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Top Smart Home Technology Introduced In 2018

Technology is one of the coolest tools of creators, and recently, has been used to make things around the house a little easier for homeowners to navigate.  Smart home technology not only makes your home your partner in life, it also boosts the value of your property.  

A home appraisal for a property that has no smart technology will almost always result in a lower estimate than a home equipped with fancy tech tools and gadgets.  Check out some of today’s most popular pieces of smart home technology, and get the best of 2018 for your home.  

The Foldimate

Now your house can help you with the laundry.  The Foldimate does exactly what you might think it does; It helps you fold laundry.  It is not a completely autonomous laundry folding machine, but all the user has to do is feed the laundry into the machine one piece at a time.  

The Foldimate will take your clothes into the top of the machine and deposit them, perfectly folded, out of the bottom. Shirts, blouses, and pants from kids size 5T all the way up to XXL are no trouble for the Foldimate.

The Sunflower

If you love sitting by the pool, listening to music, and chillin’ with your friends, then the Sunflower is the perfect addition to the day.  The Sunflower is an autonomous umbrella, equipped with solar panels that follow the sun.

The Sunflower collects its own energy throughout the day to power its Bluetooth radio, controlled lighting, charger ports, camera, and autonomous movement.  Oh yeah!  We forgot to mention that the Sunflower will also retract itself if the winds get too fierce outside.

The Wall By Samsung

If you are looking for a more intense visual experience in your home theater, check out Samsung’s newest creation, The Wall.  Aptly named, The Wall is a 146-inch modular screen.  It is modular because you can add size to the television to make it even bigger.

The Verdera Voice Lit Mirror

Kohler has created a new mirror that is perfect for those who enjoy primping.  The Verdera Voice Lit Mirror responds to your voice.  You can verbally lower or brighten the lighting on the mirror, for more favorable conditions while you are doing your makeup.  

The mirror comes equipped with Alexa, and it has all the functionality of the Amazon Echo.  You can check the news, the weather, play music, and even some games.  It will also serve as a voice control for any other Kohler Connect smart bathroom products you have in the home.

The Toto Floating Tub

If you ever wanted to disappear into a warm bubble bath, the Toto Floating Tub is the place to soak.  The tub has specially placed jets in the bottom that give the occupant the feeling of weightlessness.

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