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Month: October 2018

4 Ways To Change Habits and Environments To Be More Financially Productive

Being productive is one of the high goals of being human, especially for active people. Being financially productive is even more important to some people because it means that the effort that they put into a project with the goal of financial gain is going to be worth it. It’s a pretty simple equation, and it is the reason that many people want to change their habits and environments to be as efficient as possible.

There are several key examples of how this might work. You can improve your ergonomics to become more financially productive. You can get the temperature in your working environment correct. You can make sure that you don’t overextend yourself and miss deadlines by proxy. And, you can watch out for that perpetual sense of urgency that ultimately does more damage than good.

Improve Your Ergonomics

It’s hard to work effectively if you have a sore back or a sore neck. It’s no surprise then that if you choose to buy ergonomic furniture or accessories, your productivity is going to go up. Particularly if your job involves sitting at a desk for an extended period of time, the single most natural thing that you can do to improve your productivity is surrounding yourself with ergonomic concepts.

Get the Temperature Right

If you find that you are too cold or too hot at work, your productivity can drop significantly. It is interesting to note that men and women are more productive at different temperatures. You may have to find a happy medium depending on your office environment, but the point is that climate and environment have a significant effect on how well you get your projects done. Organizing the needs and desires of people in an office climate will take you a long way into helping overall productivity.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

In the professional realm, you will be much more productive if you don’t overextend yourself. In other words, you have to learn to say no when it’s appropriate. You can’t do everything for everyone, and in many instances, you have a much more limited amount of time and energy than you give yourself credit for. The fewer things you are involved in, the better job you can do at them individually.

Watch Out for Perpetual Urgency

In many jobs, it may feel like you’re always putting out fires. Although it may feel like you’re getting things done, you might find that the critical objectives that you have to meet in the long term are not getting fulfilled. You have to consistently look at your feeling of urgency, and then decide the appropriate balance between instant gratification and need and long-term production goals. If you always aim for the long term, you will find your results come to you much more quickly.

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What are the Benefits of a Chartered Accountant Loan for Self-Employed CA?

According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), more than 20% of the chartered accountants in the country practice on their own without being associated with any particular company.

However, setting up one’s own practice takes time, and the investment required to set up the necessary infrastructure can put a major strain on one’s personal finances. In such cases, a loan for chartered accountants can help to meet overhead expenses and expansion plans.

With easy to meet CA loan eligibility criteria, funds of up to Rs. 35 Lakh, and quick processing time, these financial products are quickly gaining popularity among the new practitioners. There are multiple benefits of a CA loan for self-employed, apart from the fact that it helps meeting all your short-term financial requirements with ease.

There are several reasons why you should consider availing a loan for a chartered accountant. You can use it to –

  • Integrate the latest technology in your practice.
  • Hire more experienced staff during business growth.
  • Pay operational cost or your daily expenditure.
  • Purchase new asset for your business like a new office plot, latest accounting software, new computers, etc.
  • Increase your working capital to utilise your firm’s assets optimally.

Let’s further discuss its benefits.


  • Finances to meet all your business needs –


Your financial needs vary depending on your firm’s practice and requirements. CA loan for self-employed offering funds of up to Rs. 35 Lakh can help you meet all your requirements. There is no restriction or limitations on its usage. Such loans are unsecured in nature and do not require any asset as collateral. This allows you to concentrate on your business and help your CA firm cater to a bigger clientele base.

Also, instant approval and quick loan disbursement allow you to raise your finances instantly. Most lenders offer online application process that removes the hassle of lengthy paperwork. With the help of online application and minimum documentation, a lender can accept and verify your application within 24 hours and start with the loan disbursal process.


  • Affordable and easy repayment options –


You can repay the loan amount without straining your budget, thanks to the affordable CA loan interest rate and flexible tenor. For example, financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv levy only 14 to 17% interest rate and allow you to choose a tenure ranging from 12 to 60 months according to your convenience.


  • Borrow only what you need –


Financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv also offer Flexi Loans which has the facility to borrow only what you need and pay interest only on that amount. Such loans come with a pre-set limit. You can make multiple withdraws whenever you require money from the limit. You get the option to pay only the interest part on the withdrawn amount as EMIs. Principal repayment can be done at the end of the tenure. This saves you money and allows you to manage unexpected financial needs without depleting your savings.

How to apply for a Loan for Chartered Accountants –

The application process of a CA loan is fairly simple. First, search the market for a lender who is offering you the most suitable terms and conditions. You can check your eligibility criteria once you have selected a financial institution. Also, check whether they accept online applications or not.

If you meet the eligibility criteria of CA Loan, visit their website and fill the online application form of CA loan for self-employed. Your application gets approved after the lender verifies all the details and then you need to handover your documents. Once the documents are verified, your lender will disburse money in your bank account.

A loan for chartered accountants is the best way to finance your firm’s requirement of immediate financing. With it’s easy to meet CA loan eligibility criteria, affordable interest rate, and instant disbursal, you can cover the shortage of funds and achieve your goals.


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3 Ways To Be More Comfortable When Gaming

If you’re big into gaming, you’ve likely made it a priority in your life to keep up with the latest trends and technologies within the scope of gaming that you prefer. However, even with all the time and money that you’ve invested into your hobby, passion, or career as a gamer, you might have overlooked one very important part of having the best possible gaming experience: your own comfortability. So to help you learn what you can do get the most enjoyment out of the time you spend gaming, here are three ways you can be more comfortable when playing video or computer games.

Invest In A Quality Chair

When you’re gaming, you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time sitting down and staring at your screen. Because of this, it’s vital that you have a place to sit that’s going to keep you comfortable for hours on end. According to Joel Lee, a contributor to, it’s very easy to get “gaming fatigue” if you’re sitting in a chair that isn’t giving you the support or cushion that your body needs. So if you’re currently using a chair that leaves you feeling uncomfortable after you’ve been gaming for only a short period of time, consider looking into  actual gaming chairs that are meant to withstand being sat in for hours and hours at a time while still keeping the occupant very comfortable.

Keep Your Hardware Quiet

Sound can play just as big of a role in your gaming experience as the video quality you have. And while you might have invested in some great headphones or a surround sound system that helps you feel completely immersed in your gaming experience, you may not have taken the necessary precautions to block out other noises, especially ones that can come from your hardware. So if you have loud fans always popping on while you’re gaming, Whitson Gordon, a contributor to, suggests looking into some controllable fans or water cooling systems that can help keep your hardware colder and reduce the noise level and activity level of the fans within your devices.

Take More Breaks

Finally, one of the biggest reasons you might be getting uncomfortable while gaming could simply be because you’re not taking enough breaks. Especially if you’re playing a stressful game, it’s crucial that you take a break every so often. By doing this, Sam Pike, a contributor to, shares that you’ll be able to keep from burning out too quickly and you’ll be able to maintain a high level of play since you’ll be all rested up and ready to go.

If you’ve been looking for ways to be more comfortable while gaming, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how you can do just that.

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Three Ways In Which Technology Will Change The Way Houses Are Sold

Real Estate Agents’ fees in the US are amongst the highest in the world. The typical vendor in the States will have to pay out an average of 6% of their sale to agents. Whilst most people believe that having an agent is worth the price to prevent endless headaches, there are some who prefer to go it alone, successfully. With this in mind agents across the world are seeking to use new technologies to help add value to their services. Here are three of the best.

Laser Scanning Of The Property

This is the backbone of all the other options available to agents. Highly accurate scans of the spaces by lasers can be pieced together on a computer to give results that are more accurate than architectural plans. These scans take next to no time and leave the agent with a virtual 3D model that can be exported into other system (such as virtual reality) as well as producing simple plans for buyers to view. Currently, laser scanning just makes plans of rooms but as the technology improves and becomes cheaper it will be possible to scan in other things easily, such as furniture.

The Virtual Tour

Sick of open houses filled with sweaty couples you know don’t deserve the house you are looking at as much as you? Unable to travel halfway across the country to view your new home? With 360 degree photography that can be combined with laser scanned models agents can produce virtual tours. From the comfort of your current home, you can don a set of VR glasses and take the time to decide if it is right for you. Whilst VR takes away a lot of the power from an agent it makes up for this by expanding the market and providing significantly better customer service.

Augmented Reality

“Suddenly a wild Pikachi appears!” Augmented Reality (AR) is not just for Pokemon GO anymore. AR allows you to see virtual images within a real space. By using a special headset, smart glasses or even just your cell phone, you can make an otherwise conventional property visit come to life. One of the most basic things that AR can do is to clone the agent making it possible for multiple couples to have the same tour at different times. AR also allows agents to stage properties cheaply, putting not just virtual furnishings but whole dinner parties (if they want). In the future laser scanning will combine with AR to allow you and the agent to stage a home you are interested in with your own furniture and fixtures.
AR has another significant advantage over conventional sale methods; the building doesn’t have to be there. AR allows agents to show buyers around building plots, or houses undergoing renovation, whilst they can see the finished projects and physically tour them.

Real Estate agents are like any other business – there are good ones and bad ones. It is possible to save yourself money by avoiding agents and selling directly but this has the potential to go very wrong. Instead, it is best to shop around and get value for money. Finding agents at the cutting edge of technology, who can really earn their keep, is a cost-effective and sensible idea. The future of house sales is changing and soon will be unrecognizable from the system that has been in place for decades.

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2018 Supply Chain Management Trends


Technology often affects supply chain management structures. One development in the past 10-20 years shaping the way supply chains operate is the increased use of Internet shopping. Will wholesalers and retailers keep up with SCM Changes?

Overview of Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is the path that goods or services travel, which is a journey that supply chain management oversees. For tangible goods, this process usually begins in a factory where items are built and ends with those pieces in customers’ hands. Service SCM often starts at a place of business where customers will have access to help they need, and these customers also might use online or telephone communication to make service requests. Some businesses choose to have an internal team handle SCM, while others hire outside experts.

Latest Trends in SCM

Because of the increase of online shopping, companies now strive to make delivery times as short as possible for as inexpensive as they can. This initiative involves the use of visualized data for tracking orders and shipments. To shorten delivery times, some businesses also have planted factories and warehouses closer to where customers live.

Along with data visualization and localized manufacturing facilities, current SCM practices seem to demand the use of the Perfect Order Index indicator. A company with the best POI is the one who ideally ships all orders on time with no damage or loss occurrences — or at least does ship perfect orders nearly 100 percent of the time.

Artificial intelligence technology including the use of drones, which also can speed up delivery, is another new SCM trend. Automation of purchases and orders works in conjunction with this recent SCM development. In some cases, this includes automated transaction procurement at both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer levels. It may also include automated invoicing along with immediate delivery of payment receipts.

Current SCM trends might seem impersonal to some shoppers. One challenge that both wholesalers and retailers face right now is providing the one-on-one customer service experience many consumers still crave. B2B clients also might still demand VIP, face-to-face service.


Offering the best of both worlds, which includes the efficiency that technology can provide combined with a physical presence near delivery destinations, could bring back the hometown feeling many people remember and miss from their younger days. For instance, local grocery stores delivered milk straight from a nearby farm to homes at least once a week. This took place at least until the early 1980s and is in a way happening again with online ordering being the major difference.

Combining digital order fulfillment technology along with the “mom and pop” feel of local pickup that some customers prefer could put a company ahead of their competitors.

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4 Ways To Save Money On Technology

Anyone who’s ever invested in an expensive laptop knows how much it can cost for new technology. Rarely does anything cost under a few hundred dollars regardless of what kind of electronics you’re looking to buy.

It doesn’t have to put you into massive debt, however.  You can buy perfectly good technology without breaking the bank by simply knowing a few strategies while shopping around.

When it comes to the best ways to save a few bucks on technology, here are the ones that you’ll find most effective.

Buy Refurbished

Often people are nervous when they see the word “refurbished” on a product that they’re looking to buy.  They assume that it means it’s been broken. People who are afraid of downgrading on technology are often too scared to take the risk.  However, it’s often one of the best ways to save a few hundred dollars on a great machine.

Whether it’s a laptop or a cell phone, you can find great deals out there which won’t put you out as much money.  You can often save as much as half of the total price by looking for a refurbished model.

Make sure to ask about which refurbished options are available at whichever store you’re looking to purchase from.  They’ll usually be happy to show you the models that they have available.

Buy Older Models

Often people feel pressured to buy the latest and greatest models which are out there.  However, you can find perfectly great machines which have been on the market for a while.  

If it’s used, just make sure that you purchase from a reputable source or certified vendor.  Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk for getting a sour deal on a machine which hasn’t been tested properly.

Don’t Buy The Extended Warranty

Often stores want to convince you to buy the extended warranty on a product which can be a few hundred dollars extra. Not only does this significantly increase your total cost, but it’s often not even worth it.

If you’re someone who takes good care of your things, then you should consider skipping it and taking your chances.  However, if you’re someone who is notorious for breaking things, then you may not want to take the gamble.

Go For Quality Over Price

Don’t always assume that a high price means good quality.  Often people splurge on buying the latest and greatest product which has the biggest price tag because they get suckered into marketing.

Sometimes you can find a great product which is far superior to its competitors which have a much higher price. Be sure to do your own research on customer reviews and performance specs rather than relying on the price associated with it.

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