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Month: December 2017

Low-Cost Business Ideas: How a Student to Start Own Business

It’s always a great idea to start a business while in school. However, students are always left trying to figure out where to get the money to start a business. A business can go a long way to getting you money for tuition and upkeep. It also gives you the much-needed experience of running a business and interacting with clients. Every student needs extra money to survive in school for various reasons including, tuition fees, clothing, groceries and club activities. You can easily make money for all these by starting up a business at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for business ideas that you can try out even with your busy schedules of classes and assignments, then we’ve got you covered. Getting a job with such a schedule can be quite hectic. This is why many students are preferring getting into businesses.

Here we have ideas to get you into a business at a low cost!

Residential Cleaning Service

You can start a business to provide residential cleaning services. 

This is a great option that will enable you to have time for both your classes and your business. All that you have to do for a start is buy a few cleaning materials and put up advertisements both online and through posters in your community area.

Here, you have to be keen to do a good job in the houses that you clean and also be trusted. Do not take anything from the houses or invite your friends over. Respect your clients’ spaces. Once you build trust, you will get many referrals.

A good way to reduce the cost of starting up is by asking your clients to provide most of the supplies that you need, for example, rags that are recyclable. Make sure that you arrive for the cleaning service at the expected time and set aside enough time for you to clean up. This will ensure you do a good job and will keep your clients happy as you are reliable.

Moving Service

A moving service business in school is an incredible business 

I bet you know how stressful moving in and out of campus can be for students. This is a great low-cost business opportunity. You can start a moving service business and help your fellow students make that move.

The downside of this job is that it requires a lot of muscle and hard work. This is because it requires a lot of lifting of heavy and large furniture as well as other items. You, therefore, need to have the right capacity and tools to make moving the items easier, for example, rollers.

For marketing your services, you can put up flyers on the campus, use social media platforms or market by word of mouth. You can also use the campus journals for adverts.

Tutoring Service

Tutoring your peers can earn you some money 

Being a student, we bet you know quite a lot of subjects academically. You are probably good at math, writing essays and biology, among others. You can use your skills and knowledge to make some cash!

You can teach students who are struggling. You can become a tutor through various platforms such as the school’s peer teaching center, or by registering as a tutor in the school. You can also train students in elementary or high school, especially in your home or school area.

You can set up your charge rate based on those of the tutors around your area. The highest demand for tutors is usually for SATs.

Event Organizer

Start a business in event organizing 

As a student, we bet that you’re more exposed to the social scenes. This can earn you money. You can work with local musicians and artists to come up with events in your area. Here, you need to do good planning and execution to make the events a success. You could assist in marketing events in your school through distributing flyers and setting up posters as well as informing your fellow students by word of mouth. This will help in creating an interest in the events.

You can also work with managers of venues in your area to hold the events there and market them online through blogs and social media platforms. You can get paid for the marketing, organizing the event or through sales on the tickets.

Make sure that you do your homework so that you find the right kind of people to work with. The key to making this work is open and frequent communication, good organization skills as well as skills in finance and marketing.


You don’t have to be doing a major in finance to do bookkeeping. All you need is basic know-how of accounting and a good understanding of how to use spreadsheets and analyzing as well as solving real-life problems.

The good thing is that all companies and business need to maintain good records for bookkeeping, hence, there will always be a job for you. For small businesses, they tend to outsource this service to lower their costs. You can, therefore, use this opportunity to fill in the gap.

You can use a low-cost software for startups like Xero. You can also market your services by way of listings on jobs or through referrals by your clients. You should charge on the basis of work complexity as well as your level of experience. It is always a great idea to start with a low charge rate then slowly work towards a higher one with experience.

Making jewelry can earn you good money

Make Jewelry

You don’t have to be a jewelry guru or an expert jewelry maker to start up a business in jewelry. You can start up with simple jewelry for your fellow college mates or even for kids. This can be bracelets, neckpieces, etc. Use an e-commerce site to help you sell them or start your own website.

You can do better work by watching tutorials online as well as doing further research on blogs and other articles.

The best way to sell this kind of jewelry is through advertisements by way of using photos. Ensure that you take good images of the pieces for your website or selling platform to encourage your clients to buy the products. Be keen to use simple and basic tools for example pliers, beads, stones and a wire cutter. They will be affordable.


As a student, you don’t need to have lots of money to start up a business. We have listed a number of low-cost business ideas that will surely set you off on your journey into entrepreneurship. With every business idea, you will need to work hard and be reliable and committed to making it work. We do understand that you spend most of your time in class and doing projects as well as assignments. This is why our ideas are not time-consuming. These ideas are ideal for you as you will be able to handle both business and studies, and still make that extra money. Ensure that you do a good job and remain consistent so as to get more clients through referrals. Whichever skills you, say you are a good writer, the best you could ever do before starting out is researching on what to offer. Let’s say you know how to write 1000 word essay that will score high marks or you’re good at article and blog writing, find out which one will make you money with more ease. Afterwards, you can slowly expand to other niches.

Have any exciting ideas that you would like to share with us? Let us know in comments section.

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, I write to various web platforms. My posts address the topics about self-education, writing, motivation, professional development. In my spare time, I prefer to read novels and crime thriller stories. You can connect with me through @battonschristi.

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Huawei Honor 9i: An Admirable Performer

The communication is the most required element in routine life. There are various means of communication invented and innovated over a period. Before a few years only, the prime mean of communication was a telephone which got replaced by cell phones. However, the basic cell phones had limited utility as people were able to send an SMS or make a phone call only. With the introduction of high speed internet and smartphone, the mode of communication also got changed to a large extent. The present age is known as the age of smartphone where the user is no more dependent on phone calls or SMS.

There are messengers and applications with the help of which it is easy to talk or exchange information over the internet. For this reason, only the use of smartphone has been increased and so is the demand. Various makers have therefore come up with different models with latest features. One of such known Chinese brand is Huawei. 

Until a few years, back very less people used to know that Huawei also manufactures mobile phones. So from no recognition to the famous brand introducing best in class features better than any other mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei has raised the bar. Everything about Huawei’s mobile handsets keeps getting better and better. Each new device that they introduce turns out to be astonishingly amazing. Continuing their streak of introducing a most remarkable smartphone, Huawei has come up with the new handset, and they call it Honor 9i. So the new Huawei Honor 9i has specs and features which are mentioned below. Let’s have a thorough reading:


So Huawei launched Honor 9i on October 14th, 2017. The device is manufactured by Huawei under the brand name Honor, and there is no model number assigned to the device it’s just 9i. Honor 9i runs on Android Nougat and shockingly the not updated Nougat which is Android v7.0. The user interface is designed by Huawei itself and is referred as EMUI by the company. Honor 9i arrives with Android 7.0 topped by EMUI 5.1 which is the latest user interface. This model supports dual SIM and has a hybrid slot which means the user can use either one SIM and a memory card or two SIMs. Both the SIM slots require nanoSIM to function. This device supports 4G (Indian bands), 3G and 2G. VoLTE support is provided for highquality calling experience. There is a fingerprint sensor added an extra layer of security.

Design and Display

The dimensions of this handset are 156.2 x 75.2 7.5 mm, and it weighs 164 grams which is pretty heavy compared to other smartphones in the same budget segment. The device is made in all metal both on front and rear sides. There are three colour variants available for this device namely, aurora blue, graphite black and prestige gold. The display on this device is 5.9 inches which is fairly large compared to its competitors. Screen resolution on this handset is 1080 x 2160 pixels with pixel density of 409 pixels per inch (PPI). The display on this device is IPS LCD type so it the view isn’t changed whenever the viewing angle is changed. This handset works on capacitive touch and supports multi-touch up to 10 finger points. The screen to body ratio is 76.48% which makes clear that the device will be a bit bulky. Hence as per the experts, the design of this model gets full marks.

Image result for Huawei Honor 9i Design and Display

Performance and Storage

Huawei Honor 9i is backed by HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor. It contains two quadcore chipsets. Namely, Cortex A53 clocked at 2.36GHz, and other Cortex A53 clocked at 1.7GHz which makes it an octacore device. The 64bit architecture of the processor makes sure that the device performs efficiently and the battery use is optimal. Graphics on this device are handled by Mali-T830 MP2 GPU which can handle highend gaming graphics with ease. Moreover, this device also has a 4GB RAM for efficient multitasking without any lag. The device has internal memory of 64 GB which can be expanded up to 128 GB with the help of the memory card. For the user, therefore, it becomes much easy to store lots of data in the form of images, videos, and songs.

Image result for Huawei Honor 9i Performance and Storage


The device has the impressive feature of the camera. Unlike any other device in the same budget, this device arrives with four cameras. The rear camera is not a single one; there are two lenses of 16MP + 2MP combining to form a rear camera. The shots captured on the rear camera are well lighted and have balanced exposure. Clarity is not compromised in the picture taken by the rear camera. However, this device doesn’t support OIS, but it comes with dual LED flash to capture bright images in the night. It captures the images with 4616 x 3464pixel resolution. One can control exposure compensation and ISO from settings. The videos recorded in this videos have 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second frame rate. The front camera is also a 13MP + 2MP shooter with an aperture of f2.0 and an LED flash. The battery on this device is 3340mAh and non-user replaceable.

Image result for Huawei Honor 9i Performance and Storage

Network and Connectivity

This device supports dual SIMs but it has a hybrid slot, so if one uses a memory card then only one SIM can be used. Wi-Fi is provided on this device to access the internet wirelessly; one can also use Wi-Fi directly to cast device screen on smart TV. Bluetooth v4.1 is provided for wireless data sharing and other media pairing requirements. This device can be charged, and files on it can be synced with microUSB v2.0. GPS on this device can be used for navigation purpose provided there is an internet connection.


The device has a 3.5mm headphone socket for the better sound experience. Light, proximity, accelerometer and compass sensor are inbuilt on these devices. The price of Huawei Honor 9i in India has been set to Rs.18000. It is a fair purchase considering the price and features provided.

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Should You Opt for a Personal Loan?

There might be situations in your life when you will need some funds urgently but might not have any in your bank account. At such a time you can ask for some funds from your friend or relatives, but that imposes a lot of restrictions on you. So the next best thing that you can think about is taking a personal loan.

Availing a loan is not as easy as it sounds and there are a few procedures that you need to complete before the bank approves your application for a personal loan. The proceeds that you earn from a personal loan can be used for any reason that you deem fit. The financial institutions or lenders give you the liberty to use the money in whichever way you want.

Here are a few situations when you can opt for a personal loan:

1. When You Want to Consolidate Your Debt:

Having a debt can prove to be a real nightmare if you do not have any money to pay off the debt. In the modern world, swiping a card has given us the power to spend the money which we actually do not have. But while swiping our cards, what we do not consider is that we eventually have to repay this money to the financial institutions or lender.

Repaying this debt can put you through a tough time as the rate of interest that you have to pay is quite high. But instead of paying a higher rate of interest you can opt for a personal loan and pay off all the debt that you have. The advantage of taking a personal loan is that it offers a lower rate of interest comparatively and you will be able to pay off all the debt in one go.

2. When You Want to Explore New Place:

Traveling to new places has and exploring them has become very popular these days. With this rising popularity, there comes a rise in the local market which makes everything very costly. And you cannot always the funds to pay for all of this.

In such a situation, you can opt for taking a personal loan. A personal loan can help you pay for all the things included in the trip right from the charges for the hotel stay, the food, the sight-seeing and it will even pay for your tickets to the destination.

3. When You Have a Medical Emergency:

Most medical conditions come unannounced and you never know when you will be needing funds to pay for all the medical bills. When you have to face a medical emergency it becomes very difficult to deal with the financial situation as well. It becomes very difficult to cough up a huge amount of money in a short span of time and in such a situation, you can always opt for a personal loan.

4. When You Want to Change Things Around Your Home:

Taking a personal loan to change a few things around you is the smarter thing to do as home improvements can cost quite a lot. The expenses for home improvements will increase if you an old home and you want to renovate it completely. Since you can use the proceeds of a personal loan for any reason, you can use the same for making any major changes around your house.

A personal loan is a serious financial decision and it is not to be taken lightly. Taking a personal loan will affect your monthly finances until you pay off all the debt. You will have to pay Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) until you are cleared of your debt and that will have a huge impact on your monthly income and expenses.

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