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Norton Core Wi-Fi Router Review

Norton Core Wi-Fi Router Review

Almost everyone all over the world is now using internet services. Thanks to technological and livelihood advancements that have made this possible. To get connected to the internet, you probably use a modem or a Wi-Fi router. There are many different types of routers that exist in the market. The type or brand of router that you are using at the moment is probably a different one from which your immediate neighbor is using. Such is the diversity when it comes to WIFI routers. However, did you know that the advancing technology comes with its negative effects? These days, thousands of internet users have fallen victims to viruses and malwares that have corrupted their computer systems leading to the potential loss and damage of very valuable data and information. A perfect solution for this problem is yet to be found. However, very bold steps towards ensuring your safety on the internet have been taken and we can just hope that these security features get even better. One of the major steps towards cyber insecurity which cannot go unnoticed is the introduction of the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router. Norton Core Wi-Fi router has completely revolutionized the internet world with its unique combination of security and technology features. In this article, we will be looking at this great tool, to show you why you might just want to part with those few extra coins to own this great and amazing Wi-Fi router.


Norton Core Wi-Fi Router

Norton Core is a secure Wi-Fi router and helps in protecting your home network and helps protects an unlimited number of your connected phone devices, computer systems and your smart home devices. against malware, viruses, hackers ,and cybercriminals. This Wi-Fi router goes a long way in helping protect your connected home by stopping cyber-attacks at the network level, and though a bit more expensive than the standard router, Norton Core Wi-Fi router is surely worthy. Below are the amazing features of this unique Wi-Fi router:


Device discovery– This means that you can choose which devices stays connected and the one to disconnect. It also helps you manage your connected network so you can identify foreign or strange connectivity.

Guest access– Norton Core Wi-Fi router allows you to create or make guest access. You can do this by a simple touch of your button on the app and you are able to either approve or block devices trying to join your guest network. In this modern world, it is possible for strangers to connect to your unsecured network and access data on other devices connected to your network. However, with this router, you don’t have to fear as it puts you in control.

Smart parental control– When it comes to the internet, the first people that you should protect is your family. Are you that person who has a teenager or young kid? Then this Wi-Fi router is for you as you don’t have to fear that your young one will watch undesirable web content, Norton Core includes a one -year complimentary subscription to Norton Core Security Plus that comes with parental control software for your kid’s devices while at home or on-the-go.The smart parental control feature enables you to control what your kid watches online. Core makes it easy parental control settings are categorized by the age of the user ( or you can customize the settings yourself ). In this world, where almost everything can be found on the internet, the innocence of your young kid may be protected by allowing you to regulate what they watch and the time they do it.

Security features– As mentioned earlier, this Wi-Fi router, with it’s one- year complimentary subscription to Norton Core Security Plus, is on its own lane when it comes to security. Core pushes out background updates to your router as improvements are created to protect against new threats.

Helps protects all your connected devices– This Wi-Fi router comes with a one-year subscription to the Norton Core Security Plus. Norton Core Security Plus protects all your connected devices, including the tablets, Macs and smartphones. This helps protect that all your connected devices stay keeping them safe and secure from malware and viruses.

Very high-performance Wi-Fi router– Norton Core Wi-Fi router is a very high-performance router that enables you to stream your desired movies and videos in 4K, allows you to efficiently play your favorite online games and also download available content, also has  the powerful Norton Core’s dual-core processor. It has unique and strong antenna arrays which are able to efficiently deliver great Wi-Fi speeds to different parts of your house.

In a nutshell, Norton Core Wi-Fi router is a unique and interesting Wi-Fi router for our times. It has been able to address the challenges facing the standard routers, giving you even better services. Nothing is as satisfying as knowing that, your privacy and online safety is protected while surfing the internet. Buy this great Wi-Fi router for a great online experience!

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