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Two of the Best Entrepreneurs in Business

You know I have written before about the decline in American entrepreneurship that we see reflected in a startling 36% drop in U.S. startup formation over the last decade. This startup slump has been accelerated by a steady erosion of our patent system, which is vital to protecting innovative young companies from the predations of larger market incumbents. When patents weaken, so do startups, job creation, the overall health of the U.S. economy, and our standard of living.

And everyone knows entrepreneurial ideas can change the world. Because the entrepreneurial mind is the common ingredient that unites different, successful types of business leaders, all of whom are driving progress, creating value, and generating wealth within their respective fields.

Entrepreneurs are people who dare to dream and concoct ideas that can be translated into a successful business. There have been over 550,000 people to get into the entrepreneur pool each month. And some of them just dip in a toe; but others do a cannonball. Well you know there are those that sink, some that swim and a lucky few who qualify for the Olympics their first time out.

Adrian Rubin is a great entrepreneur and he has spent a lot of time playing video games. He has always been drawn to the alternate worlds, action, level of skill, graphics and storyline. The complexities of the games and the distinct characters provided hours of fascination. This is the reason he chose graphic design as a career. He had so many ideas for incredibly unique games and wanted to bring these ideas to life.

No matter how big or small, however, each business starts with a plan — a vision or concept that someone has decided is worth trying. Inspiration can come from many places, and these three entrepreneurs found theirs in unique ways.

Personal need

Many people start their own businesses around a product or service that they needed themselves, but couldn’t find in the marketplace. This is true of Carlton and Hazel Solle, who built a thriving business on an unexpected accessory, the Bioscarf. This “accessory” is made from sustainable materials and protects its wearer from pollution, germs, pollen, even cigarette smoke.

The inspiration for the Bioscarf came when Carlton traveled to China and became seriously ill from breathing the polluted air there. Doctors told him that, to stay healthy, he needed to wear one of the ugly white filtration masks local citizens wear as long as he was in the country.

When he returned home, he shared his story with Hazel, who recalled her childhood living on a small farm in Costa Rica where there was no water and few comforts. Her favorite toys had been two hand-me-down raggedy dolls. With only scraps of fabric to work with, she’d made scarves to cover up the dolls’ worn outfits.

And when I came back and we started talking about my getting sick and the mask, she thought of those dolls and the scarfs that she used to make; that is when she came up with the idea to put the two together,” Carlton said.

The result was the Bioscarf, which ioutperformed most of the popular filtration masks on the market today ,with a 99.75 percent average filtration efficiency. These scarves are now sold worldwide and donated to people in need.

Anna Sofia Levander is a digital designer and photographer in work, a creative and minimalist in life, and also she’s a great entrepreneur. Born and raised in Finland, I’m calm and collected like my culture. She’s also spent 10 years living in Mexico, which has added spice and colour to my Scandinavian simplicity.

She’s known for her creativity and professionalism in design, ensuring her work aligns with clients’ business goals. She’s led and collaborated on design, branding, marketing and photography projects for clients in a variety of industry. This includes photography, interior design, hospitality, tourism, startups, professional services and more. And also she specialize in WordPress and work in HTML, CSS and jQuery. For over 10 years I’ve helped build a small business in North America and Europe.

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