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The body and the muscles

Muscle are the important element of the human body that has the main function of the movement and locomotion. The muscles remains attached to the bone of the body and together they make it the musco-skeletal system. With each bone muscle are adhered. And each of them has different and also exclusive name against them too. The attachment is done with the help of the tendons. They are very much helpful in the generating force and motion in the body with the help of the actin and the myosin proteins present in the muscle. These proteins are also called as the contractile protein. These proteins gives the flexibility to the muscle with which they can perform all the movement activities. Synthesized with the help of the myocytes from the myoblast cells by the process of myogenesis. Muscles cells remain in the body for a long time before it gets worn out and the new cells replace them. The life of a muscle cell is about 15 years after which it loses its function and gets in to the pathway of the programmed cell death or the apoptosis. This apoptosis process is regulated by different biochemical events that is present and many protein which are ubiquitous in nature.

Protein the important component of the muscles

Proteins are the important component of the muscle and the most of the part of the muscle tissue is made of the proteins. They are the combination or the chains of the amino acid. Thus amino acids can be called as the building blocks of proteins. In human body we need biomolecules like the proteins, carbohydrates and the lipids to undergo different processes in the body. These processes are called as the metabolism processes. They mainly act of the food materials and the nutrient which are derived from the food materials. These nutrient get utilized in the metabolic reaction pathways to derive essential biochemical molecules which helps in the functioning o. they also derive different co-factor and the co-enzymes that is again useful and very much needed for the body. So proper die is very much important as diet and the food the ultimate source of the proteins and other essential molecule. Thus proper metabolism will again help the body to keep it proper structure. However along with the proper diet people also tend to work out a lot in order give the muscle and the body a proper shape. Proper work out should be substantiated with proper supplement also.

Natural supplements to avoid side effects

You can find many weight gain supplements in Indian market. Although it is advised to use the natural product instead of using artificial or synthetic materials. As synthetic compound may also cause many side effects in the body.

A proper routine

The person using the supplement should use a good work out regime guided under a specialist trainer as good work out schedule will help these supplement to break and the proteins to get assembled in the human body.


World best weight gainer supplements will definitely contain a lot creatine in its composition as it is the best protein for muscle gaining.


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