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How to Choose An Ideal Tablet for Your Use

Smartphones and tablets are used more nowadays. Tablets are used for playing games, watching videos, browsing the internet and others. Many cheap tablets are sold in the market. It is important to choose the tablet with good quality. In this article, you can find the three major factors to look when buying a tablet.

A Tablet Computer

Tablets are famous for extreme portability and small form-factor. Students use the tablet as an eBook reader because they act as a great alternative to carrying around bulky and heavy books. Tablets are used for easy internet browsing. You can quickly check your emails. It is used for taking pictures, videos, watching movies, and hearing songs.

Operating System

The user experience of the tablet depends on the operating system. The Android tablet has separate operating system Other types of operating systems are Windows Operating System and iOS for Apple’s devices. By checking the operating systems, you can make a decision to buy the tablet of your choice. The OS with a good interface is easy to use. You can download tons of app available to you.


Specifications differ for every tablet and they are the important feature of your tablet. To make the tablet function to your preferences, you should make sure that all specifications match your individual preferences. The most important specifications are:

1)Processor: Processor is the chip that runs your tablet and it is one of the most important factors to check out. Processors can be divided into a dual-core processor and a quad-core processor. Tablets with quad-core processor perform better compared to a dual-core processor.

2)RAM: Random Access Memory(RAM) helps to handle multiple tasks and run apps that are memory-intensive. When choosing Android tablets, check RAM specification.

3)Storage: If you want to store all the apps, media, and other types of documents and files, choose the tablet with the best space. Your tablet should support MicroSD or SD to expand the space. You should consider the specifications like resolution and camera.


Tablet Size is an important factor to consider. Larger tablets help you with excellent video watching experience. Smaller tablets can be convenient to use and easy to carry around. You can find the 9-inch tablet and most popular tablets are the 10-inch tablets.

Kids Benefit From Tablets

The children of today are better at using and understanding technology than the younger generations. They have the amazing capacity to learn. They are used for both education and entertainment purposes. If your child is small, you can buy kids tablet with parental controls. The paid applications expand the possibilities of your child’s tablet. If your child is grown up, tablets are the best choice to take notes in the class. Children watch more movies and play more games. The tablets should have a large amount of space. Amazon Fire HD 8 is the best seller tablet. Read more about this Tablet and other tablets and their reviews on TechCompact.

Visit to know about more tablets.

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Get the best deal of structural design and analysis with Convenient

Structural design is the formation of concept design, modeling and preparation of drawings. Structural design analysis explains structural concept design process for force satisfactoriness and weight optimization, ensuring observance with industry-specific codes and regulations. We provide full structural design and analysis solutions at Convenient, working directly across disciplines to develop an integrated design. The advanced FEA solutions supply insights for effective material utilization, structural life improvement, vibration isolation, etc. The process of design requires not only mind and conceptual thinking but it principally requires the knowledge of vital mechanics including physics and chemistry of materials. And also, sound knowledge of useful aspects such as basic mechanics, recent design codes, and bye-laws which give the guideline for the safe structural design.


It is a method or instrument by which we find out how an arrangement or a member of a structure behaves when subjected to sure excitation. In other words, finding out interior forces stress and strain deflection etc are available in a structure under applied load conditions. Virtual modeling assists engineers, architects and clients see how all components of a plan work together. Seeing that, we can optimize structural competence. We can also overlay the dangerous factors of cost and time to appreciate the implications of choices for project feasibility and sustainability.

Every object is a construction and construction is made by connecting various members to formulate it whole to perform the intended function. Natural structures fluctuate from the very smallest part of an atom to the entire creation of the cosmos. Man-made structures include buildings, dams, bridges, ships, airplanes, trains, cars, rockets, and even large creative sculptures. We design and admittance structure to ensure that they are functionally professional and stable. Structural analysis deals with a result of load coming on the members and analyzes them whereas; structural design decides the measurement of the structural members on the basis of intended load from structural analysis.

However, there are various structural design companies but it is crucial that one must have clear thoughtful of structural analysis and design both the terms. Here we have clarified the differences between structural analysis and structural design. The design practice of any structure starts with the assortment of materials via construction technology, and of course the structural system, which is core and most significant. The choice of fabric depends on local availability and cost, while skill will depend on the availability of skilled manpower, and plant and equipment needed.

Structure design and analysis is a reply to find out support reactions, bending moment, torsion, deflection, stress, shear forces, strains etc., which the exacting member would undergo due to the applications of loads. Also, it is procedure to find out geometry, size and form of all the members of structure. In structural design person elements as well as joints are designed. For structural analysis, one must have information about the behavior of structural elements, and hence essential mathematics, and basically physics i.e. structure mechanics. For unspecified section one has to find reactions, moments so that resultant stress, strain etc. can be checked.

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The 5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Dry Scalp

Have you been suffering from itchiness on your scalp and it’s increasing day by day? Then you must be going through a dry scalp situation. As you know that because of the various seasons your hair roots might get oily or dry, but if the dryness persists, then you have to take help of keto scalp shampoo.

The weather is the reason for a different type of scalp situation, but in some people, even the hot or cold atmosphere rule the situation, and their scalps stay dry and itchiness shows up. So, you must not live with this discomfort and find a solution for it. There are so many ways you can get rid of this issue and the most helpful is the home remedies. It will save so much of your money and you will get a good result as well. Also, you might find the ingredients in your home, so you don’t have to venture outside to find the same. Here, we have listed the tips for your convenience.

Coconut oil

This is a very useful and natural way to get rid of dry scalp. It’s also helpful in diminishing atopic dermatitis. So, whenever you get time, you must massage your hair with coconut oil and let it stay for one hour or so. This will moisturize your hair and its roots, with that you will get a good resolution from dry scalp. Although if you are suffering from persisting dry scalp and dandruff issues, you can go for, keto scalp anti-dandruff shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar

You can use this remedy and it will certainly give you the best solution. You have to use the drops of it in a cotton ball and then apply it on your scalp. You must keep it there for at least 10 minutes, and then you have to wash it off with cool water.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is another good home remedy for dry scalp, and you will get resolution from the itchiness on the scalp. This product has the anti-inflammatory ingredients in it, which will prevent the dry scalp issue. You will get the best result if you let it sit on your roots for 10 minutes and then wash it off. You can also try drinking aloe vera juice.

Lemon juice

Use the juice of half a lemon and apply it on your scalp, then let it sit for about 5 minutes. After that, you have to rinse your hair with cool water and don’t forget to use conditioner. You can use lemon juice with coconut oil as well.

Mashed bananas

You certainly have bananas in your home, so if you are not feeling eating them, then mash them and apply it on your scalp. This is a natural antimicrobial and will keep your hair roots healthy. You can mix this with olive or coconut oil then let it sit for 10 minutes, after this wash your hair.

There are some other remedies like jojoba oil, yogurt, and egg, baking soda, etc. and all of these will help in dry scalp situations.

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E-scholarships for Student in India 2019

Now the Bright Life Foundation invites entries for eScholarship from 5th to 12th Class India 2019. Apply for escholarship and get a chance to win scholarships worth Rs 31000. Those student passed grade 5th to 12th Class last year they can apply for  scholarship online. Hurry up don’t miss this opportunity, Registration start from 1st May to 30th May 2019.

How to Apply for E-Scholarship

  • Step 1: Register at the portal as a student.
  • Step 2: Fill the application form with correct details with registration fee of Rs. 200.
  • Step 3: Submit the application form with required information.

More Information Visit:

Contact: +91 8929806806


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Becoming Your Best Self Storage Units

While this may seem a strange topic for becoming your best self, the reality is that the number of storage units Ocoee in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. I have long thought about running for President with a single-action platform: to outlaw storage units, except for 1 or possibly 2 valid reasons (such as a need to store all your belongings between houses or large seasonal objects like boats). I realize that I would get very few followers because that is a pretty limited scope for the President to have, but it’s the one thing I feel passionately about changing.

I don’t know what it is like in other countries, but in the States, a storage unit is a room (of varying sizes) that you rent in a building not on your property where you put items you don’t have room for but think you might need one day. If you think having a garage full of boxes is bad, what must it feel like to have the burden of an external room of ‘stuff’ that has no place in your life today? It seems to me that such a feeling would leave you feeling burdened and stuck, not to mention the stress of having another monthly bill to pay.

Why am I so against such storage units? Because I truly feel that every single item we keep that we don’t use or love prevents us from being our truest self. It is like a weight that keeps our energy, physical and emotional, tampered down. There is a responsibility to owning extra stuff that is only released through disposing of it. I’m not talking destruction, I’m talking about sending it out into the universe again. Sell it on Ebay, give it to charities, find someone who will truly love or use the item. Release the item with love and gratitude for being part of your life, but allow the energy to flow again by letting it go.

If you’re one of those people who have felt the need to rent a storage unit, take some time with a clean piece of paper and list what items are in your storage bin, as detailed as possible. It is not enough to say “household items”, you must list the items individually: china set from Grandma, extra kitchen utensils I could use in a bigger place, books that outgrew my bookcases, old magazines, etc. Once you have listed the items, write down next to each item the reason you are saving it. For example: to give to my kids, because Grandma gave it to me, I like it but no room for it, etc.

After you’ve completed the list, visit our storage unit, taking the list with you. The first thing you want to do is get rid of the stuff you forgot to put on your list. There will probably be more than you’d expect, but the old adage of “Out of sight, out of mind”, is never truer than when applied to objects we bring to storage units. The energy you’ll feel once you’re let those pieces go will refresh and renew you and give you a boost to do the next harder task. It is to look at each item on your list and have an honest dialogue with yourself. For example, if you’re saving it for your kids, ask yourself “Will any of the kids even want this item? Is it their style, taste, etc. If not, why burden them with the storage of it. Or, if you’re saving something because Grandma gave it to you, ask yourself “Why exactly did she give it to me?” Was it so she could replace it with something she liked better, but couldn’t justify the expense with a perfectly good set of china before her? If it is truly a treasured family heirloom, it would be in a place of honor in your home and not in some storage unit miles away.

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself about each item. Does it still have a place in your life or not? If yes, keep it. If no, pass it on to someone who will love it. Goodwill and Salvation Army have donation centers just for this purpose. In addition, you get the benefit of a tax deduction by contributing it to charity. A benefit to this can also mean being able to give up the storage unit, or at the very least, move into a smaller (and therefore less expensive) unit.

A question that might help you: After I’m dead, what will my heirs do with this stuff? If you are sure it’s to get rid of 99% of it, then do it now and free up a lot of time and energy now and in the future. With that new found energy, you’ll also find other areas of your life you want to work on, like taking that next step on the road to becoming your best self.


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Eliminate Over the Air Antenna Interference

There has been a rise in the number of cord cutters who are opting for the best or the effective way t watch all of their favourite local TV news and sports. The over-the-air TV antenna is considered to be one of the best ways to watch local channels absolutely free of cost. So just by installing the right type of TV antenna, you can get major broadcasting channels such as, Fox, ABC, PBS and CBS to name a few. One of the critical aspects that should be taken a note of for receiving interference free over-the-air signals is the surrounding around the TV and your home. Also how far you are from the broadcasting tower would matter when it comes to receiving strong or low signals. The local television stations normally broadcast their programs in a radio wave signal form. When you have minimal to no obstruction in between the TV antenna and the broadcasting tower, then it would mean that you can receive strong reception signals. Strong signal reception would mean that you can now receive maximum number of channels absolutely free of cost.

But when there are certain obstructions then it would mean that the signal strength would not be strong which in turn can impact certain channels. Let us have a look at few of the common obstruction examples that can lead to low quality OTA signals.

Trees: Yes, you heard that right. We all know that trees are very much required for the environment. But at the same time, that 100feet trees just outside your house can be one of the reasons for the blockage of the over-the-air TV reception.

Taller Buildings: In case if you have a large concrete building that stands tall in between the local broadcasting tower and your antenna then it can lead to blockage of TV signals. Many a times, it has been seen that those buildings which have a mirrored exterior surface can also lead to multipath interference since due to the shiny surface the signals bounce back.

Mountains: In case if the local TV broadcasting tower is situated just behind the mountain then there would be a problem in receiving all of the local channels. Also if you are residing in a deep valley then signal strength would be a cause of concern.

Construction Materials: We all are aware that satellite radio signals and the cell phone signals are unable to pass through the parking garages. Similarly, the rebar or the concrete construction can have a tendency to block the TV signals. Hence it is always advisable to not place a TV antenna in the basement or in the window that has a security mesh since it can lead to signal interference.

LED bulbs: Have you ever noticed that your TV signal gets weak during night time or you may not get certain channels in the night. Probably the light in your room is creating a havoc. The old or the low quality LED bulbs may lead to interference causing blockage of signals. You may not face this issue with new or good quality LED bulbs.

Power Lines: Though the power line is not something that comes directly in front of the TV antenna but the overhead power line can reflect the signals coming from the broadcasting tower. This would lead to reduction in the capacity of the antenna.

How to eliminate the OTV TV interference?

Now that we have a clear idea as to what can probably lead to TV signal interference, let us have a look at some of the ways on how these interferences can be eliminated.

  • For identifying the exact cause of TV signal interference, first and foremost you should be troubleshooting your TV which would help in identifying what can be the probable cause of this interference. Try to look above the cable connection which brings the video and the audio signal to the TV. In case if this cable has not been inserted in a proper manner completely to the TV then there can be audio or video interference.
  • With the increase in number of gadgets at home, the exact cause of interference may be tricky to identify. Try to move away any of the wireless device from the TV set. Few examples, include the mobile, radios and other since the TV would start to pick up the signals that come from other gadgets leading to interference. Also there are other appliances such as electric heater, refrigerator, blender and so on that we use on a daily basis. These can also cause interference in the signal.  Just try unplugging all of these appliances and then slowly turn on those gadgets, one by one. You would get to know the actual culprit creating the issue.
  • Trees, mountains and buildings as mentioned earlier are few of the common causes of interference. In such cases, you cannot go about getting down the building or cutting the tree. But you can surely do something that can increase the signal strength. Just try getting an amplifier if you do not have one with the TV antenna. Just hook up the TV antenna to the amplifier and carry out a scan. An amplifier is best known to boost the TV signal strength thus helping to block the interference. Another thing is to try and place the antenna high up as possible before you try the amplifier.
  • It has also been seen that metal object can also cause interference. Hence try placing the metal objects far away from TV.
  • There would be a need for LTE filter if you reside close to a cell tower. This LTE filter helps in filtering out the 3G and 4G frequencies interference thus mitigating the TV signal issue that you would probably be facing.
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Benefits of Medical Billing Services in your Life

Tired of going to and form of the insurance companies and making claims? Then it is time for you to try the medical billing and management services and give yourself a bit of relaxation. But if you are still not sure about these services and their advantages then do not worry, you will change your mind after seeing the below-mentioned benefits of availing these services. But first, let’s get to know what medical billing is and what is done in it.

What it is?

It is a payment practice in the health system in which the healthcare providers which might include the doctors, nurses, orthopedists, dentists etc, submit and follow up on claims with insurance companies. This is done to avail the payment services rendered such as treatments, investigations and so on. So coming to the benefits of these services, following are the points:


This sometimes happens when you are doing all alone the medical billing and coding. When there is a large medical billing and coding, the chances of having an error increases and sometimes the wrong code can be used which will lead to wrong treatment. This will lead to payment rejection and delay as well. So with services, the chances of having an error are reduced to zero and you can claim your payment error-free.

Quick payment

When the errors are reduced, the payment for all the treatment can be done faster and efficiently. These services provide their full dedication to this job and they will make sure that you get your interest along with all the money which insurance company has to payment time and as soon as possible. They will help in claiming what is yours to these companies and will do your work more easily.

Saving money

The whole point of using these services is to save some extra chunks but what is the point of hiring someone to do this and pay them as well. But this is completely different. You will not have to pay them more than you are saving. They will help you in saving more and this will be very beneficial for you. You do not have to take any workload and this will actually save you from a headache. There are so many codes for the treatment you are diagnosed with, so they will help in ensuring the right code for the treatments which will handle the money flow.

Time Saver

With the help of these services, you can actually do what you do best. You do not have to waste a great amount of time which can be done error free with these services. So this is a win-win situation when you are getting to save the money along with saving the time as well by getting the help of local medical billing companies.

So, look out for the best of these service providers and remove a headache and spend time with your loved ones.

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Watches are an essential accessory to any gentleman’s outfit, an investment in your style whether you’re dressed for a busy day at work or a weekend of leisure and levity. There are tons of options available at very affordable prices to wear in everyday life, be it from complex digital watch faces to a classic leather band and analog movement, the list is limitless which suits everybody’s needs . At Kohl’s deals today we have scouted some of the top 20 watches which are available at amazing prices under the below $200 mark. They not only look good to wear anywhere but are at the same time not heavy on your pocket.

If you are a fan of Citizen Watches then they have a good handful of collection under $200.

  • Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Black Ion Leather Watch – AU1065-07E – Men at @ 168 over the original price $225

This watch is a very sophisticated choice featuring ion plating, a black dial with an adjustable black leather band is sure to make heads turn, coming with manufacturer’s five year warranty, this watch is water resistant and is fairly light so very comfortable to wear.

  • Drive from Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watch – AW1151-04E @$168.75

This trendsetting choice from Citizen is fuelled by light, be it natural or artificial so it does not require a battery. The blue accents and an adjustable black polyurethane band enhances its standout style and continue to get compliments whenever you wear it. Other features include 100M WR, Luminous hands and date display. So take action and make this watch yours.

  • AW1146-55H-Drive Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch –

No matter which ever Citizen watch you buy they all have cool styles, and stands from the crowd. Featuring an expanded date window, this 3 hand watch in stainless steel rose gold two-tone watch is available at Kohl’s deal today for $187.50 (Regular price $250)

  • BM6010-55A Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

This elegant masterpiece is water resistant up to 330 feet, making it great for swimming. The large dial is scratch resistant and surrounded by a protective mineral crystal and is easy to clean and the Japanese quartz movement gives the wearer accurate analog reading. This can be bought for $ 187.50 over its original price of $250.

  • 98D147 Bulova Men’s Diamond Accent Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch –

This distinguished watch featuring a quartz chronograph movement an paired with a black ion-plated stainless steel bracelet is available at an amazing deal at Kohl’s at $179. Ready for any occasion this watch is water resistant to 100 meters and coming with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Bulova Men’s Stainless Steel Watch – 96B220 @ $187.50

This Bulova watch boast of a rich blue dial which is perfect for business or casual attire and sure to elevate your look. Water resistant to 50 meters .With reliable Japanese quartz movement providing accurate time and includes a three year limited manufacturer warranty.

  • Bulova Men’s Precisionist Leather Watch – 96B257 @under $200

The signature feature of this Men’s Precisionist watch is its advanced movement technology resulting in accurate timekeeping, which is three times more accurate than standard quartz, a watch which will gain or loose only seconds per year. Water resistant comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Strikes a perfect balance with a black leather band and a buckle clasp.

  • SGW1000-2BCF Casio Men’s Triple Sensor Digital Watch

Everything one is looking in a watch is there in this impressive new model packed with triple sensor and temperature, 100M water resistant is perfect for sports, work or activities involving water.Loaded with other features like World time, stop watch alarm and easy to read figures this watch is sure to keep you on track and prepared for anything.

  • Relic Men’s Chase Diamond Accent Stainless Steel Watch – ZR12557 @ $75.00 only

Get noticed with this eye catching diamond-accent watch from the Relic’s classy collection. This great looking watch comes in a round dial with silver tone hands and markers are ideal for easy reading, water resistant 50 meters, sleek color combination and light weight.

  • SNE047 by Seiko Men’s Solar Two Tone Stainless Steel Watch

This smart choice Stylish watch runs on solar power, powered by natural and ambient light. A fantastic watch at a good price with ten months energy storage.Black dial with gold tone hands and its quick start function and energy depletion warning is an added advantage coming with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • SNE100 brand Seiko Men’s Stainless Steel Solar Watch

This is another variant from Seiko coming at a never before price of $198.75 over it’s original price of $265.00

  • Relic Men’s Kyle Leather Automatic Skeleton Watch

To give a rugged industrial inspired look this watch is a remarkable choice with a gunmetal alloy case contrasts with a brown leather strap for a bold addition to any ensemble. Available @ $93.75 over its regular price $125

  • Relic Men’s Leather Automatic Skeleton Watch

With an adjustable black crocodile leather band this Men’s Relic stainless steel watch has an automatic appeal, so pair this leather watch with any outfit as this can be bought at a slashing discount for $82.50.

  • Timex Men’s Expedition Leather Watch – T49870KZ

Though giving a casual look this Classic Timex style yet rugged expedition quality makes this watch a perfect addition to any outing. Offering an 8 year battery life and a durable strap mixed with leather and nylon, the Indiglo night light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology, using less battery power.

  • T49963KZ Timex Men’s Expedition Scout Leather Watch

This watch is a trusted companion and a perfect accessory for all of your casual looks. With quartz analog movement well-crafted with twelve or twenty four hour time setting, date and Matte case finish and water resistant, this watch is available at a price of $53.99

  • Marc Anthony Watch – Men

This Black carbon fiber dial watch in a slick modern design will keep you on schedule with its accurate time, face cover mineral crystal and with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years which will make you marvel at its skilled craftsmanship.

  • GW6900-1Casio Men’s G-Shock Tough Solar Atomic Digital Chronograph Watch

This Watch coming from the G shock family has all that one could want in a watch, tough solar power and a built-in antenna receiving automatic time updates and a world time clock with 31 zones for simple adjustments. Designed in such a way that a slight wrist tilt activates the back light for easy viewing in dim light. The watch is shock resistant for durability in multiple environments.

  • G shock series MTGM900DA-8 Casio Men’s G-Shock Tough Solar Atomic Stainless Steel Digital Chronograph Watch

Another variant is powered with this Casio’s solar technology featuring world time in 48 cities and for precise time keeping receiving atomatic radio signals at a price $144 over the original Price $160

  • From the makers of Seiko Men’s Two Tone Stainless Steel Solar Watch SNE032

This polished sophisticated style bracelet watch is powered by all light and generates a long power reserve for reliability. Battery not required and is water resistant.

  • Armitron Men’s Stainless Steel Watch- 20/5245BKTI

Armitron’s wrist watches are crafted in such a way that they are ideal for both Professional as well as casual settings. Bringing a dignified touch to any look this watch has a black dial color, with a gun metal stainless steel band .

The main takeaway is that there are plenty of watches to choose from and wearing a watch not only implicates your taste for finer fashion, but that you also value time- an important attribute in the modern world.

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Legal Issues About Storage Units

Storage units are fast becoming a culture. An increasing number of U.S. households are making use of these units to take care of their moving and storage needs. It is important to know that when you sign on the dotted line with a moving storage company, it is a full-fledged contract. As a good citizen, you are expected to know the laws pertaining to the storage facility. This article will like to give you an insight into some aspect of the law applicable in these cases and what measures need to be taken to be on the right side of the law.

Interface Of Law With Moving Storage Services:

*Homeland Security Act: First, it is important to know that in case the owner of the self storage building finds something suspicious, he or she supposed to immediately report it to a federal security agency. Failure to do so will be breach of homeland security act on their behalf. It is better not to keep any combustible or dangerous stuff in self storage. First, the owners of self storage buildings will never let you do so. In case you sneak in something and the staff at the self storage warehouse finds something fishy, you may get into trouble. It is best to stay away from this, as this may cause considerable problems.

*State Laws: Most of the specific laws relating to self storage Oceanside are covered on a state-to-state basis. The federal government does not have a law governing this. However, you must ask the manager of the storage facility. He or she can give you a good deal of information. They deal with this as a part of their jobs.

*Insurance: It is also important to know that the insurance company will not pay any damages for any possessions damaged in the storage units. Even if they were insured, they were most likely insured within the premises of your home. So it is better that you call up your insurance provider and ask them for an extension. Even though this may bear a negligible cost, it will give you tremendous peace of mind.

*Lien: It is important for you to be aware that the owner of the storage units has a lien on any goods that are stored within the units. So if you do not make your bill payments for some time and the owner is not able to contact you, they have full rights to auction your products. Such complications usually arise when people move houses without informing their self storage. So the self storage does not have the updated contact details. They cannot find you. If you miss a few payments because of forgetfulness and go back sometime later, chances are your goods would have been sold off! Please make sure that you stay in touch with your self storage at least for once in every 14 days.

*Property Damage: In case anything that was stored in your storage units causes damage to the property in any way, you will be held liable to pay for it. So take an insurance that also covers damage to storage units, apart from covering your damage.

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