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Month: January 2018

Key Signs of Bankruptcy You May Not Be Aware of Before It’s Too Late

Disclaimer: All the information that you’re about to read below points out some key signs of bankruptcy that you may not be aware of before it’s too late. It isn’t supposed to replace traditional advice as provided by a licensed lawyer who you should contact right away.

You may have borrowed money before from someone you know after getting caught in an emergency situation that left you strapped for cash. You may also have used your credit card to buy something you urgently needed, or you may have taken out a loan on your car or even your house. Whatever the circumstances that led to you incurring some debt, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as you can settle it. However, if all your debts have begun piling up and you’ve already exhausted all repayment options available at your disposal, you have to watch out for some key signs of bankruptcy that you may not be aware of before it’s too late.

Some Signs of Bankruptcy to Watch Out for That You May Not be aware of

Declaring bankruptcy is usually reserved for situations wherein the debt that you incurred has grown to the point of becoming unmanageable on your own. Thus, you wouldn’t want to file for Chapter 7 in which all your property that isn’t exempt would be seized and sold by your creditor to make up for the payments that you missed.

Neither would you want to file for Chapter 13 which restructures the payment plan that both you and your creditor have previously agreed upon that allows you to repay in smaller amounts but over a longer period of time. For you to not resort to declaring yourself as bankrupt, you would have to spot the following signs of bankruptcy that you may not be aware of and resolve them while you can still manage your debts instead of letting them sink you deep in financial ruin.

1. You’ve been paying only the minimum amount due indicated on your credit card’s monthly billing statement.

For those who don’t like bringing copious amounts of cash in public, a credit card is a more convenient option that doesn’t leave an unattractive bulge in your wallet. However, having a credit card entails anyone who applies for one to use it sparingly and responsibly.

● If you have a credit card yourself, you might have noticed that every billing statement you receive in your mail has a minimum amount due indicated in it. You shouldn’t assume right away that you only have to pay for your credit card’s minimum amount due every month.

● What you would want to do instead is to look for the total outstanding balance in your billing statement and make it a point to pay no less than that every month so that you won’t lag behind on any payments that you have to make to your credit card.

2. You don’t have a rainy day fund that you can use to bounce back from a huge financial upset.

If you only have one personal savings account where you’re depositing all your wages and bonuses that you receive in your job, you’re not managing your finances right. Settling for a single bank account can put you in an undesirable position should any unforeseen incident cost you a considerable amount of money.

● For you to fully recover in case you experience a major financial setback, you would need to open another bank account and designate it as your rainy day fund.

● Your rainy day fund should only be used for emergencies, so you should learn to control your spending habits as well by not withdrawing any amount from it.

3. A third-party collection agency has been incessantly calling you or sending you a demand letter to inform you of all the debts that you need to pay as soon as possible.

If several months had passed and you still weren’t able to pay back the money that you owe your creditor, they’d be forced to hire a third-party agency in charge of making sure that you shape up financially for you to be able to repay all your debts.

● While a debt collection agent would gently remind you at first over the phone about the money that you owe your creditor, their calls might eventually get more and more urgent and stern in tone if you’re still skipping on your payments.

● The debt collection agency that your creditor had hired can also mail you a demand letter asking you to pay all your debts back or risk facing a lawsuit in which you’ll have to go to court and defend yourself. Having some debt to your name is fine as long as you can pay back the money that you owe. However, if your debts have been accumulating at an alarming rate until you can barely keep up, thoughts of filing for bankruptcy may have crossed your mind. But before you can declare either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should first identify some signs of bankruptcy on your end that you may not be aware of and address them before it’s too late. And to help you fully conquer your insurmountable debt, you would want to discuss your current financial state with a lawyer who can assess further if you really have to file for bankruptcy instead.


Cecille Cunningham

Cecille Cunningham loves writing for the common reader, especially on helping them make sense of various topics on the law. She currently writes for multiple law firms. In her spare time she cooks for his family and friends.

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Use Your Smartphone to the Full: The Apps That Will Help You Be a Better Student

They say that the educational program is getting easier every year. However, there is still nothing easy about being a student these days. The pressure is as high as ever. The assignments are not getting shorter. Those who think that an average contemporary student spends most of his or her time procrastinating with a smartphone couldn’t be more wrong. Besides, bright students know how to use their devices to improve their performance. Here are five apps that will help you do it.

Make a Proper Plan: Todoist

You have probably heard of various planning systems. It has been proven by a significant number of users that the most effective one is GTD developed by David Allen. GTD stands for Getting Things Done, and it is as simple as that. One of the most notable features of the system is that it helps you get all the tasks out of your head and free your mind. Isn’t it what a student overwhelmed with studies needs?

Todoist is an app based on this system of planning. The first thing you come across using it is Inbox. You can dump all the tasks there or sort them by Projects.

The application is quite intuitive and user-friendly, which is why it is so popular with students. All the information is synced to all your devices immediately. Todoist is a free application, and the majority of its features are available out of charge. The Premium version also allows you to create tags and receive alerts.

Learn to Concentrate:Calm

Haven’t you noticed that sometimes you just forget to complete an assignment even if it is in your planner? Haven’t you ever checked twice whether you locked the door? Does it occur to you from time to time that you can’t recollect all the tasks you’ve completed that day? Do you want to become a more productive learner?

If so, Calm is what you really need. The app includes guided meditations on any topic. Meditation is no longer considered to do anything with spiritual practices. Successful people use it to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and increase the level of mindfulness. And this is precisely what Calm helps you to do. For a student, it is essential, as the research has shown that an average student can only concentrate for 10 minutes.

You can start with a general course of increasing mindfulness and then pick more. As a student, you will surely like ‘Mindfulness at College’ and ‘Focus and Concentration’ courses.
Mind that some topics are only available if you choose one of the subscription options: monthly for $12.99 or yearly for only $59.99.

Keep Your Documents Safe: Dropbox

A writing assignment can be exhausting. Imagine you have spent several sleepless nights on researching, writing, and editing. You are so close to the desired credit. But you just can’t find it or, what is even worse, you haven’t saved it! Can happen to anybody? Not to those who use Dropbox.

Besides storing all the documents and syncing them on all your devices, the app allows to share documents and other files with others and work on them together. Peculiarly, students don’t often appreciate such features, as they don’t want to spend their time on convincing others to download an app they use, even if it is excellent. Surprisingly, a person you can share your paper with through the app doesn’t have to have a Dropbox account!

Note that the free storage is somewhat limited, but in this case, a subscription is really worth the money you’ll spend. These are not just papers that Dropbox will help you keep safe. All your photos, PDFs, blueprints, etc. can be stored long term. And you can use them even after your graduation.

Master the Academic Writing: EasyBib

It is an interesting tendency that a lot of students procrastinate with their writing assignments right when they understand they have to format them. The bibliography page may turn out to be torture even for those who are pretty good at writing.

EasyBib (Easy Bibliography, obviously) makes the process of formatting EASIER. Your references are structured automatically for free. Please, keep in mind that the app only deals with this part of your work. If you have serious issues with formatting the whole paper, you’d better turn to professionals, like EssayWriterSite and others.

Get Higher Grades and Save Money: Chegg

The cost of education is really high today. Besides paying for college, it includes many other expenses. One of them is buying textbooks. The total cost of those may exceed $1000! Although some books you should purchase and have them at hand at all times, others you won’t need when the semester ends. That is why you should really think what you can do about it.

One of the best solutions is using Chegg. The application allows you to find people from whom you can rent textbooks. Besides, there are many options for buying books with a significant discount with the help of Chegg.

However, the features of the application are not limited to the described above. You can get help with your homework, find a professional tutor, and get information about scholarship and internship options – all in one place!

Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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Business And Artificial Intelligence Learning

You know when you learn how to grow your business it isn’t just a worthy goal; growing your business is often a necessity for your business’s survival and your economic well-being. And what can you do to get your business beyond the bare sustenance level? What can you do to turn it into the income-generating powerhouse you envision? You can try one or more of these growth strategies. All have been successfully used by other businesses and, with some planning and investment, will work for you.

According to the Project Management Institute, project managers are change agents who use their skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose on a team. They work well under pressure and can shift between considering the “big picture” and the focusing on the details. A project manager can be an asset on every project that involves multiple people, whether it’s a home renovation project, a small business collaboration or a personal project.

How to Grow Your Business: Tried and True Ways

A good project manager is highly organized and has an exceptional ability to follow through. If you are considering starting a project management business, here is a look at the pros, cons and where you can get more information on how to get started.

When you think about how to grow your business, the first thing that probably comes to mind is getting new customers. But the customers you already have are your best bet for increasing your sales; it’s easier and more cost-effective to get people who are already buying from you to buy more than to find new customers and persuade them to buy from you. See 6 Sure Ways to Increase Sales and 10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business for more.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are projected to become mainstream technologies in the coming years, and are definitely already having a big impact across many industries. How exactly is this happening? How are Data Scientists using their skills to develop better Machine Learning algorithms? Where are these innovative technologies going in the future? Andrew Charlton an economist and co-founder of AlphaBeta. author of Fair Trade for All, Ozonomics, Man Made World, and Dragon’s Tail, has had a big impact on the Australia’s economy.

And you know with the rise in the implementation and usage of once revolutionary technologies/trends like Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Cloud, Machine Learning (ML) and now Deep Learning (DL) are gradually moving into mainstream business corridors. Traditional business graduates can now think of becoming a Data Scientists as well, since many University programs are offering these courses as part of their business curriculums. The modern Data Scientist, armed with the power of an open source, algorithm economy, are becoming important parts of numerous organizations around the world.

The Harvard Business Review article titled How AI Fits into Your Data Science Team claims that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will soon take the status of the ICE engine by bringing in sweeping changes to our everyday lives. The transformative power of AI and ML have already been perceived in customer service (digital assistants), in telemedicine (assisted patient care), in banking and finance (robot sales representatives), or in manufacturing (robot assembly-line workers).

When you move into a business office

Well, as AI technologies gradually started moving toward statistics-enriched solutions, the biggest stumbling block that surfaced was limited data. The recent emergence and rise of Big Data, IoT, and Data-Technologies-as-a-Service all jointly contributed to the meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence and a widespread, packaged Machine Learning algorithm culture.

And the biggest beneficiaries of this culture are the mainstream business users, who can now begin to accomplish their tasks without the help of a Data Center, and in some cases even Data Scientists. However, the last statement in no way indicates that Data Scientists will soon become redundant. In fact, Data Scientists will be required to intervene when advanced data solutions or unique data solutions must be designed to accomplish complex business goals.

A Forbes blog post titled The Rise of AI Will Force a New Breed of Data Scientists suggests that the new role of the Data Scientist will be more of an facilitator, rather than that of a data cruncher. The Data Scientist may evolve into Machine Learning expert, stepping in when packaged models fails to deliver

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Modern Assistive Technology That Promotes Financial Efficiency

Modern technology allows for improvements in almost every aspect of industry today. And hopefully, the bottom line of those improvements is that economic efficiency will achieve a more productive level. In particular, there are new types of assistive technology that go a long way to allowing companies to make more money.

As a few examples, there are assistive lift technology and devices that help people move bulky items around. There are digital assistants that everyone has access to now typically through their phones. There are time use apps that you can install that improve all sorts of habitual actions that people take. And then there is budgeting software that directly relates to the finances and financial decisions that you make on a daily basis.

Lift Tech

When you use assistive lift technology, you are improving all sorts of ways that employees and workers can function more quickly and more safely inside the working environment. Especially with industrial materials, safety is always an issue when it comes to moving things around. By using lift technology, you’re mitigating that risk and making the job happen more quickly. This is one of the realms where robotics are going to make a huge difference in the coming years.

Digital Assistants

Then there’s the idea of the digital assistant. Have you ever felt overwhelmed with trying to get things done on a professional level? Do you wish you had someone to keep you on task? Someone who would always be there no matter what? That’s where ideas like Siri, Cortana, or others come into play. If you know how to use them properly, you can save tons of time and money by having a legitimately powerful technological support system for all of your administrative efforts. You don’t need a secretary anymore if you know how to use these digital assistants to your advantage.

Time Use Apps

Efficiency leads to more money. So, how do you achieve efficiency? When you install time use apps, you have a potent tool to organize and analyze how you spend your time, or how your employees spend their time. With simple one-touch behavioral changes, you can find out where the time inefficiencies in an operation are.

Budgeting Software

And finally, some of the best technology that you can use to promote your personal and professional financial efficiency involves installing budgeting software. Especially if you use credit cards for digital money for most of your transactions, you’ll be amazed at how well the information can be presented to you in a way that illustrates trends in income and expense. It’s almost a seamless experience to do all of your purchasing like normal and then find real-time reports about how all of your financing is working out to your advantage or disadvantage.

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Planning Ahead For Disasters

Be Informed

You know, when a disaster strikes, it can take days to restore utilities and get relief efforts in place. My Patriot Supply the 72- hour food supply company can fill your needs with quick food supply in need of when a disaster strikes. With a home freeze dryer, you can take control and preserve taste, nutrition, and color for up to 25 years.

Water (one gallon per person per day. Plan on enough for at least three days)

Non-perishable food (at least a three-day supply)

A can opener

Mess kits (or disposable plates, cups and utensils)

Dish soap

Trash bags

A first aid kit

A first aid book

Prescription meds and basic over-the-counter meds (antihistamine, acetaminophen, etc.)

A flashlight

A radio (battery-powered or hand-crank)


Matches (waterproof or in a waterproof container)

A fire extinguisher

A whistle


Bedding (sleeping bags or warm blankets)

An extra change of clothes and shoes

Rain gear

Toiletries (toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products, etc.)

Basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, crowbar)

A shut-off wrench (to shut off gas or water supply)

Use plastic tarps/sheeting, a staple gun, nails, screws, bungee cords, rope, duct tape (for securing your home)

A pocket knife


Chlorine bleach

You know one of the hardest parts of emergency preparedness is stocking up on food that will stand the test of time. My Patriot Supply is the answer for anyone in need for food supply during disasters. What if you could preserve food that you’ll actually enjoy eating, in any circumstances? Make sure all of your family’s immediate needs are met by creating an emergency supply kit with food, water, a first aid kit and other essentials. Here’s a complete list of supplies to include in your emergency kit:

Water filter straws

Water treatment tablets

Dust or surgical masks (to protect against storm debris)

Plastic freezer bags (to keep things dry)

Cash (small bills and change)

Copies of important documents (insurance cards, insurance policies, birth certificates, bank account info)

Emergency contact numbers

Paper, a pen and a permanent marker

A cellphone and a charger

A backpack or duffel bag to carry everything (one per family member). Water-proof is best.

Optional Items:

A tent

A cook stove and fuel

Cooking tools (a pan, spoon or spatula)

Filtered water bottles

A solar charger (for charging your phone)

Be sure to wear a hat while walking out in the sunshine


To Complete Your Emergency Supply Kit …
Include food and extra water for your pets.
If you have a baby, include diapers, wipes, formula, etc.
Be sure to factor in the needs of any seniors, pregnant or nursing moms, or special needs individuals in your household.
Consider adding a few small toys or books to keep children entertained and to comfort them.

Place everything in a plastic bin (or waterproof container) to ensure your supplies stay dry..

Store your kit in a cool, dry location that is easily accessible. Make sure everyone in your home knows where it is.

Update Your Kit Regularly

FEMA recommends rotating the food and water in your emergency supply kit every six months.

It’s also important to keep up with the expiration dates on meds and batteries, and to swap out clothes both seasonally and as children grow.

Make sure you disinfect the water says you should use 16 drops of bleach to treat one gallon of water. They advise against using bleach that is scented, color-safe or has additional cleaners added.

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Psychometric Test – for Selection and Recruitment Process

In the present time, if you need to apply for any job position then your employers might request you to undergo selection and recruitment test. This is one way most employers will make use of to judge how well you can perform at the job place. Apart from this, it will also offer your employers with details of your efficiency to handle stress and cope well with your workplace.

You have to keep in mind that in present time these types of tests are considered as a part of the entire selection process. To effectively complete the test you may have to follow below-mentioned process:-

  •    Complete your application form for appearing for the test online over the internet.
  •    It is also important that a copy of your resume has to be submitted to the employer before appearing for the test.
  •    At the time of the test, you may also be requested to complete one of the interview sessions with the HR or employer.

The moment these steps are completed, your employer will be having a very clear picture of how well you fit in their organization.

Selection and Recruitment Tests

When speaking of the test, it can be generally bifurcated into two categories:-

  •    Personality test
  •    Ability test

Personality Test

When performing personality test, your employers get a chance to get familiar with your personality including behaviour, thoughts and feelings. This will offer them with a clear picture if you are motivated and enthusiast to be a part of their organization. This helps them take the important decision of hiring the candidate for the available job position.

It also reflects the way you shall perform in the workplace. This is a type of test that is also conducted in the first stages of selection process.

Ability Test

This is a type of aptitude test that helps employers get familiar with your quantitative aptitude. Different testing platforms make use of different types of ability tests. The test may also include different formats including numerical skills, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, etc.

The type of test may also be decided by the job position you might have applied for.

Process for Appearing

When appearing for the test, your employer may request you to appear for the test either on your palmtop device or your desktop.  The test has to appear online such that the moment it is completed employers is given with instant results.

This offers them with benefit as they may not have to wait for the results to be declared and can immediately continue with next stage of selection process. Apart from this, they also have the benefit that the test can appear from any virtual location. This makes the process of conducting the test very much cost effective for both employees and employers.

General Format and Results

In general, candidates have to undergo multiple choice questions for the test. The difficulty level may increase in later stages of the questions. You are also allotted with sufficient time for completing the test. Once completed the results are declared immediately after group comparisons.

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Injured In A Car Accident: Hire Winters And Yonker Law Firm For Help

Every year, millions of Americans are involved in car accidents. Often times, these accidents could have been avoidable. When this is the case, a person will have the opportunity to seek legal action so that they can have their medical bills paid, their vehicle repaired or find justice for avoidable suffering, and you can get a lawyer from Tampa, personal injury attorney tampa, that can help you with these problems.

Car accidents are classified as any collision involving an automobile and another object. A drunk driver most definitely shouldn’t be driving at all. That’s because drunk driving is really dangerous. While many accidents involve two or more automobiles, others only involve one vehicle and a stationary object. When an accident occurs with a stationary object, such as a utility pole, there are times when the driver still may not have been at fault. If a pole happened to fall down or was placed illegally, this would fall under negligence.

A seasoned legal team is here to help with any kind of personal injury case. The law limits the amount of time you have to take action. Don’t wait. Contact a personal injury lawyer at 888-848-9399 if you have suffered injury in any kind of accident, even if you think you might have been at fault.

Without a DUI lawyer you may face serious consequences. A lawyer can defend you and walk you through the entire legal system process. Drinking and driving charges tend to be very complex. The Criminal Law Group of Donich Law firm has the skills and tools that are necessary to defend you.

Every case has to be handled in a different manner. With a plethora of different circumstances, car accidents have to be handled quite diligently. As a person involved in an accident, a free consultation must be sought so that the circumstances and probability of making an adequate claim can be assessed. Once a claim has been filed, a Dallas attorney will encourage their clients to be truthful and patient. Depending on the injuries sustained, different monetary settlements will be available. Oftentimes, a person will receive a settlement based on pain and suffering. Other times, a person will also have their loss of income, car repairs and medical bills covered within the settlement.

The Criminal Law Group of the Donich Law firm has experience in analyzing breathalyzer reading, including search warrant protocol and police investigative techniques. They have an extensive technical knowledge of the operation, use, and calibration of the newest breathalyzer technology that the Canadian police are utilizing. The lawyers of this firm work with toxicologists and other experts of this industry in order to position your defense.

This well-known and respected firm of cost-efficient legal solutions provides a free no-obligation consultation. For more information, feel free to visit

By the way another great law firm that I discovered when I was surfing the web yesterday is Donich Law Professional Corporation they are a DUI lawyer and Over 80 Lawyer firm from Toronto. And they handle all types of legal cases.

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