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How to get best battery performance from your 4G smartphone


Your smartphone needs to stay powered wherever you go. In an age when connectivity is of paramount importance, you can’t afford to keep your 4g smartphone off just because the battery won’t function. So how do we exactly make the battery store charge for long enough time, without affecting the battery life? Here’s 4 pro-ways to keep your 4g mobile phones battery work great without spending an extra buck:

Avoid extreme temperatures when charging

Every device is lab-tested under a set of temperature and other constraints that make up its comfort zone. Exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures will damage the battery’s capacity to hold charges.

Preferring WiFi over Mobile Data

This is no secret that SIM-enabled data connection consumes more battery and affects the overall life of your device. Whenever possible, switch to wifi network so that there is less load on the battery power. Also, you don’t have to buy those fancy data plans.

Optimize battery usage in Settings

Most of the 4g mobile phones are powered by Android and so you can reduce the screen brightness to conserve battery. Simply navigate to Settings-> Battery and Storage. Once there, tap on Power-Saving mode. It will prevent background updates to run (don’t worry, the basic functions like calling and other internet-enabled features will still work)

Switch off the phone periodically

Like all intelligent devices, smartphones need to reboot itself. Make sure you turn off your smartphone regularly. It doesn’t have to be hours though, a single 10-minute shutting down of the device can prolong battery performance. Also, good for the hardware.

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