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How to Integrate Stripe with WPForms in 3 Easy Steps

Connecting Stripe with your WordPress contact forms is much easier with the new addon. 

How cooler a contact from can get than accepting payments right away?

Now you can integrate Stripe, one of the best online payment solutions in the market with your WordPress contact form in just three steps.

WPForms is trying hard and has succeeded in making the lives of their users a lot more simpler with their addons. 

The contact forms are also subjected to updates once in every short while.

That being said, let’s see how simple is connecting Stripe with your WPForms.

1. Connecting Your WordPress Site and Stripe

Before getting started, make sure that you’ve installed WPForms on your WordPress site

Now you should install your Stripe addon and activate it. 

Once this is done, open WPForms and then settings. Select the payments tab from settings.

Here you can switch the currency and choose the one in which you would like to make your transactions.

Next, scroll down and you will see connect with Stripe button in blue.

Click on that button.

After this, you will have to authorize the connection between your WordPress contact forms and Stripe

The content on this page will vary based on whether your Stripe account is active or inactive. 

Once the requirements on this page are met, you’ll be redirected to your website’s admin panel. 

Ensure that the connection status is in green to make sure that your contact form is connected to Stripe.

2. Create or edit your Contact Form

In this next step, you will have to create a new contact form or edit an already existing one. 

Your form should have at least two fields for Stripe to work with it:

  • Items field
  • Stripe credit card field

You can add any number of fields, apart from the mandatory fields, on your contact form according to the details you would like to collect from the user. 

3. Adding Stripe to your Contact Forms

Once the creation of the Word Press form is over, you can now add Stripe to your Contact Form.

Go to Payments and then Stripe.

Check the box labelled Enable Stripe payments from the Stripe panel.

Now you will be able to enter a short description.

This description will be displayed on the credit card statement of the user.

Next, below the Stripe payment receipt option, enter a valid email id from which Stripe can send a receipt to the user.

You are done if you intend to do only one-time transactions. 

But for recurring transactions, there are some more features to be activated.

Read on to see what they are.

Recurring Payments

Scroll down from the above window and you will see an option stating Enable recurring subscription payments under the title named Subscriptions

Check that box. 

Additional settings will appear once you check this option. 

Fill in the required details and you will be all set to go for recurring or subscription payments as well!


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