10 Mini Renovation Projects To Transform Your Kitchen

Your kitchen may be the room in your home that you love most. It certainly is the most versatile and the one you probably spend the most time in. Your kitchen is not just a place to prepare meals; it is a place to entertain family and friends; a place to help the kids with their homework; and a place to enjoy your favorite food.

With so much going on in renovating your kitchen, it may get a bit battered and bruised at times. It may need a bit of pick-me-up in certain areas without the cost of a full-blown kitchen renovation.

So, with that in mind, here are 10 mini-renovation projects that will transform your kitchen:

Fit a New Sink. Replacing your old sink will add to the style and utility of your kitchen. You can alter the size of your sink – single for a double perhaps. You can select a different material – porcelain for stainless steel, maybe. You can change the color – there are a lot more options than just white or metallic!

Fit a New Faucet. Even if you do not decide to fit a new sink, you can still opt to change the faucet. Mixer taps, sprayer, and directional faucets are just a few of the changes you might consider.

Fit New Cabinet Facings. A more affordable option to completely changing your kitchen cabinets is just to renew the facings. They will refresh your whole kitchen and at a fraction of the cost of new kitchen cabinets.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets. You’ll get the same effect as fitting new cabinet facings but with even bigger savings! Also, you get to choose whatever color you want without being limited to your supplier’s stock.

Fit New Cabinet Handles and Knobs. You can transform the style of your cabinets instantly by fitting new handles and knobs. You can turn something contemporary into a classic kitchen design with this simple renovation project. Be sure that they match the rest of your design though.

Kick-Plate Storage. You know it – it covers that small space between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor. Why not use that space for some additional storage? Just fit some knobs to the kick-plate so you can remove it easily and there it is – extra storage space.

Get Organized. Yes, maybe you should not need a project to tidy up. But, you use your kitchen so much that it easily gets dis-organized. Start a mini project to get things tidied-up in your kitchen. Additional shelves will give you more space for you clear up your work surfaces and countertops.

Give It a White Wash. White is probably the most versatile color there is – there is not much that does go well on a white background. White will give your kitchen a refreshed look; it will look clean and tidy, and it will make your kitchen appear larger than it is.

Upgrade Your Appliances. Taking time to research and choose the correct kitchen appliances can reap you multiple benefits. You could not only save money with energy-efficient appliances, but you could also create extra space by finding ‘slimline’ replacements.

Fit a New Back-splash. Achieve an instant, eye-catching alteration to your kitchen by fitting a new back-splash. Tiles are the obvious choice and come in an enormous selection of colors. But, do not be limited to this; maybe try stainless steel or plastic depending on your overall style.

So, there you have it. Ten mini kitchen renovation projects you start straight away that will transform the most loved room in your house.