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Lawyers of Distinction: The Online Legal Directory

The Lawyers of Distinction is an online legal directory and is one of the 1200 “Best”__??__listing groups now in existence under another name. And alsoIt claims to be limited to the ten (10) percent of the lawyers in the country who apply for consideration and pay the membership fee of $425-$775 per year plus the opportunity to purchase additional glass plaques at the cost of $100 per plaque or $175 per glass statue.

And the rather vague reference to their Selection Process is governed by a committee comprised of five lawyers and one non-lawyer. An attempt is made to appeal to the in-depth review of a candidate’s legal credentials which can be actually submitted by the candidate themselves or by a fellow attorney.

It suggests that all of this extensive review is designed to pick the top 10% lawyers in the country. Tennessee has over 18,888 licensed attorneys which, based on a population of 6,651,940 indicates one lawyer for around each 10,000 citizens. In the entire country, there are 1,315,516 attorneys.

It is a pretty non-exclusive group as there are eighty seven (87) categories that anyone can list as an area of interest and Chattanooga’s membership consists of one (1) lawyer in Family and Divorce Law and one (1) in Educational Law.

Georgia Accident Attorney

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is an experienced, dedicated Georgia personal injury law firm. Ken Nugent’s legal team are experienced in representing all accident cases. Our law firm is one of the largest in the Southeast devoted exclusively to helping injury victims and their families. When your everyday business is taking on large insurance companies and corporations on behalf of those wronged by their actions, size is absolutely an advantage. However, what makes us unique is much more than the amount of resources we commit to each client’s case. Ken Nugent represents car accident, truck accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, nursing home abuse, product liability and negligence cases.

Ken Nugent founded his law firm in Atlanta in 1980 and the firm’s headquarters remains there today. But, shortly afterwards, he realized that many injury victims and their families outside of Atlanta were in need of quality and compassionate legal representation. Over time, he opened a total of 8 Georgia offices in— Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Duluth, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta.

The personal rewards to Ken and his business have been many, including: Hundreds of families are able to find a way forward after tragic life-altering events; The firm’s day-to-day operation provides jobs for well-qualified members of the community; The financial success from the firm’s hard work and dedicated injury attorneys provides the means to support local causes and charities.
Kenneth S. Nugent, PC

208 North Westover Boulevard
Suite 101
Albany, Georgia 31707
(229) 420-3660
(229) 420-3677

Bankruptcy, Divorce, Family Law and Personal Injury Law Firm

The Law Offices of Jeanie K. Tupper, P.C. is committed to providing top quality legal services for our clients. Their dedicated lawyers are trained in representing you and meeting your needs. Areas of practice include Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Social Security Disability/SSI, Divorce/Domestic Law, Wills/Estate Planning, and Criminal Defense cases.

We take pride in putting our clients first and giving each and every client the personalized attention they deserve. We have an office conveniently located in Albany to better serve the citizens of Dougherty County and surrounding counties.

No market solutions here

You know, In a properly functioning market, reduced demand would prompt suppliers to cut output in search of equilibrium. But the legal profession consists of several distinct and dysfunctional markets.
For example, there’s plenty of unmet demand for lawyers from people who can’t afford them. Reduced federal funding for the Legal Services Corporation has exacerbated that problem. So has the rising cost of law school tuition and resulting student debt. Over the past 25 years, tuition increases for law school have far outpaced the rest of higher education.

In another segment of the legal market, demand for corporate legal work has been flat for years. But law schools business models generally have focused on filling classrooms, regardless of whether students will ever be able to repay their six-figure educational loans. Because most tuition revenue comes from federally guaranteed loans that survive bankruptcy, schools have no financial incentive to restrict enrollments — that is, until they run out of applicants.
When might that happen? Not soon enough, although recent headlines imply otherwise.

And this self-promoting website listing also contains a quasi-disclosure stating that the Lawyers of Distinction “designation is based upon the proprietary analysis of the Lawyers of Distinction organization alone and is not intended to be endorsed by any of the 50 United States Bar Association or The District of Columbia Bar Association”.

And also It appears that there is plenty of room in the “Distinguished” membership in Tennessee if you want to be included in the Top 10%.

How can an attorney get this designation? Just fill out on online application, get a couple of buddies to recommend you, pay the selected membership fee and you will probably be granted the privilege of claiming you are in the top 10%.

P.S. On January 12, 2018, Mockingbird Marketing made an announcement congratulating Lucy Davis for becoming a Lawyer of Distinction. Lucy’s application was accepted although she is a four legged canine! Whether she is qualified to compete with the Chattanooga Law Dogs is yet to be determined.

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