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Important Tips For CAT Exam Day

Tips for CAT Exam

Every year several MBA aspirants register for the exams like CAT, GMAT, XAT, MAT, etc. to get admissions into various prestigious B-Schools. Amongst the numerous MBA entrance tests, the CAT and GMAT scores are considered extremely crucial as they are accepted by various top management schools in India and abroad.

As the CAT exam is approaching, the candidates need to be thorough with the preparation to be able to tackle the CAT questions with ease. The candidates are required to develop personalized test-taking strategies to be comfortable during the CAT exam. Hence, some of the important exam day tips are given here to help the aspirants take the CAT exam easily and confidently.

  • Be Accurate and Avoid Guessing

As the CAT exam has a negative marking of 1 mark for each MCQ, the candidates need to be very accurate while answering the questions. It is suggested that guessing should be avoided and the answers should be accurately marked. It should also be noted that the NON-MCQ or TITA questions should never be left unattempted since they do not attract any negative marking.

  • Have Personalized Time Management Strategies

The CAT exam includes 100 questions to be solved within 3 hours. The candidates are required to have personal time management strategies to be able to solve a number of questions efficiently. So, it is suggested to attempt the easy questions first and then move on to the tougher ones to be able to solve a number of questions and get a higher percentile in the exam.

  • Select Questions Strategically

There are some questions in the CAT which are both difficult and time-taking at the same time. Solving these questions reduces the confidence and morale of the candidates and they spend a lot of time while solving them. Due to such wrong question selection, several candidates end up attempting fewer questions and thereby reduce their respective scores. So, it is suggested to be flexible with the questions selection and leave such difficult questions for later.

  • Be Focused During the Exam

Candidates often get distracted during the exam and end up wasting a lot of time. Sometimes, candidates also end up marking the incorrect answer choice due to lack of focus. So, the candidates are always suggested to be focused during the exam to avoid any distractions and potential mistakes.

With these tips, the candidates can easily attempt the CAT paper and score decent marks in the exam. The CAT 2017 exam is approaching and the candidates need to be thoroughly prepared and dedicated for the exam. The candidates can apply to various management colleges after the declaration of CAT result 2017 by the IIMs.

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