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Healthy habits for lung cleansing

In a human body lung is a very essential organ and it does a lot for the body. So, one needs to take proper care of it.

This is all the more needed because the air that one breathes these days is contaminated with a lot of pollutants. From chemicals to dust to pollens and even smoke can be entrapped in the lungs and so can create some issues.

Lungs are said to be a self cleansing organ but still there are some things that one can keep in mind to keep their lungs healthy. In fact, keeping the lungs clean is very much essential for those people who suffer from some breathing issues like COPD, asthma or cystic fibrosis. When one goes for lung treatment in India then one is also advised certain health habits that keep the lungs clean. One thus needs to stay away from smoking in all the way possible.

There are actually many ways through which one can keep their lungs clean and that also includes certain lifestyle changes and performing certain exercises.

 Get an air purifier

One can start their lung cleansing process by improving the quality of indoor air like in the house or at the office. One can purchase a good air purifier and keep them at individual rooms. One can also invest a bit more and buy a household wide purifier.

 Change the house filters

Apart from getting a proper air purifier one also needs to change all the filters that are present in the home and then clean all the vents like those in the bathrooms or the heating and the air conditioning vents. If one has a furnace filter at home then they need to change it every 6 months.

Eliminate artificial smells

If one thinks that spraying some lovely and nice air fresheners can keep the home clean and nice then one is mistaken. This is because; these fragrances are mostly full of harmful chemicals which can irritate the lungs. For that matter, one also needs to stay away from scented wax candles. Even when one uses house cleansers they should check whether those are all natural products or not.

Try to get fresh air

Though it is very difficult to get them these days but if one has a chance of getting fresh air, then they must utilise it. Getting fresh air can expand the tissues present in the lungs and help them work properly. One should always stay away from burning woods or trash or other things. One should also wear an air purifying mask when they are going outside when they live in a city especially.

Try breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can always improve lung functions and keep one safe from getting harmed by chronic lung diseases. If one has lung issues then they can use a spirometer which is mainly used after a surgery to help improve breathing.

One can look for the lungs cleansing surgery cost in India if they really need to go for that for a healthy life.


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