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What Law Firms should know before they hire their digital marketing partners

When you think of marketing, you automatically assume FMCGs, E-commerce businesses, and B2B companies to be the only companies that can seek benefit from it. This is far from the truth. Instead, almost every type of business and service requires marketing. This also includes law firms.

A strong online presence is crucial for law firms. This is why various companies deliver online marketing for law firms.

As a law company, why do you need to hire such marketers? Well, think about how many websites are active on the internet today. We will save you the research. There are 200 million of them. At least a handful of these will be your direct competition. This is because businesses realize the importance of reaching potential customers via the internet.

Why is online marketing important for law firms?

Online marketing matters because the internet is where a lot of people search for lawyers and legal actions. This is because the law is a field that is not understood by many. You don’t know which type of lawyer to contact for a given problem. This is why the first thing many do is to search for it online. Additionally, various people also use the platform to find reviews about potential lawyers they can hire. By being present online, you can ensure that the masses are aware of your services.

Why is it crucial to pick a digital marketing partner wisely?

There is much more to online marketing than building a website and optimizing it. A quality digital marketing strategy can allow you to be cost effective as well. For instance, you can ensure that your online ads are visible to only those who can make use of the service. This depends on the type of digital marketing partner you hire.

Factors you must know before hiring a digital marketing partner

You can’t choose the best digital marketing partner without doing a bit of homework. While we are not asking you to know everything possible about digital marketing, having a bit of knowledge can help. It can automatically allow you to filter out the wrong options.

Understanding online channels

The first thing you should know is the type of channels you are dealing with. For law firms, three online channels are essential. This includes the following:

  • Paid Searches

Majority of online marketing is through SEM or search engine marketing. Type anything on Google. Some ads appear on the top. This is what SEM is all about. When a user searches a particular keyword, a relevant ad appears. Your goal is to deliver an ad when potential clients type the relevant keywords. If you only want to limit your clients to a given locality, you might just want to show your ads to those who type keywords like “lawyers near me.”

  • Paid social ads

Social media is a powerful tool. There are more than 4 billion internet users globally. Out of them, over 3 billion use social media. This is why social media advertising is considered to reap effects. This is an excellent channel to tap into. You can run your paid ads on social media as well. The best thing about running ads on social media is that platforms allow you to micro-target. You can target by gender, age, profession, and demographics.

  • Display Ads

Have you ever noticed ads being visible on top or at the corner of a website? Those are part of a display advertisement. You can add a different type of ads here. They can be videos or banners. This is why many marketers refer to display ads as digital billboards of online platforms.

Importance of mobile optimization

It is very common for law firm websites to be very basic. A digital marketing partner can help you in improving your site. However, you must know what to hold them accountable for. One of the things is mobile and SEO optimization.

Today, smartphones are a necessary part of our routine. People have transformed into mobile shoppers. You don’t use laptops or tablets as often as you use your phone to search for things. This is why it is crucial for your website to be optimized for mobile searches. A quality company will offer you mobile as well as desktop search optimization.

Remember, optimization isn’t just about appearing first in mobile searches. Instead, the content needs to be optimized for phones as well. Users automatically skip anything which is too lengthy.

Following Regulations

Now, we are sure you will be great at following the law and making sure that your digital marketing partner does so as well. Various laws and regulations limit what a lawyer can and cannot do regarding marketing. Research about it and make sure that you within the line. The last thing you need is getting into trouble with the law. (At least you wouldn’t have to call up lawyers, if you do, though)

How to choose a digital marketing partner

Now that you know the essentials of digital marketing for law firms, it is time for you to pick a digital marketing partner. We are here to help you decide.

  • Research about the company as well as the team the company assigns to you
  • Quiz them about how they will market on the three channels
  • Ask about which tools they will be used to deliver an optimized online marketing strategy
  • Make sure the firm you go for is perfect for online marketing specifically and not just traditional marketing
  • Know your budget. Ask about all possible costs. Know the various technical jargon digital marketers use when speaking about costs.


Just like you provide the best legal representation to your client, you deserve the same kind of commitment from your digital marketing partner. Don’t select a company before making sure that they tick all the right boxes.

Select a digital marketing agency wisely. Build a strong online presence. Watch as more and more clients approach you for your services.

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