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Today’s Physics Helping Tomorrow’s Technology

We have witnessed the manufacture of microchips from simple transistors which is entirely based on nanotechnology and quantum physics. The GPS navigation helping today with pinpoint accuracy is very sensitive to nanoseconds calculations which are entirely based on the theory of relativity. There is no way to deny that the technology today is deeply rooted in physics that our lives depend on it. Our increased power of computation and higher living standards depends on this physics-based technology and enables us to have a deeper understanding of the subject.


The connection between technology and the physics research behind it is very obvious and in spite of many discoveries defying immediate practical applications, it might take a little more time to convert the pure research into ubiquitous innovative technologies. Suppose in the case of a space shuttle, a lot of factors has to be a part of the research pioneered such as the coefficient of gravity, the unit of moment of inertia, the speed of objects in a medium and vacuum, etc.


Prioritizing the science part in the innovation of a concrete methodology in order to serve the healthcare needs or to fight poverty or meeting the challenges of continuing the existence of our species on Earth is of utmost importance now. Regular investments in research not only benefits the commercial marketplace but also stimulates economic growth. A recent trend of the financially sound people to be a part of the scientific research, whether out of curiosity or personal interest, is ultimately helping us achieve the goal.


We welcome the support in science by incorporating the classroom learned concepts such as, while handing electric circuits in appliances, the power factor, the unit of inductance, resistivity coefficient, etc. has to be monitored in order to make it an ideal one. Nowadays, the science behind a phenomenon cannot be determined behind closed lab doors and needs proper infrastructure to conduct the experiments. In order to solve this problem, crowdfunding has also emerged for democratic applications of technology and helps plug the public directly to the scientific research being conducted.


With the support of the STEM faculties, research can reach up to an unprecedented level with the help of offers, rewards, and donations in order to encourage participation. Providing the opportunity to the public to become engaged in the physics projects is extremely appreciable and few of the private foundations are stepping up for it. There are more theory and fundamental concepts in this subject which when understood, will open up the doors to the future. Visit BYJU’s YouTube channel to learn more about science related topics.


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