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In a day and age where phones come and go everyday, Comio has been at the top with their upcoming mobile phone. The mobile phone Comio S1 is a stunner. Available at a reasonable price of Rs.8999 , the upcoming mobile phone boasts of a host of features. The Comio S1 mobile phone is available in 2 gorgeous colours, Royal Black and Sunrise Gold. It’s slim metal cover makes it a real treat to the eyes and gives a smooth feel.

The screen is 5.2 inches and has ultra HD finish to it. The quality of the screen is impeccable with the HD IPS display. The front camera is stunner with 8MP with flash which makes the perfect lighting for the perfect picture a forgotten hassle. The perfect selfie by your side within a click. The rear camera of this latest 4g mobile phone has flash and the feature of auto focus with 13MP to boast to itself. The rear camera features make it easy to click pictures fast and with crystal clarity.

The camera of this mobile phone are a stunner for their price. The Comio S1 mobile phone has 64-Quad Core processor with an impressive 2GB RAM and a great storage of 32GB making it easy to keep all files at one place. The S1 mobile phone has a brilliant battery life of 2700mAH which keeps you charged up for the whole day. The S1 mobile phone has a fast responsive fingerprint sensor which lets you be updated with everything in a flash. The S1 mobile phone supports Android 7.0 Nougat and 4G VoLTE network sim.

The S1 mobile phone offers a warranty of 1 year and a free 100 days extra along with screen breakage warranty and a guarantee of 30 days replacement. Comio even offers an upgrade offer and buy back offer where one is offered lucrative offers to upgrade to the best S1  mobile phone , the Comio S1. The Comio S1 is a must but for all those who have a passion for phone photography and a fast processor. The Comio S1 is truly the best mobile phone. And it doesn’t stop there. Even the upcoming mobile phones by Comio promise to build on this initial burst of great value and amazing features.

Tarun Rao

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