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How Much Is Your Pain and Suffering Worth? The Legal Perspective

Have you ever thought about how much your pain-and-suffering is worth? It might seem like an odd question, but it’s one that’s very important after you get in an accident or an incident where you are injured or harmed somehow. You know what your daily pain threshold is. If something happens and suddenly you are in pain all the time now, or some aspect of the harm you’ve suffered causes you not to be able to work, how do you create a number to associate with your feelings? That’s a tough question, but one that lawyers can help you with.

Think of a few different cases where pain-and-suffering equates to a certain amount of money. If you get in a car accident, not only will there be lawyer fees and the price of a new car and insurance increases, but you also potentially have to pay for medical bills. 

In the workplace, the psychology of discrimination is incredibly painful and leads to a loss of economic opportunity. And what happens when a business is neglectful or operates in a way that causes a malpractice suit? Again, someone must understand how to evaluate the monetary value of pain-and-suffering.

Car Accident Court Cases

After you get in a car accident, one of the first issues to come up is money. How will you pay to fix your car? Who was at fault, and will they have to pay more to the person who suffered damages? Will your insurance premiums increase? In all of these cases, the pain and suffering caused by the accident will have a direct economic consequence. Talking to a lawyer about what this means in the long term is especially important.

Psychology of Discrimination

How deeply have you researched how discrimination affects people in the workplace? The mental anguish and suffering that come from unwanted negative attention in a career cause lots of economic loss. People get paid less. Workers are less successful and motivated. The quality of products will go down if someone is nervous while they are working on something. If you have to file a job discrimination suit, make sure to understand that the distress that you feel from the discrimination leads directly to a loss of financial stability.

Business Malpractice

A final time when you might have to assign a value to a court case in a legal sense is if there is business malpractice associated with your pain-and-suffering. If the company steals $50 from you, then they owe you $50. But if along with stealing that $50, they cause you anxiety because of the trust that you have lost in the system, or potentially some kind of penalty for not having the money, this is a whole new ballgame. If you have a good lawyer, they will be able to put a dollar value on the additional stress that you go through if a business ripped you off.

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