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Effects of Using Chatbots and Live Chats on Your Website

Use of chatbots from firms like ConvertoBot has grown exponentially. Almost every website currently has a live chat or chatbot feature. 

Chatbots can be used for several purposes on your website. You may use them to improves customer interaction, increase conversion rates, to collect information about your customers and several other uses. However, using chatbots also has effects. 

Using chatbots is like a double edged sword. The effects of using chatbots on your site can either be negative or positive. 

The following are the effects of using chatbots on your website:

Quicker Turnaround Times

You are able to shorten the sales process significantly by using chatbots and live chats. Instead of customers undergoing the typical online purchasing process where they go through your site’s inventory to know what you have in store, they can simply ask the chatbot and get a definitive answer in a few seconds. 

The time saving ability of chatbots is changing the way sales are done online. The aimless browsing on websites was not only time wasting but could also be quite cumbersome. 

By shooting a chatbot or a live agent a question, sites are able to shorten their turnaround times which are a positive effect for websites. 

Improved Customer Experience

When conducting business online, as opposed to brick and mortar, it is easy to forget that customer experience is the key to the success of a business. Just because you cannot see your customers does not mean that they don’t want a unique and exciting customer experience.

With a live chat or a chatbot feature, you are able to tremendously improve your customer experience because you can get real time feedback about the customer’s experience on your site. 

A chatbot is able to automatically store customer information so that when they log on to the site, they have a customized experience that keeps getting better with every visit to the site. The site is then able anticipate the customer’s needs and offer relevant choices which improve customer experience. 

Feedback obtained from a chatbot can be done through surveys or feedback forms. It needs to be implemented and constantly reviewed for greater effect. 

Improved Customer Database

As stated earlier, a chatbot is programmed to store all the interactions between it and a user on the site which is stored in each customer’s individual database.  Moreover, the database grows with every interaction the customer has with the chatbot.

The ability of a chatbot to collect and archive massive amounts of customer information gives you the ability to substantially improve customer experience on the site. If powered by AI, customers will soon begin to feel as if they are interacting with a human being and not a chatbot due to the personalized nature of their experience. 

Customer Confusion

The only negative effect a chatbot can have is confusing customers. If you implement the chatbot to serve a particular purpose but the chatbot fails to do so, you will be left with customers with bad experiences on your site.  

If the chatbot feels too much like a machine it can also reduce conversion rates on your site. Therefore, you should ensure that the chatbot serves its purpose and if not, get one that does.


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