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Psychometric Test – for Selection and Recruitment Process

In the present time, if you need to apply for any job position then your employers might request you to undergo selection and recruitment test. This is one way most employers will make use of to judge how well you can perform at the job place. Apart from this, it will also offer your employers with details of your efficiency to handle stress and cope well with your workplace.

You have to keep in mind that in present time these types of tests are considered as a part of the entire selection process. To effectively complete the test you may have to follow below-mentioned process:-

  •    Complete your application form for appearing for the test online over the internet.
  •    It is also important that a copy of your resume has to be submitted to the employer before appearing for the test.
  •    At the time of the test, you may also be requested to complete one of the interview sessions with the HR or employer.

The moment these steps are completed, your employer will be having a very clear picture of how well you fit in their organization.

Selection and Recruitment Tests

When speaking of the test, it can be generally bifurcated into two categories:-

  •    Personality test
  •    Ability test

Personality Test

When performing personality test, your employers get a chance to get familiar with your personality including behaviour, thoughts and feelings. This will offer them with a clear picture if you are motivated and enthusiast to be a part of their organization. This helps them take the important decision of hiring the candidate for the available job position.

It also reflects the way you shall perform in the workplace. This is a type of test that is also conducted in the first stages of selection process.

Ability Test

This is a type of aptitude test that helps employers get familiar with your quantitative aptitude. Different testing platforms make use of different types of ability tests. The test may also include different formats including numerical skills, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, etc.

The type of test may also be decided by the job position you might have applied for.

Process for Appearing

When appearing for the test, your employer may request you to appear for the test either on your palmtop device or your desktop.  The test has to appear online such that the moment it is completed employers is given with instant results.

This offers them with benefit as they may not have to wait for the results to be declared and can immediately continue with next stage of selection process. Apart from this, they also have the benefit that the test can appear from any virtual location. This makes the process of conducting the test very much cost effective for both employees and employers.

General Format and Results

In general, candidates have to undergo multiple choice questions for the test. The difficulty level may increase in later stages of the questions. You are also allotted with sufficient time for completing the test. Once completed the results are declared immediately after group comparisons.


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