find some great jewelry. But do to my previous spending and the amount of free jewelry samples that I receive (which I really do appreciate) I have more than enough jewelry and feel it is a bit crazy of me to want buy even more.

But due to reading so many great beauty and fashion blogs, late, I cannot help for lusting after some other products especially the ones that seem to be highly loved and talked about so often! So here is a wish list that I have put together of all the products that I’m dying to try, but holding off on until I think I deserve to have a little more money spend!

The Charm with me Club Rules

The Charm With Me Club is a very special club that is also unique and will bring you the most unique Geeky themed charms so you can build your own bracelet to your liking! I really love these charm bracelets, because they are uniquely designed. Cratejoy will gift you a starter bracelet when you sign up with a new set of charms from the best themes! . And their charm bracelets are very high quality and they meant to last for a long time!  This is a great club to join.

Ladies if you want your man to feel special and have something nice to wear that can be the match to yours, then you want to look into the subscription boxes for men’s accessories found at Cratejoy. Only at Cratejoy will you find the most extravagant in designs for men’s accessories. Life is not simple, and neither is marriage, why should any thing else be so simple.

Buy Inspired Silver Inspirational, Stylish and Affordable Jewelry

The designs will take your breath away. Choose the beautiful elephant designed rings for your collection. The rings, necklaces and bracelets are a really inspiring jewelry collection that I really love and would buy.. The designs will enhance the look and feel of the ring. Whichever rings that you choose to buy you will really enjoy these rings. The stack on stack on stacks rings are also a great designer rings.

Get Superb T-Shirts from Cratejoy Now

Men, if it is time for you to break out of your shell and show what you are made of here is the place to do that. Add some fresh clean tees to your closet. At Cratejoy, they have the best t-shirts on the market. They are unique and very comfortable to wear.

Cratejoy will deliver your t-shirts to your door monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly at a great price that totally can’t be beat. Check out the breakdown of styles below. These t-shirts are very comfortable to wear and they are tagless, meaning it won’t be rubbing against your neck, when wearing it.

Cratejoy Features

Whether you’re just starting out, or already have 100,000 subscribers, Cratejoy provides everything you need to run, promote, and scale your business. I am very excited about this website.

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4 Tips That Will Have You Driving The Perfect Car This Summer

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Have you done your research while buying a car? Think of what you want, and research around for performance, price, availability and other details.

All of it could take a while is not just the best place to buy new and used cars; it also helps you in your decision making by enabling you to find the perfect car.

Tips to Get the Right Car

Here are some tips that can help you find the car you need.

1. Research Car Models gives you options to perform your research based on make, body style and price.

Pick up anything- a specific body style or make- and then discover new matches along the way.

2. Car to Car Comparisons

You can use the Side-by-Side Comparisons to find out the pros and cons of popular models.
Personalized comparisons can also be created with your specific chosen models.

3. Resource to Helpful Information is home to tons of useful information that you will ever need to decide on a car. Be it top models or most fuel efficient vehicles, you can learn about everything right here.

You can also get tips on financing options and know everything you need to decide if a certified pre-owned car is right for you. The value of a used car can also be evaluated on the platform.

4. Huge Database of Vehicles has a huge database of cars of every type and make. Whatever your budget or preferences are, be sure to find the perfect car with ease.

You can even search for cars using zip codes and put up your own car up for sale.

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Life Insurance Isn’t Always About Death; It’s Also A Retirement Tool

Many Americans view life insurance policies as a key part of their financial planning. But they tend to think in terms of how the insurance will benefit their survivors after they are in the grave not how it might benefit themselves while they are very much alive.

If that’s the way they see it, though, they may be missing out on an additional way to help pay for retirement – something especially worth knowing if other investments go awry or a pension is non-existent.

“I think a lot of people are surprised to learn that their life insurance policy can help them handle expenses during retirement,” says Gary Marriage Jr., CEO of Nature Coast Financial Advisors ( “They consider life insurance a death benefit. But it can be a lot more than that.”

How so?

Essentially like this, Marriage says: Over the years, a person pays premiums into a permanent life insurance policy with the intent to provide a death benefit as well as cash-value accumulation for as long as the policy remains in force.

If they reach retirement, and aren’t as concerned with the death benefit, they can withdraw from the insurance policy without paying taxes. Usually, you can withdraw up to the amount that you paid in premiums over the years, Marriage says.

Some other advantages include:

• Contribution limits don’t apply. The government puts a limit on how much money you’re allowed to contribute each year to an IRA. So your IRA is going to grow, but not to the degree that you would like. If you structure a life insurance policy so that it’s part of your retirement plan you don’t face those same dollar-amount limits, Marriage says.

• The cash value of the policy grows each year with interest, tax deferred. Investing in or purchasing a tax-deferred vehicle means your money can compound interest for years, free from income taxes, potentially allowing it to grow at a faster rate. And if you’re worried about the stability of the insurance company, the fact is insurance companies are some of the strongest financial institutions in the world.

• When you leave your children the money you’ve accumulated in an IRA, they have to pay taxes on it. But the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy don’t have to pay taxes.

• The federal government will penalize you if you withdraw money from an IRA or a 401(k) before you turn 59½. But if you need some of that life insurance money at an earlier age, you can withdraw without paying a penalty.  That’s a big advantage for those who suddenly find themselves in need of cash, but don’t want even more of their retirement savings to disappear into Uncle Sam’s coffers, Marriage says.

                    About Gary Marriage Jr.

Gary Marriage Jr. is the founder and CEO of Nature Coast Financial Advisors (, which educates retirees on how to protect their assets, increase their income and reduce their taxes. Marriage is a national speaker, delivering solutions for pre-retirees, business owners and seniors on the areas affecting their retirement and estates. He is an approved member of the National Ethics Bureau, and has been featured in “America’s Top Hometown Financial Advisors 2011” and was selected to contribute to a book with Steve Forbes titled “SuccessOnomics: Power Principles” and became a “Best-Selling Author” as a result. Marriage is also the founder of Operation Veteran Aid, an advocate for war-time veterans and their families.About Gary Marriage Jr.

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Tips For Paying Attention To Inventory

When you’re a business manager or owner, one of the things that you’re going to pay attention to most closely is going to be inventory. How much of a certain thing you have? How much can you sell? Where do all of your physical products fit with respect to warehousing and distribution? These are extremely important questions, and if you don’t take the time to answer them consistently and cyclically, you may end up with unfortunate financial circumstances.

Invest In Inventory Management

One of the simplest solutions to help you get a bird’s eye view of your inventory at any given point is to invest in an inventory management system. Typically this is going to be a third-party software package that steps you through all of the processes to do your initial inventory, and then follow along with any sort of trends going into and out of your stock on a real-time basis. Many inventory management programs are largely customizable too, which helps in maintaining a certain degree of efficiency.

Check Your Financial Flow

When inventory comes and goes, each iteration should come with a gain or loss in terms of finances. These financial changes are going to be shown on your income and expense reports. So, if you want to pay close attention to inventory not just in a physical sense, but also in a practical sense, then make sure that at least someone in your company is in charge of checking and balancing inventory finances on a daily basis. If anything that looks out of sync at any point, it should immediately be brought to your attention in order to prevent loss along the way.

Factor In Maintenance

Depending on what your inventory is, you may have to factor maintenance into your typical equations. For instance, if you’re selling any kind of a product with moving parts, it may be that there is a shelf-life on basic mobility. For instance, you may have to have maintenance personnel that go through and oils certain parts to keep them from rusting while they’re in storage. There are all sorts of different situations where regular maintenance will keep inventory from going bad.

Make Sensible Warehousing Decisions

Not every company has the ability to store all of its own stock. This is where you have to make decisions about outsourced warehousing. There are plenty of companies that specialize in storing, packing, and even shipping products. It’s up to you to figure out if it makes more sense for you to have your own warehousing and distribution, or whether you want to outsource it to one of these specialist companies. There are almost an infinite number of factors that can go into making this decision, but whatever you eventually decide on can and will have a major impact on your eventual bottom-line financials.

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