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Month: October 2017

How To Start Your Savings While Being In College?

Saving money while studying might just be the biggest challenge you can face as a college student. With different academic expenses and quality of life items you need to buy on a daily and weekly basis, how can anyone manage to save money when college comes knocking?

Luckily, there are ways to control your spending by carefully planning out your savings. What are some of the most useful and easy-to-manage ways to start your savings while still being in college?

Start a savings account

The hardest step is the first step; no matter what you try doing in life. Going to a bank and opening a savings account will give you good motivation to start putting some money on the side early on. Even if you put a couple of dollars into the account each week, you will find yourself in a good position once the academic year is over.

Keeping a saving intact without a bank account is very tempting and difficult for anyone, not just college students. Make it easier on yourself and visit a local bank to inquire about student savings accounts.

Using second-hand textbooks

No professor will care if your books are old or new. What they will care about is your willingness to use them and your ability to follow the curriculum. Talk to some of the seniors at your college and look for second-hand books online.

They are much cheaper than brand new textbooks from your college library. Most of your junior expenses will come from buying new books and equipment for studying, but you can save a lot of money just by looking for used things before opting for new ones.

Opt for cheaper housing

Depending on the country or state you will attend college in, there are different options available for housing in each. Some countries encourage students to live in dormitories with fellow colleagues which automatically translate to having a roommate. Some countries have expensive dorms that many students skip and decide to live in flats and shared apartments across the city.

A good way to control your spending urges is to think about college. The main reason you have moved away from home and started a student’s life is to develop your skills and gain an academic degree down the line.

This will require a lot of effort and sacrifice on your part, which in turn translates to very little free time for spending money. Studying instead of going on a shopping spree is a good way to control your savings and it will also help you handle your courses a lot easier.

Plan your grocery list

It’s very difficult to write things down and then follow up on them to the letter. Planning your grocery lists before going out will save you a lot of time and money down the line, no matter the situation you find yourself in. You can also save time with essay writing companies if you find yourself in a difficult scheduling position.

Grocery shopping is an essential part of college life that can easily eat up your savings if you are not careful enough. Buy the elementary things you need for food, hygiene, and cleaning without glancing at snacks or unnecessary items.

Stay away from entertainment

Opting for free TV, internet, and free-to-play games can help you save a lot of money during your college years. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of buying games or paying for monthly subscription services that you won’t have the time to use anyway.

Try finding your entertainment on YouTube, Tumblr and similar websites that can actually help you learn something new. Listening to podcasts is also free and can help you prepare exams and learn new things about the world without paying a dime.

Limit your credit card use

Stick to using your cash allowance and pocket money instead of drawing your credit card. Your parents and family might give you some spending money to get you by and it should be enough for elementary college expenses.

However, we all know that sometimes this isn’t enough and you will have to use the credit card allowance your parents sent you. Keep these expenses to a minimum and only use card payments when there is no other option.

Go out – moderately

College is all about socializing with colleagues and new friends you will meet on campus. It’s only natural that you will have to go out every once in a while and pay for your drinks. Make it a practice to only go out to a coffee place or a club once a week as a treat to you.

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone and just embrace the habit of limiting your outside expenses. It’s far cheaper and more enjoyable to invite your friends over for homemade coffee and talk without having to think about the bill later on.

Work on your self-control

There will be times when you lose control and spend some extra money on something you really wanted – and that’s okay. You are studying full-time to become a professional in a field that you love.  This requires a lot of concentration and self-sacrifice, so what if you spent a little extra and bought yourself a treat? Just because you are working on your savings doesn’t mean that you should stop living your life.

Final thoughts

Working on your savings is a long-term process that won’t happen overnight. Do your best to put aside as much money as you can but don’t sacrifice elementary living expenses in order to do so. College is only a small part of your life that leads to better things, so make sure it’s memorable for you.

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5 Main Rules of Secure Payments on The Web

Making use of online payments is something available to everyone. However, not every website or alleged service you come across will be legitimate. A number of phishing websites and fake payment operatives are set up throughout the internet, praying on the unfamiliar and elderly.

Payment security issues are a constant threat on the internet, one that will never go away due to the number of active hackers. What are some of the ground rules you need to be aware of when paying for something online?

1. Use of trusted platforms

Whenever you are buying something online, make sure that you only do so through trusted platforms. Websites such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart or reliable writing companies are trusted when it comes to using your payment information.

These sites are only supposed to take as much money from your cards as the receipt tells them to, drawing an exact amount from your account (with the added transfer charge). If a website takes more than it was supposed to or if you notice additional charges several days later, you should contact your card provider immediately and block this service from your card. A good and reliable way to distinguish reliable site from dishonest is check the protocol of it, whether it is http or https. Sites that operate with personal and financial information are prohibited to use the http: protocol.

Even if you are using specialized websites for books, clothing or accessories, make sure that you always know what you are getting into by carefully examining the site beforehand. If you are unsure about a website, ask a friend to help you out or find another service that matches your needs.

2. Always check your hyperlink

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you might know about hyperlinks and how they work. In short, the internet is a repository of hyperlinks, which you access every time you click on a link and go to a different web page. Some of these pages are deliberately designed to look like payment verification pages that ask for your personal information.

Detecting these sites takes a bit of getting used to. They are often masked so well that the only thing differentiating them from real sites is a single letter in the hyperlink.

If you can’t see a padlock icon in your hyperlink bar, you should think twice about entering any personal information that the website is asking of you. While it may be a legitimate site for payment verification, it is more than likely a phishing site designed to take your card information and use it without consent.

3. Stay away from banner ads

Accessing any website through an ad that you saw online might not be a good idea. These advertisement materials show up on a huge number of sites that rely on ad revenue for their income.

However, many of these advertisements are not what they seem, often deliberately masking malicious links as harmless shopping sites, discounts and rewards. This is the traditional tactic of click bait, commonly used amongst scammers.

If you see an interesting ad pop up, ignore it and do a Google search on whatever it is you are interested in. Using Google to access your desired search results is the safest way to avoid malicious content on the web and keep your payment methods secure.

4. Avoid open public networks

Using open Wi-Fi networks is a sure way of getting your information caught by someone you don’t trust. If you find yourself in a park, a coffee shop or a mall and decide to do some online shopping, steer clear of public Wi-Fi networks. It’s far too easy to gain access to devices that connect to these networks and you can have severe consequences for doing so. Use your mobile data for any online shopping you want to do while in public and make sure to do it as fast as possible and keep it to a minimum.

Using your home network and desktop computer is the safest way to shop online while maintaining a relatively high level of security. Not only are desktop computers harder to crack but they are also equipped with antivirus software and better malware detection methods that can help you out tremendously.

5. Check for reviews beforehand

Lastly, it might be a good idea to check for reviews on particular services that you plan on using. If you want to subscribe to a particular unknown service or just use their online features one time, make sure to talk to someone beforehand.

Google searching for user experiences and reviews on particular websites is a good way to verify someone’s credibility. It can also be good practice to check the site yourself, contact it directly, state your intentions and ask for any sort of proof about their legitimacy. Don’t rush into entering your payment information with websites that seem fishy. It might just be personal paranoia, but paranoia can keep your wallet safe when it comes to internet payments.

In conclusion

Web payments have made shopping easier both locally and overseas. You can easily order items from different continents and have them delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days. This sort of technological development has made it easier than ever before to become victim to malpractice, hacking attempts and even identity theft.

Check your favorite websites twice before thinking about trusting them with your personal information. While it may seem like a chore to go through the hoops of checking their background, you would be surprised as to how many fake websites there are on the internet that stalk for unsuspecting buyers and their credit cards.

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The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide

Email marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing tools for any business. To be more precise, it is an integral part of an online and offline business. It allows building direct communication between the brand (business, company) and potential or existing customers. Well-designed newsletters, that meet corporate standards and are just interesting for the audience are the well-thought e-mail marketing campaign. Now, this is the most profitable channel of digital communications. You can invest $1 and get back $38, according to experts.

What tasks does email marketing solve?

● Building a long-term customer relationship program;
● Understanding the interests and preferences of customers;
● Stimulating repeat sales;
● Support for loyalty programs;
● Expansion of customer database.

The process of developing an email marketing strategy is quite a challenge. Any mistake can lead to a complete loss of interest in your letters and the brand as a whole. Thus, to build an effective communication strategy via email newsletters and see an increase in customer involvement and their motivation in making purchases, you need to get the proper knowledge. And that’s why the Every cloud team have prepared for you this Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide. This data can help you to estimate the profit and loss from email marketing. You will be able to develop your own marketing campaign that will work ideal for your business and customers. Knowing how men and women use email can define the right segment of customers. The understanding how consumers use email on various devices will give you a hint where to put an emphasis in the next email campaign. Time, when to send email, will inform you when your customers are more willing to answer you. E-mail marketing is not a rocket science when you know how to use it.


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Norton Core Wi-Fi Router Review

Norton Core Wi-Fi Router Review

Almost everyone all over the world is now using internet services. Thanks to technological and livelihood advancements that have made this possible. To get connected to the internet, you probably use a modem or a Wi-Fi router. There are many different types of routers that exist in the market. The type or brand of router that you are using at the moment is probably a very different one from which your immediate neighbor is using. Such is the diversity when it comes to WIFI routers. However, did you know that the advancing technology comes with its negative effects? Today, thousands of internet users have fallen victims of viruses and malwares that have corrupted their computer systems leading to loss and damage of very valuable data and information. A perfect solution for this problem is yet to be found. However, very bold steps towards ensuring your safety on the internet have been taken and we can just hope that these security features get even better. One of the major steps towards eliminating cyber insecurity that cannot go unnoticed is the introduction of the Norton Core Wi-Fi Router. Norton Core Wi-Fi router has completely revolutionized the internet world with its unique, modern and reliable security and technological features that can never be compared to any other Wi-Fi router. In this article, we will be looking at this great tool, to show you why you might just want to part with those few extra coins to own this great and amazing Wi-Fi router.

Norton Core Wi-Fi Router

Norton Core is a Wi-Fi router that is secure and helps in protecting your home network and also protects an unlimited number of your phone devices, computer systems and your smart home devices. This router scans your devices for viruses, malware and also cybercriminals who might pose a great threat to your devices and computer systems. This Wi-Fi router goes a long way in ensuring your internet safety, and though a bit expensive than the standard router, Norton Core Wi-Fi router is surely worthy. Below are the amazing features of this unique Wi-Fi router:

Device discovery– Unlike many other Wi-Fi routers, Norton Core allows you to discover or recognize all your devices that are connected to your network. This means that you can always choose which device stays connected and the one to disconnect. It also helps you manage all the connected networks and hence you can always identify any foreign or strange connectivity.

Guest access– Norton Core Wi-Fi router allows you to create or make guest access. You can do this by a simple touch of your button and you are able to either approve or block devices trying to join your guest network. In this modern world, it is possible for strangers to connect to your network without your knowledge and steal or interfere with any data shared over this network. However, with this router, you don’t have to fear as you are always on control.

Smart parental control– When it comes to the internet, the first people that you should protect is your family. Are you that person who has a teenager or young kid? Then this Wi-Fi router is for you as you don’t have to fear that your young one will watch any undesirable content that might spoil him or her. The smart parental control feature enables you to control what your kid watch as you are able to assign an age group to a given user. In this world, where almost everything can be found on the internet, the innocence of your young kid needs to be protected by ensuring that you actually regulate what they watch and the time they do it. Save your kids from adult contents, pornography and drugs exposure by buying this Wi-Fi router.

Security features– As mentioned earlier, this Wi-Fi router is on its own lane when it comes to security. It has been equipped with defense mechanism which comes with immediate background updates in case of threats such as the attack of viruses. A very unique characteristic feature of this router is that it is able to update all the routers in the market if it identifies a threat. This means that you are always protected, and not only with current threats, but also with the threats that are yet to be created.

Protects all your connected devices– This Wi-Fi router comes with a one-year subscription to the Norton Security. The Norton Security protects all your connected device, including the tablets, Macs and smartphones. This ensures that all your devices stay safe and secure from malware and cybercriminals.

Very high-performance Wi-Fi router– Unlike many other standard routers, Norton Core Wi-Fi router is a very high-performance router that enables you to stream and watch your desired movies and videos in 4K, allows you to efficiently play your favorite online games and also download any desired content. This it does while ensuring that your connection safe and secure with the powerful Norton Core’s dual-core processor. It has very unique and strong antenna arrays which are able to efficiently deliver great Wi-Fi speeds to every part of your house.

In a nutshell, Norton Core Wi-Fi router is a very unique and interesting Wi-Fi router of our times. It has been able to address the challenges facing the other standard routers, giving you even better services. Nothing is as satisfying as knowing that, your privacy and online safety is guaranteed while surfing the internet. Buy this great Wi-Fi router for a great online experience!

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7 Resources I Wish I Knew Before Writing Selling Social Media Posts

It seems that these days writing is easier than ever: all you need to do is simply write and post it online. However, it’s not like that. Sure, it’s hard to spoil good writing if you have the necessary skills and are able to write engaging posts – but at the same time, it’s possible to make it even bet-ter. Much better, actually

Good writing has to be polished, engaging, and attention-grabbing. There are plenty of online re-sources that can help you with any of these things – and today I want to share them with you. Here are 7 amazing websites and tools that could help you make stunning social media posts even eas-ier.

1. Hemingway App

We hear that it’s so important to be concise in our writing – but what exactly does it mean? The best way to find this out is by practice, and this tool can help you with that. Hemingway App is a free online tool (though you’ll have to pay $19.99 if you want to purchase a desktop version) that proofreads your text.

However, proofreading is not its only benefit. The best thing about Hemingway App is that it helps you write better, avoiding complex sentences and unnecessary language. It highlights all the words that seem too complex and all the sentences that are too short – and all you need to do to accept its suggestions or decline them if you want to.

2. Readability Score

This tool is a great addition to the previous one – though it doesn’t offer any stylistic suggestions, it analyzes the readability of your text, giving you an actual score. You can use Readability Score to check how easy it would be for the readers to understand your text and (in case the result isn’t sat-isfying) improve this score with the help of Hemingway App.

3. EliteEssayWriters

Being a good writer doesn’t necessarily equals being a good proofreader. So if you have an oppor-tunity to entrust the proofreading part to the professionals, why not do so?

EliteEssayWriters is a website that offers academic writing and proofreading services at reasona-ble prices. Students use it to get some help with their work or to look for a proposal essay example – and you can use it to get high-quality proofreading as quick as you need it. Be sure: professionals working for EliteEssayWriters are able to deliver the best result no matter how soon a deadline is.

4. ZenPen

Sometimes even the best writers find it hard to concentrate on the whole writing process. Sure, you can use various timers like Pomodoro or other tools that help you focus, by why not choose an easier way?

ZenPen is a minimalist text editor with a full-screen feature. It allows you to focus on the writing process only, without getting distracted by other things.

5. Easy Word Count

Many writers need to keep track of the word count during their work. However, it’s not always pos-sible. Sometimes the text editors simply don’t count the words right and sometimes they don’t even have this option.

That’s when this tool can come to your aid. Not only does it offer you the exact word count but also proofreads the text, highlighting grammar and error mistakes. It’s an online tool so you can reach it easily from any mobile device.

6. Cite It In

Quotations as well as references to various reliable sources add value to your content and can at-tract even more readers. However, you need to make it right in order to avoid troubles. An incor-rectly cited source or quote can affect the originality of your content and lead to accusations of pla-giarism.

Lucky for us, we have a website to prevent this. Cite It In structures your sources correctly and au-tomatically. All you need to do is simply fill the form – and enjoy the result.

7. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Some people struggle with post ideas, not knowing exactly what do they want to write about. Some have a certain idea or ideas in mind yet still fails to come up with the right topics.

Topics and headlines matter a lot when it comes to social media. Always remember that people usually make their choice on whether to read an article or not in the first 15 seconds of looking at it. So if you do want to impress them, you need to do so with the help of a header image, a short de-scription, and a topic of course.

This tool can help you with the latter. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator generates blog topics basing on the three words of your choice. Moreover, it doesn’t generate only one topic – no, after typing three words only, you’ll get a list of 10 amazing topics you can use.
Writing good content for social media can be a challenge. It requires not only strong writing skills but also attention to so many details. These details are actually the most challenging part as even an experienced writer might not know what to focus on in the first place.

However, online tools can make the process a lot easier, taking care of the details for you. While the tools listed in this article are indeed useful, you don’t have to use all of them. Instead, focus on the areas you might need some extra help with and try to use the tools that could help you with these areas.

Moreover, don’t use them blindly: always try to analyze and evaluate the effect they have. Does your writing is shared more often when you come up with headlines on your own or when you use randomly generated ones? Does shortening your sentences actually helps or your audience like your raw, unedited style more?

Remember that all writers are different and what works for one might not work as well for another. Therefore, always evaluate, compare, and experiment to find the path that would truly be the best for you.

I wish you good luck with that!

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, I write or various web platforms. My posts address the topics about self-education, writing, motiva-tion, professional development. In my spare time, I prefer to read novels and crime thriller stories. You can connect with me through @battonschristi

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