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Make Money And Have Fun: How To Win Big In Vegas

Everyone who goes to Las Vegas to gamble hopes to hit the jackpot during their visit, but that is not the typical outcome of the journey.  The truth is, a lot of people lose a lot of money in Vegas every day.

Though there is no special secret to assure 100 percent victory 100 percent of the time, there are a few pieces of knowledge that can help you make more money in the casinos.  Check out some of the most useful tips and tricks to win big in Vegas, and start planning your next excursion today.

Poker focuses on skill

Playing poker is the only way you’re going to play a game and not compete with the house.  Honing your poker skills means that you’ll have a greater chance of winning big at the tables.  

Even video poker gives you a better chance of beating the odds.  Typically, the house only has 0.46 percent advantage over the player, and some machines actually lean in the gambler’s favor.  

The appropriate time for slots

Slots don’t provide the best opportunity for winning, but some people just can’t do without their time in the chair.  If you must play slots, lay down a few guidelines before you go betting it all.  

Play the higher denomination slots.  Betting on a higher amount reduces the advantage the house has to win.  

Also, ask the cocktail server which machines are winners.  If the machine you’re on isn’t winning, move to the one next door.  Casinos rarely put two losing machines right next to each other.

Blackjack has decent odds

When you’re playing blackjack, the house only has a .5 percent advantage over the player.  You have a chance, if you know what you’re doing. Practice makes perfect.

Always split aces and eights, and look for the clumsiest dealers.  Dealers that don’t really care about their position can easily be shook for a nice winning.  

Know when to say when

Know when to say when in every situation.  Gamblers who don’t know when to quit always leave empty-handed.  Quit when you get ahead. Set goals and boundaries, so your gambling doesn’t get out of control.  

You also need to know when to say stop when it comes to alcohol.  Casinos are eager to get gamblers all boozy, so their inhibitions are lowered.  Don’t fall victim to drunk gambling.

Don’t go towards the light

Before you head to the casino, remember that the biggest brightest displays mean you probably won’t win a dime.  Designers mask losing machines with big lights and lots of bells and whistles.  It’s a trap! Don’t go towards the lights.

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