Ten VR games you should be playing on your Android device right now

The concept of virtual reality has existed in the entertainment business for a long time. A few years ago, apart from a couple of cool demos, the concept was simply a delusion. Now, however, the industry is more stable, and we’re witnessing how developers are making the industry grow exponentially.  We find more games that are worth checking out. New titles are replacing the old ones as VR development speeds up. No wonder that at present, fans of almost all genres can find games of personal interest.

Technically, the world of virtual reality operates in a three-dimensional artificial environment. It is created with a customized VR software and presented to the user in a way that goes beyond the real-time environment.  This software creates a suspension of disbelief and makes the user experience VR environment as real. Within the domain of VR gaming space, there are a few that are highly sophisticated and demand a tech-savvy player. But most of them are practically plug-and-play.

There are countless VR games in the market today but for now, here are the ten most popular games on the Android store that you must be playing right now:

  1. BAMF VR

BAMF VR is a platform puzzle game. It uses transportation to make user get around different levels and collect crystals. Once a target number of crystals are collected, they proceed to the next level. The best feature of this app is the 360-degree experience that makes you feel as if you are inside the scenario. The developers recommend playing it while sitting on a swivel chair or while standing up. In addition to that, the graphics are extraordinary. Various colors, multiple input methods, and family-friendly experience are all the features that make it all the more appealing. This app is completely free, and there are no in-app purchases. Plus, it fits all age groups.

2.Germ Buster

Germbuster also takes the lead on VR gaming list due to its profound features. The simple game with impressive graphics and fun elements are all the features that make it stand apart from others. Essentially, the game puts the player in an arcade setting where the shooters make use of bubble gun to kill a myriad of germs emerging from corners.

The input controls rely upon the body movements. There are several stages: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen where they have to put up a fight with the green blob. Entire environment emanates a PlayStation 2 game bringing in a high-end aspect.

On top of all, you do not need special gear but only a piece of cardboard to play this game.3

3. Chair in a room

Chair in a room is also a puzzle game that challenges the user to find a hidden item. During the game, you also have ghosts visiting you. Although quite unreal and beyond natural limits, this game is exceptionally fun to play. It sets a whole new example of what VR can do on the android device. Nonetheless, developers advise making use of a Samsung device that is either Nexus 5 or better than that. If not, then there may be some issues.

4.Zombie Shooter VR

This app makes a user enter into a post-apocalyptic world that is full of zombies. They howl at the player as he opens up fire or any other weapon at them. This game makes use of look-to-shoot style to control gamer’s actions. For starters, the player has to choose a weapon of their choice and then they have to pass through a tunnel that holds undead entities. Like BAMF, it also allows for a 360-degree view inside of the game.

5.VR Street Jump

VR Street Jump puts you in the first-person perspective where you are supposed to go through busy streets. It asks for a proper understanding of the reaction time and situational analysis on the part of the player. Going through crowds and keeping yourself safe also aids to develop your character by instilling patience within you.


Arcslinger is a sci-fi, arcade shooting app that makes a user draw cyber-six-shooter and defend against waves of different enemies that charge at you with cleaver, bullets, and dynamite. The western-style graphics in the space make it look great and also direct the focus of the game towards child-friendly feeling.

7. Hunters Gate

The world is under attack, and you are the superhero who must protect it. The graphics are impressive, making it fun to play it. The most highlighted feature of this app is that it is an action-packed rolling game that helps your character grow and learn new skills with time.

The controls are quite easy to handle, and the comfort level within this game is also too high.

8.Galaxy VR

It is a space game that combines aerial battling in space with the FPS shooting experience. For winning this game, you need to pass through different levels to subdue the enemy forces. It provides settings of both, the ground and space where the user operates as a shooter. The battle puts the player directly within the cockpit and has some fairly immersive fighting.  This game only needs a controller, a joystick and three buttons to work.

9.Mekorama VR

Mekorama is a puzzle game where the player is supposed to guide a small robot through different levels. The level of difficulty increases as the user passes each step. Since it is a virtual version, the player feels as if they are right within the game and objects are moving around them.

10.Volex Fly VR

Volex Fly is an endless running game where you are supposed to fly above the city and cross all the obstacles on the way. It presents a scenario of the city which is endless, and there are many hindrances on the flying routes. The leaderboard section allows you to compare your score with those of your friends. It offers different difficulty modes ranging from 2D, game-pad supports and other control schemes. This game is highly intensive, bringing a great experience for the users and compelling them to keep playing further.

The world of virtual reality is expanding, and you can find plenty of VR games for your Android device. All you need is to determine your interest, figure if your device supports a certain game and check out the ratings before installing. You can easily find game reviews on online forums like AirG Reviews where gaming enthusiasts gather to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of popular games.

Despite all the odds, virtual reality games bring you can enhanced gaming experience. So, do not hesitate, get the gear and make an entrance right away!