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Make More Money With A Better Web Design

Designing a business website is much more involved than some people may understand prior to building one.  You may know how to build a visually appealing presentation, but there is more to designing a successful website than making it all look good.  

People have become very comfortable and very familiar with the digital reality of e-commerce, and they have a specific purpose in their search.  Your business website must be designed with a purposeful web user in mind.  Here are a few helpful designing tips to get you on your way to designing the most efficient website possible.  

Showcase the services/products your business provides

Your company’s “Products & Services” page is their proverbial bread and butter.  It is what designing a business website is all about.  You want to do business online.  

The number one most important aspect of a successfully designed “Products & Services” page (like this excellent example) is simplicity.  An overcomplicated purchasing page can cause confusion and cause your business to lose sales.  

Design an eye-catching homepage

Your homepage is theoretically your virtual introduction to your business.  You have less than ten seconds to grab the attention of web users, so your design needs to be thoroughly researched.  

It is good to utilize the use of space in your homepage design.  Web users will run away from a cluttered page quicker than you can think, “Oh, no!”  Take the time to thoroughly research the essential components of a homepage design, before you spend hours designing.  

Communication is super important

Communication is another staple of good business.  If you can communicate with people effectively, you can do anything.  When designing a business website, communication should remain a priority.  

Design an interactive, engaging “Contact Us” page for web users.  Your online community deserves to have a direct line of contact to your customer service professionals.  Make sure it is simple for users to share their thoughts, feelings, and criticism.  

Tell the web community something about your business

It is good for business to build rapport with your online audience, and your website’s “About Us” page is the best place to begin.  Design an informative section of your website to let web users learn a little more about the most influential professionals in your company.  

Share a short bio for the main players, so web users can clearly see their credentials and qualifications for their position in the business.  Show the competence of your staff, and help people see that your employees are the cream of the crop.  

Always optimize for mobile use

The frequency of mobile use in the world is far too high to ignore, especially when you are running a business.  You want to tap into the mobile community.  If users have to pinch and swipe to view your website, then you need to invest in some mobile optimization.

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