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3 Tips to Maximize Compensation in an Accident Injury Claim

If you’ve been in a road accident that resulted in personal injury, you know the challenges of dealing with such a situation—overwhelming medical bills, immobility, disruption in personal life, loss of employment, loss of personal property, and continued emotional suffering.

While going through the trauma of dealing with severe injuries or losing a loved one to an accident, you should not have to worry about your finances, which is why it’s important to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your fight for fair compensation.

Ensure that your injuries are well documented

Many times, unless the injuries in a road accident are severe, victims tend to avoid seeking medical treatment. In such cases, it becomes extremely difficult for them to claim compensation should an internal injury or health problem surface later because of the accident.

Don Ernst from explains that the best way to receive compensation from an accident is to have your injuries documented by a doctor. Self-documentation does not work, and your medical insurance company will most likely deny your claim in the absence of proper medical records.

To protect your right to receive lawful compensation for your suffering, it’s essential that you visit a qualified doctor immediately after an accident and maintain proper medical records, including bills, prescriptions and test results. In addition, avoid telling the doctor that you feel fine, as this might work against you in case of a claim. Instead, allow the physician to examine you and order any tests they may find necessary.

Hire an experienced road accident lawyer

Having access to sound legal counsel can make a tremendous difference in the way the insurance company handles your claim and the amount of compensation they end up awarding to you. An attorney who specializes in personal injury claims arising from traffic accidents will have the knowledge and expertise to investigate your case and collect evidence, develop a strong case, and do everything to maximize the compensation due to you.
Whether your claim ends up in an out-of-court settlement with the defendant or goes to trial, working with a good personal injury advocate will ensure your rights are protected and the guilty are brought to book.

Don’t accept a settlement that appears generous but really isn’t
Often, accident survivors or victims’ families tend to settle for the first amount offered by an insurance company so that they can move on with their lives. This usually happens because, even if the sum offered may not be fair, it appears generous enough or meets the victim’s immediate medical and other costs.

In the absence of legal advice, personal injury victims fail to take into account future damages such as loss of work due to prolonged recovery period, emotional damages, loss of personal property such as cell phone or laptop damaged in the accident, cost of travel to medical clinic, and many

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