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Month: May 2018

How to Secure Impressive First Impressions with Serviced Offices

Fair or not, where you work is just as important as the work. In business, this is also very accurate when looking for office space. However, many business owners find that, while location is a priority, cost determines the exact location of their office.

Move further into the city and your business benefits from the large influx of people who visit for work or play. At the same time, though, rents in the city are more expensive, especially the closer you get to the financial centres, and Kuala Lumpur is no different. Furthermore, if you are a start-up or self-employed, these rents can eat into much of your overhead unless you lease a serviced office. With a serviced office, you can lease an office in the right part of town, but more importantly, convey the right image.

Continue reading below to learn how serviced offices can boost your professional image and help you make that all-important positive first impression.

How It Works

Serviced offices work by providing businesses with affordable office space in some of the best locations around the world. Typically, the serviced office will come furnished with some of the finest office furniture and professional grade office equipment. In addition to the furnishings, serviced offices come with world-class IT services. Check out Servcorp Malaysia at to see all of the amenities that come standard with some of the better leases.

The greater benefit comes with the price tag. For the price of all of these amenities, the business owner only pays a fraction of what they would if they signed a conventional lease. Throw in utilities, cable, phone, and water and sewage, and leasing a swank place in downtown Kuala Lumpur can get pretty expensive. The serviced office, alternatively, saves professionals a ridiculous amount of money yearly.

Why It Can Boost Your Business’s Professional Image

First and foremost, many of these offices sit on or near some of the more lucrative business districts. As stated previously, these offices can be in some of the more expensive locations. The serviced office provides businesses access to locations they would not typically be able to afford. For the most part, an office that sits in the middle some of the most high profile financial districts boosts your business’s image as well, and a serviced office can provide this.

Another reason the serviced office can help boost your professional image is because of its support staff. These offices are usually on one floor that is shared by other offices. As a part of its staffing, many serviced offices provide a receptionist to field calls, in addition to personnel to keep the building clean and maintained. More importantly, each office is staffed with qualified, trained IT staff that can help with any problems that might interfere with business operations. In a nutshell, staff members can help you present a polished, corporate image to clients and other business interest.

Other amenities that are important to give a professional image include having access to meeting and conference rooms. These rooms are usually fitted out with the latest in IT equipment, which includes video-conferencing, and can be easily set up. For the businesses who constantly meet with clients, these meeting rooms can reflect the professional image you want to convey to the public.

First Impressions Do Matter

First impressions can make the difference in impressing upon clients your expertise and knowledge. The serviced office can help you with impressing clients which is so necessary for creating business opportunities and opening doors. While you might not be able to afford to lease an office in some of the more prestigious locations, your budget can secure you a serviced office in one.

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Business Checks vs Personal Checks: The Untold Advantages of Using Business Checks

Personal checks are usually available at a much cheaper rate compared to manual business checks. This often prompts people to wonder about the differences between the two. Is it worth paying extra buying business checks? Well, the higher cost of business checks is justified by a few extra features that are geared to serve business users. For starters, business checks have larger dimensions and they are thus easier to print on. Apart from its size, business checks also come with more customization options as well as more security features. Without further ado, let’s check out a few advantages of using business checks for making business payments.

More Security:

While individuals rarely write checks, businesses need to issue multiple checks every month. The sheer number checks issued by businesses makes them susceptible to check fraud. Personal checks do come with standard security features such as watermarked text and designs. However, they don’t have as many security features as business checks. Right from holograms to heat sensitive paper, the latest in security technologies are often employed to make business checks more secure. Businesses can also spend extra and buy high security laser business checks. These checks are impossible to counterfeit and thus delivers a level of peace of mind that standard personal checks cannot match.

Fits a Double Window Envelope:

Personal users often write checks and hand them over to recipients. Businesses rarely do that. Most businesses print checks using their accounting software programs and send them via mail. Sending checks through the mail, allows businesses to get a delivery acknowledgement from the recipient. Now, the favored enveloped to send checks via mail is a double window security envelope. Business checks have a size that perfectly aligns with the transparent windows. This is why if you intend to send checks via mail (like most businesses) you need to order business checks.

They Come with Check Stubs:

If you have always used personal checks then there is a good chance you have never heard of check stubs before. They are tiny pieces of paper that are attached to each individual check. The purpose of check stub is to record the information of all the checks issued. Considering businesses need to write hundreds of checks in a calendar year, these stubs are essential for recordkeeping and they help business owners settle payment disputes.

They Are Not That Expensive:

If you are ordering business checks from the bank then you are certainly paying more than you should. If you skip the bank you should face no trouble finding cheap checks online and supermarkets. Now, because businesses typically order checks in bulk, the per-check cost can actually be lower than personal checks ordered from the bank.

Customization Options That Matter:

Business checks come with personalization options that personal checks typically do not. For example, you can order business checks with extra a memo line and a space for two signatures. Business checks also have room for business contact information and a company logo. This allows businesses to boost brand visibility.

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Legal Matters: The Rules Of E-Commerce

The time of the retail reign in business is passing, and e-commerce is becoming a much easier way of doing business for many entrepreneurs.  The internet as a platform for sales is much different in nature than that of a brick and mortar establishment.

Many of the legal rules are the same, but the digital realm has its own set of rules and regulations for business operations.  It is important that you understand the laws of running a money-making business online before you dive in head first. Here is a quick summary of a few standout rules of e-commerce.  

Consumer laws and rights

If your business is selling something to a customer, then it is important that you are knowledgeable concerning consumer laws and rights.  Your consumers have a right to certain information.  

For instance, it is law that you have to provide customers with a full breakdown of charges and totals before their purchase is completed.  Also, a record of the transaction must immediately be sent to the consumer’s email inbox.

There is even a specification that you must present buyers with an acknowledgment of charges the first time they hit the “purchase” button, so customers have plenty of notification that their credit card is fixing to be charged.  

If your organization is not very particular about following the law when it comes to consumer laws and rights, you could end up in a whirlwind of troubles.  If someone is injured as a result of your product, and there was no forewarning about the possible danger, you could be at fault.  

Understand tax laws

Tax laws vary, depending on where you are based as a business.  The internet is an interesting medium when it comes to tax law, but the typical outcome depends on where the product originates.  

If you are selling clothing from New York, then you would add clothing tax on your prices.  New York taxes clothing. If you were selling food products from Florida, you wouldn’t charge any taxes.  Food in Florida is nontaxable.

Customer data protection guidelines

Running an e-commerce business requires that you have some sort of security in place to protect customer data.  You cannot simply gather up credit card numbers with no assurance that the information is protected from those who would use it for harm.  

Take your time to vet out a well-built e-commerce transaction platform.  Your organization’s reputation, and the quality of your customer service depends on the safety you provide your online consumers.  

Understand the difference between

It is important that you understand the difference between a copyright, a trademark, and a patent in any realm of business.  If you are creating something new, you’ll need to protect your investment. Learn how to put on paper that your business ideas are yours alone.  

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Two of the Best Entrepreneurs in Business

You know I have written before about the decline in American entrepreneurship that we see reflected in a startling 36% drop in U.S. startup formation over the last decade. This startup slump has been accelerated by a steady erosion of our patent system, which is vital to protecting innovative young companies from the predations of larger market incumbents. When patents weaken, so do startups, job creation, the overall health of the U.S. economy, and our standard of living.

And everyone knows entrepreneurial ideas can change the world. Because the entrepreneurial mind is the common ingredient that unites different, successful types of business leaders, all of whom are driving progress, creating value, and generating wealth within their respective fields.

Entrepreneurs are people who dare to dream and concoct ideas that can be translated into a successful business. There have been over 550,000 people to get into the entrepreneur pool each month. And some of them just dip in a toe; but others do a cannonball. Well you know there are those that sink, some that swim and a lucky few who qualify for the Olympics their first time out.

Adrian Rubin is a great entrepreneur and he has spent a lot of time playing video games. He has always been drawn to the alternate worlds, action, level of skill, graphics and storyline. The complexities of the games and the distinct characters provided hours of fascination. This is the reason he chose graphic design as a career. He had so many ideas for incredibly unique games and wanted to bring these ideas to life.

No matter how big or small, however, each business starts with a plan — a vision or concept that someone has decided is worth trying. Inspiration can come from many places, and these three entrepreneurs found theirs in unique ways.

Personal need

Many people start their own businesses around a product or service that they needed themselves, but couldn’t find in the marketplace. This is true of Carlton and Hazel Solle, who built a thriving business on an unexpected accessory, the Bioscarf. This “accessory” is made from sustainable materials and protects its wearer from pollution, germs, pollen, even cigarette smoke.

The inspiration for the Bioscarf came when Carlton traveled to China and became seriously ill from breathing the polluted air there. Doctors told him that, to stay healthy, he needed to wear one of the ugly white filtration masks local citizens wear as long as he was in the country.

When he returned home, he shared his story with Hazel, who recalled her childhood living on a small farm in Costa Rica where there was no water and few comforts. Her favorite toys had been two hand-me-down raggedy dolls. With only scraps of fabric to work with, she’d made scarves to cover up the dolls’ worn outfits.

And when I came back and we started talking about my getting sick and the mask, she thought of those dolls and the scarfs that she used to make; that is when she came up with the idea to put the two together,” Carlton said.

The result was the Bioscarf, which ioutperformed most of the popular filtration masks on the market today ,with a 99.75 percent average filtration efficiency. These scarves are now sold worldwide and donated to people in need.

Anna Sofia Levander is a digital designer and photographer in work, a creative and minimalist in life, and also she’s a great entrepreneur. Born and raised in Finland, I’m calm and collected like my culture. She’s also spent 10 years living in Mexico, which has added spice and colour to my Scandinavian simplicity.

She’s known for her creativity and professionalism in design, ensuring her work aligns with clients’ business goals. She’s led and collaborated on design, branding, marketing and photography projects for clients in a variety of industry. This includes photography, interior design, hospitality, tourism, startups, professional services and more. And also she specialize in WordPress and work in HTML, CSS and jQuery. For over 10 years I’ve helped build a small business in North America and Europe.

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Make Money And Have Fun: How To Win Big In Vegas

Everyone who goes to Las Vegas to gamble hopes to hit the jackpot during their visit, but that is not the typical outcome of the journey.  The truth is, a lot of people lose a lot of money in Vegas every day.

Though there is no special secret to assure 100 percent victory 100 percent of the time, there are a few pieces of knowledge that can help you make more money in the casinos.  Check out some of the most useful tips and tricks to win big in Vegas, and start planning your next excursion today.

Poker focuses on skill

Playing poker is the only way you’re going to play a game and not compete with the house.  Honing your poker skills means that you’ll have a greater chance of winning big at the tables.  

Even video poker gives you a better chance of beating the odds.  Typically, the house only has 0.46 percent advantage over the player, and some machines actually lean in the gambler’s favor.  

The appropriate time for slots

Slots don’t provide the best opportunity for winning, but some people just can’t do without their time in the chair.  If you must play slots, lay down a few guidelines before you go betting it all.  

Play the higher denomination slots.  Betting on a higher amount reduces the advantage the house has to win.  

Also, ask the cocktail server which machines are winners.  If the machine you’re on isn’t winning, move to the one next door.  Casinos rarely put two losing machines right next to each other.

Blackjack has decent odds

When you’re playing blackjack, the house only has a .5 percent advantage over the player.  You have a chance, if you know what you’re doing. Practice makes perfect.

Always split aces and eights, and look for the clumsiest dealers.  Dealers that don’t really care about their position can easily be shook for a nice winning.  

Know when to say when

Know when to say when in every situation.  Gamblers who don’t know when to quit always leave empty-handed.  Quit when you get ahead. Set goals and boundaries, so your gambling doesn’t get out of control.  

You also need to know when to say stop when it comes to alcohol.  Casinos are eager to get gamblers all boozy, so their inhibitions are lowered.  Don’t fall victim to drunk gambling.

Don’t go towards the light

Before you head to the casino, remember that the biggest brightest displays mean you probably won’t win a dime.  Designers mask losing machines with big lights and lots of bells and whistles.  It’s a trap! Don’t go towards the lights.

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The Best Financial Moves to Make to Help Improve Your Finances

You know, It’s understandable if you gotten off course financially during the last couple months of the year. But, if you don’t want bad money habits to follow you into the New Year. If your finances have slipped, it’s time to get back on track and devise a plan to tackle your debt efficiently and effectively. Take a step back and evaluate your finances, so you can become more successful. You really need financial experts to help you to get your finances back on track.

Chase Rubin has served the financial industry for more than twenty years. And he is currently sharing his knowledge and expertise regarding the investment industry to inform the general public. There is no doubt Chase Rubin is currently one of the most successful private investors. He moved to New York to further his career in finances and investments and works and lives in the East Village. The expertise he gained as the result of the economic crash of 2008 has prepared him for whatever the market brings in the future.

Here are some tips that can help you refresh your finances and stay motivated.

You Should Review Your finances

Take a look at your overall finances and consider setting both short-term and long-term goals. Confused about where to start? You may want to begin by obtaining a free copy of your credit report at Through, you can request reports from all three of the major nationwide credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Since you might have been using your credit cards often during your holiday shopping, be sure to check your credit report for any irregularities. Fraud and identity theft skyrocket during the holiday season. While you are checking your credit report, you also might want to check your credit score. If you are using more than 30% of your credit cards, you may see a slight drop in your score in the post-holiday season. While credit scores can fluctuate slightly from time to time, it’s important to recognize when a deep drop occurs so you can find the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

And Also Set Goals and Make a Plan

We all know if you set goals it will give us something to look forward to and work toward. Make a list of all the financial goals you plan to achieve in the next 12 months or so. Establish a payment strategy that works best to tackle not only your post-holiday debt, but also your overall debt. Consider making a list of all of your debts (secure and unsecure) and devise a plan on how to get them down.

And also, ask yourself what your short-term and long-term goals are. Because you might be looking to save up for a wedding, for retirement planning, or for your student loans. When it comes to loans, consider paying more than the minimum and making payments twice each month to help tackle your debt more efficiently. If you think you won’t be able to tackle all of your debt at once, focus on the highest-interest rate debt first before you work on the rest.

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How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the e-learning scenario in India?


Machines direct Artificial Intelligence, and it can be regarded as any study by intelligent agents or device. It functions depending on what it receives from its surroundings and this way it maximizes the chance of giving the best results. With the advancement of technology, e-learning is helped dramatically. The way individual look at education has changed rapidly with the influence of technology including artificial intelligence. Ways to access education through the help of technology has become efficient, and students are able to learn strategically and evaluate well than before. In addition to this, students are able to analyze their own pace of learning. There is little difference between robotics and artificial intelligence and the latter has evolved in every sphere of human lives. It is also used in computer games such as chess master. It is capable of making decisions quickly than human.

By the help of simple searches, students are able to explore the variety of new study material present. It might not be possible for an instructor to remember everything present in a material whereas a machine can do it. In cases of bank exams, there are many aspects that need to be learnt by a candidate. In SBI PO, the officer will be taught to work on various categories like finance, accounting, marketing, billing and investing which might take years for some people to master, but a machine can teach you what you want at your own pace. E-learning may be common to most of the teachers, but they may not be aware of artificial intelligence. With the combination of both e-learning and artificial intelligence, it has made easier both for the teachers and the students to grasp a better insight into the learning of various topics. Other than students, teachers also get the chance of exploring every topic in depth and acquire the knowledge for solving any question.

How artificial intelligence helped human beings?

Artificial Intelligence has an immense contribution to human life, and within the couple years, it is going to influence every sphere of human life starting from communication, travel, to online shopping. It helps to give personalized results to the teachers when they are engaged in any classroom program. In any class, there are remedial students, advanced students, meritorious ones and there are different needs for each of them. What AI or Artificial Intelligence does is that adopt every student’s learning method and work according to the needs analyzing both the strength and the weakness of the students.

How AI analyzes students?

Similar to that of human tutors, AI takes in account the capabilities of the student and tries to deliver the result according to the need of the student. It also tries to know about the learning style of the student and give it customized instruction and support pertaining to the subject of need. Previously, the tutors or the teachers were held responsible for any wrong information that they might have conveyed to the students. But according to the present scenario, for any wrong information that the students have incorporated, the Artificial Intelligence cannot be held responsible for the same. The students should be careful while using the AI for fetching different information.

As the AI analyses the performance of students in the examination or assessments, it is able to judge the condition and the confidence level of the student and identifies well the gap in the course content. Therefore, it provides the required gap based on the performance of the student. In case of any incorrectly answered question, the AI marks those question as zero such that educator is able to understand about the level of preparation of the students. The educator shall further focus on the area of improvement that should be provided to the students.

Get meaningful feedbacks via AI

With the aid of AI, students also get the opportunity to get meaningful feedback pertaining to their performance. They might be uncomfortable with receiving any kind of feedback in the public forum, and thus AI is helpful. In addition to this, the AI also helps in grading when is considered to be one of the tiresome tasks. With the usefulness of technology, AI can easily analyze an examination via the answer key provided. They quickly combine the data and results in the performance level of the students.

Eliminating communication and language barrier

Again, with the involvement of Artificial Intelligence, communication has also become advanced as students can expect ready feedback to any of their queries that they post doubt questions on any forum. They can also find out the query with the help of text messaging, and this shall help the learners to prepare themselves for all kind of competencies. If they wish to get relevant information on any particular topic, then they can easily take the help of AI to get ready resources.

The language barrier that takes place between the teacher and the student is also taken care by AI in which the AI understands various languages and has the ability to comprehend the same. Further, it gives outcomes such that the result is understandable by the students well. The interface is capable of understanding various language, noise, and change in the human voice. The interface is also greatly useful in the distance learning procedure. But, the cost of the same might vary.

Bhola Meena has founded 3 major Internet-based companies-GetMeCab, HinKhoj, and OnlineTyari. His latest venture OnlineTyari helps over a million students every month in their government exam preparations. He has 7 years experience as Tech Lead at Microsoft and he is an IIT-Kanpur Alumni.

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Find the most convenient office spaces only at Coworking Office

Are you a seeker of a commercial office space in Ahmedabad? A office space is an actual office made available temporarily to small business groups and offers communication and location services which let users minimize the traditional and conventional office costs while not disengaging from business professionalism. The office space concept is an outcome of a combo of technological innovation and the demands of the Information Age. The expenses are low and many small and medium-size business individuals/ groups are opting for this option not only out of need but also out of the benefit- the bigger picture.

Get luxury meeting rooms at affordable rates only at Coworking Office

what might have led these company members to initiate such type of assembly? With frequent news flashing through all televisions, there are some or the other news of big businesses going down. On receiving reports of the shutdowns, it is stated by the owner – “We had a leak, who supplied our data to our competitive companies”. Thus implementing with such intentions, this site decided to form commercial office space in Ahmedabad with 100% privacy guarantee among dealers.

Coworking Office – the hot spot to conduct virtual meetings

From all the basic information to all the technical explanations, you can surf in all tabs. With the number of things on the page, you can reach the exact address of their office. It has a scheme of rental meeting space rooms with systematic distribution on the chart. Nevertheless, you can also like them on facebook, follow them on Twitter and email them through google+.

The top-notch features of Coworking-Office

The intensity of working of a company is always reflected in its results and not from its official page ‘decoration’. With favorable plans upon their minds, the founders of office space in Ahmedabad have brought the good things to its customers. Some of the out-of-the-box features are:

  1. 24×7 ready-to-call contact numbers with experts on the receiving side
  2. Updates regarding the rental room rates at regular interval of time
  3. A motivational small board for beginners describing success stories of flourished businessmen who utilized the company’s services
  4. Opportunity to hold meetings in luxury rooms in the heart of Ahmedabad.

What has this site got in its pockets?

This company, based in Ahmedabad, was formed in 1971. Over the years, the site has increased some more works along with such offices which have resulted in the company’s success. A few of such reasons are:

  • Controlled by a team of experienced and trained software engineers
  • Provision for meeting room space starting only at £15.00 per hour
  • Every meeting preset with hot desks and free wifi
  • Offering a chance to newbie clients to start a business with Barclay’s

Coworking Office – the best-equipped site to hold online meetings

Consistent with its office space in Ahmedabad, it also presents businessmen with accountants to handle the matters of their accounts at a reasonable rate. The office address used is lawfully registered. It is impressive and located in an easily accessible region for many. The registration only for formal meetings and office works implies the security of personal residential addresses.

The team plays no games with users seeking office space in Ahmedabad; all the necessary details have been displayed on the official webpage.

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Better Team Relationships Improve Productivity and Finances for Small Businesses

Major corporations may have the deep pockets to help their brands succeed, but small businesses have something up their sleeves as well – happier employees. Studies have proven that people who work for small companies are a lot happier than those who don’t. As an entrepreneur should know, having a team of talented, engaged, productive, and happy group of people, with a professional business plan working for you is invaluable. Not only does this lead to a progressive workforce, but it reduces turnovers, and increases profitability. Below, is a closer look at how small businesses are winning by cultivating positive team environments.

They Realize the Importance of Staff

Large businesses have the capital to invest in tons of software, technology, and the cost of turnover rates. Modern technology such as software, equipment, and devices easily replace the significance of hiring someone while a big budget makes it simple to replace staff that decides to leave. They also have so many more responsibilities to handle, that focusing their time and energy on the happiness and well-being of their staff isn’t always at the top of the list.

Small businesses, on the other hand, realize that every hire is special and a key component to progressing their brand forward. Relying more on the talent and collaborative skills of their team than expensive software, devices, or equipment, smaller companies have a true appreciation for what their staff does to help. Often having more time and reason to focus on the continued growth, happiness, and well-being of their staff, the invest a lot in creating an environment where everyone can work together amicably and productively.

How to Create More Positive Team Relationships

When companies are able to create a positive team environment and keep their staff happy, they experience a wealth of benefits. This includes fewer turnovers, improved productivity, and increased profits. If you’re looking to capitalize on these benefits, the below-mentioned tips should lend you a helping hand.

Get Personal – Smaller organizations with fewer employees have the time that is required to get more personal with their staff. By learning who they are as individuals and what their needs are in the workplace, you can create a more positive environment for everyone to work in. It shows them that you care which encourages them to put their best foot forward.

Invest Where it Counts – Employees do their best work when they have the proper tools at their disposal and employers know the value of workplace productivity. If you want a more collaborative team environment that allows them to work seamlessly together, you’ll need to invest where it counts. This includes looking into collaborative software that makes working as a team easier. From cloud storage accounts and messaging or chat applications to note and document sharing platforms and other software, there are an array of tools that can be invested in to increase productivity and profits.

Create the Ideal Space – How your staff works together is extremely important and can essentially control the destiny of your brand. If you want to help your staff build a more positive relationship with one another, you need to create the space for it. Things like brainstorming rooms, open office layouts, and comfortable places for eating, communicating, or relaxing during downtime can help with this. When your staff feels encouraged to come together more often, they get to know one another making it easier for them to work together as a unit.

From the receptionists and secretaries all the way up to management, it’s the people that matter most to small businesses. It is understood that without their skill, passion, and creativity the ability to progress a company forward is nearly impossible. This is why small businesses work so diligently to cultivate a positive working environment that makes their staff happy, cultivates better team relationships, improves productivity, and saves money. Something that most larger organizations simply haven’t learned yet.

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Make More Money With A Better Business Design

Business and technology have a symbiotic relationship.  One always influences the other, and you’re better off understanding that your business has to be integrated with the right technology to succeed.  

The most influential piece of technology you will need to indulge is the internet.  Communication, marketing, and even sales can be greatly enhanced by integrating your company with the internet.  

The best way to achieve internet integration is to design a successful business website.  How you formulate your business website’s design can make the difference between success and failure of your organization.  Here are a few hints at a winning design. Compare, and see how your build measures up.

Encourage communication

A web design that encourages communication is one that actively urges web users to make contact with your organization.  Creating a “Contact Us” page (like this stellar example) is only one part of the communication puzzle.  

You should encourage communication in other ways throughout your website’s design.  Your homepage and your blog are both excellent spots to drop a comment box or a phone number.  You may also research how to properly use a “call to action” to boost communication.

Link your site to social media

Linking your website’s content to the vast network of social media is a great marketing effort for your business.  You want people to easily be able to find information concerning your products or services, and social media will provide a free opportunity to spread the word.  

Adding social media sharing buttons to your website’s design is the best way to build a bridge between your content and the rest of the social community online.  There are plenty of articles on how to create and place social media sharing buttons on your website.

Make navigation natural to follow

When you design the final layout of your business website, you will need to incorporate some form of navigation.  People need a way to browse through the content of your website, and it needs to feel natural.

The most traditional way to incorporate navigation into your design is to add a stationary navigation bar.  Like this example page shows, stationary navigation is a common method for adding a way to move around your website.  

Optimize for mobile viewing

Mobile access to the internet isn’t something your design should ignore.  A great portion of the internet’s traffic is now generated from mobile devices, and your website should be set up to properly display on any size screen.  

Incorporate the use of media queries, and your design will automatically adjust to the size of the screen accessing the content.  There will no longer be a need for pinching and swiping to adequately view your pages.

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