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6 Lesser Known Reasons You Should Buy a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are all the rage nowadays. Are you also reading up more and more about the pros and cons of buying a hybrid car? We are here to advise you to make an informed decision about hybrid vehicles.

Considering the frequently asked questions and lesser known facts around the internet, we have curated this list of lesser-known facts that support your vision of buying a hybrid car.

Low maintenance:

One of the coolest things about buying a hybrid is that the gas engine does not run when you make a stop or drive slowly. If you reside in an urban area, these two things happen on every street corner.

If you’re driving a standard car, frequent pit stops can put a lot of pressure on its engine. With a hybrid car, you can rest assured that the maintenance cost will drop significantly.

Every time you stop, a hybrid [it] generates more electricity which can then be used at lower speeds, or for accelerating quickly. –Source

Hybrids generate electricity with a regenerative brake instead of standard brake application. This means that your brakes will last longer than a normal car. The brake systems will require low maintenance because you can drive around all day in a hybrid car without ever worrying about the pressure on brakes.

Durable battery:

It’s a myth that a hybrid’s battery fails easily. Most people think that the battery is unreliable and replacing it will cost you an arm and a leg.

This is not true. A hybrid car’s battery comes with a warranty of eight years or more, giving you immense satisfaction of saving bucks on a replacement.

You can drive around a hybrid car for miles without affecting its battery life. Given the strong warranty and lower cost, you can be satisfied that battery replacement will not be a sudden issue.

Don’t believe in the myth that the components of hybrid cars wear out faster than normal vehicles. For example, when a Prius was driven 200,000 miles, it was found that the battery was working just as good as new.

Resale value:

You must be thinking about the resale value of your hybrid just as soon as you buy a car. You want to put your hard-earned money in the right place.

With hybrid cars, the owners are always in luck. These cars are great performers for their owners when they are there and have great resale value when you want to sell them off.

Hybrid cars are like a great investment. They cost less to maintain and save money for their owner for as long as they are in use.

When an owner sells a hybrid car, he or she sells it for much better value than a conventional car, because this machine still has years of service left in it.

Gas prices don’t have anything to do with the price of your hybrid so you can relax. In any case, before you decide to sell the car, get an accurate valuation of it, and you will know how much your ride is worth to a new buyer.

Don’t just walk into a dealership that tells you that we buy any car. Ascertain your car’s correct value. Here is a free online car valuation tool to help you get started.

Tax incentive:

The federal government seems to love hybrid cars too! When the Energy Policy Act of 2005 became functional in the US, hybrid car owners got special credit for their purchase. If you are wondering how much the tax incentive is – it’s $3,400. For many taxpayers, this is a significant amount.

There are many things you must know before you avail this incentive. Firstly, the driver needs to have purchased the car after Jan 2006. You wouldn’t get credit if you bought your vehicle before this date. You can read up all about this incentive on this website.

Environment friendliness:

When you buy a hybrid car, you are doing something for the protection of the environment.  Hybrids are popular because they emit less pollution and decrease the carbon footprint. Hybrid cars produce 10% less smog than a conventional.

 “So when you drive a hybrid, you’re also helping to reduce all of those ‘upstream’ emissions.” -CNN

When you register your car, you should not worry about an emission test. You should check with your state’s government to see if the car requires a fuel emission test or not. You will love the fuel efficiency of a hybrid car which can even beat EPA mileage estimates.

Smooth driving:

When you drive a hybrid, you instantly notice the eerily quiet atmosphere it creates. These cars are so quiet; they soothe the mind when you drive, regardless of the amount of traffic on the road. The reason behind this quiet is that the gas engine is not always running in a hybrid car and the electric engine is mostly soundless.

Moreover, the cars are warm. Hybrid cars are packed with anti-cooling systems that don’t require much energy to warm up the car. Look forward to easy starts and smooth driving experience with a hybrid car.

Have you invested in a hybrid car? We’d love to know your experience.

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