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Which is the best shielded metal used ?

Arc welding set, Set welding

The arc welding set is also called as shielded metal arc welding, stick welding & manual metal arc welding and Eastman shop has a wide and exclusive variety of arc welding set with them. It is manufactured on the principle of creating enough heat to melt the metals by electricity. The melted metal once cool unite with each other and this process was initiated by electric arc created by electricity between metal and electrode leading to melting of metal which on cooling unit. This is a three phase arc set welding working as DC current. To check the quality of the equipment passed through a series of very stringent test while going through the manufacturing process. This process is managed by a team of very experienced and trained persons. Eastman shop offers arc welding set at a very reasonable price.

We are competing with our self and trying to improve the arc welding set in design, welding quality, power saving, attractive, stable and sturdy and welding machine price. This machine is portable and can work at different places and at all very different position. The equipment produces a very stable arc resulting into best quality welding; noise free, least spatter and running become economical as saving in power while running the machine. The machines are very stable and in great demand with the erection of structure, fabrication, pipe industry in India. We as welding machine manufacturers in India are in great demand with other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria due to our welding machine price list. In most of the Govt. tender our machine is recommended and suggested. The machine which we supply to our client is always provided with a test certificate and manual with international level of packing.

It eliminates the extra time that a welding operator spends walking to the power source to adjust parameters of welding. Eliminating that downtime helps improve productivity by allowing more arc-on time. In addition to that welding operators have certain parameters makes certain that the welding operator has the most productive.                                                                                                       

The voltage provides the welding operator with the means to control size and shape, which varies and it total depends on whether welding occurs in a flat, vertical or overhead position. Without this control, the welding operator may tend to manipulate the welding process via wire stick out travel speed or angle of the gun or torch. Ultimately, these adjustments may prevent a welding operator from creating quality welds and it could reduce the speed at which he or she completes it, negatively affecting productivity.

Safety benefits

These remote control technologies offer safety benefits and security for the welding operator in several ways. Reducing unnecessary trips to and from a power source to make adjustments not only reduces exposure to hazards on a jobsite, but it also helps reduce welding operator fatigue that can result from navigating large jobsites. Eliminating the need for the control cord also reduces jobsite clutter, which helps improve welding operator safety by minimizing trips, slips and falls.


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