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Time Management – Top 4 Apps for Students

Top Apps for Students

No matter what a student will find it difficult to manage things timely. Right from the morning they are in a hurry to catch the school bus, to attend the first class, to finish off the homework, the list is never ending.

With the availability of these expert applications, managing time has become easy for every student. However, if you are looking for any expert to manage your writing assignments, you can consult any professional and opt for buy custom essays. This will help you to complete all your tasks within the set timeframe.

Here is a list of top 4 applications which has made the life of a student easy :-

  1. iStudiezPro: If you are a planning freak then you won’t be able to live without iStudiez Pro. You will be really impressed with the great features. You can get a quick overview of your daily tasks and homework. You can trust this app to manage your class schedule, your upcoming tests and your assignments. It even tracks the instructors’ information and the holiday list. You can use the calculator to calculate your grades. iStudiez Pro has made it easy to catch up assignment deadlines or to catch an important class. You can set a notification for all the tasks and events. Now staying well organized has become a piece of cake for any student. Just install iStudiez Pro in your mobile and you will never miss a deadline.
  2. Wunderlist: If you are looking for an ultimate planner then Wunderlist is the app for you. This app has been created to make planning super easy. You can set a reminder for your upcoming assignments and tests. You can choose to get notifications via push messages and e-mails. Wunderlist is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, iPad and Windows. It enables students to create multiple lists and co-ordinate with other users of Wunderlist. You won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket to get this app, as it comes for free.
  3. Toggl: If you want an alternative to time-sheet, then there is nothing like Toggl. An awesome app to track time. Toggl has made it easy to track how much time you are spending on a single project or assignment. This way you can set monitor and set time for each individual subject matter. This app is extremely simple to use. Toggl improves time management ability by defining priorities. A must have app for any student.
  4. Trello: If you measure by popularity then Trello certainly qualifies at the top. It is an exceptionally useful app, which helps to break tasks into different stages. Once you are assigned a task, it will straightway go to the To-Do column. When you start sharing the work, it will go to the In-Progress column. And after you submit, you can mark it Complete. This helps the student to understand how much is remaining and how quickly they will have to get the task done, since the report is transparent in the Trello Board.

With the evolution of technology no field has been untouched. Keeping the students in mind, the tech giants have created applications to help the kids manage time.



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