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Essential Choices for Your Perfect Spy App

We don’t know Windows Phone, but Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) can track users on their smartphones and tablets. Of course, this feature can be activated or deactivated by the user at the moment, so it’s not that much of a problem, but the very existence of this feature can scare many, including myself. A visit to makes things easier.

The Great Choice

We deliberately take care of our information, from carefully shredding personal data to entering information online, even on a registration form. It’s no secret that Google places great emphasis on its advertising system, which is to always show relevant ads to the user. The latter is important because you would not be able to do this without data, so it collects data from multiple sources (e.g. Google search). All right, we accept we have no problem with this, but the location data is different dough. (We named Google specifically, but the data collection is global and not only for them)

  • Knowing where we are can lead to abuse, but fortunately the situation is not that bad. Basically, these “tracking” services help the user by tracking where the device is going. It can have many useful functions, as many of us may not remember where you were two months ago.
  • Perhaps it plays an even more important role in losing the device as it gives you an extra chance of finding it. What’s more, the system itself is not a bad one, as the Android operating system does not even require GPS to be active, and the system needs to know the cell data to an accuracy of about 10 meters. Of course, you also need an internet connection from time to time, as the data is uploaded online.

We have previously written about kids’ smartphones, which comes into play here because, although I’m afraid, tracking is a good way to determine the position of our child (though we prefer to trust here).

The choice is with us, whether we want it or not. Basically, we have this feature turned on because We don’t think anyone can start with our location. Of course, it is not a good feeling that a gig company handles this data, but in fact, on a lost (not stolen!) Handset, it may still come in handy.

We do not want to encourage you to secretly watch your partner. Instead of espionage, the focus should be on building trust and honesty with each other. This way, you have a much better chance of being cheated, healthy, and in the long run. But to keep your loved one safe, modern technology can help.

First, there’s a Google Location History service right here. If your partner has a Google password and is using a portable device that uses a Google service, we’ll show you an opportunity.

Sign in to your Google Account and view the Location History page. In minutes, you can see when you went. Provided your location reporting and location history are turned on for your partner.

Yes, you even need to share your password with you. This requires a great deal of trust, but think about how much help you can do in exceptional situations. 

What do we mean?

If your dear is in trouble and calls you robbed or got sick, but has no idea where you are, you can look and alert the police or you can go for him.


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