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Month: October 2017

Time Management – Top 4 Apps for Students

Top Apps for Students

No matter what a student will find it difficult to manage things timely. Right from the morning they are in a hurry to catch the school bus, to attend the first class, to finish off the homework, the list is never ending.

With the availability of these expert applications, managing time has become easy for every student. However, if you are looking for any expert to manage your writing assignments, you can consult any professional and opt for buy custom essays. This will help you to complete all your tasks within the set timeframe.

Here is a list of top 4 applications which has made the life of a student easy :-

  1. iStudiezPro: If you are a planning freak then you won’t be able to live without iStudiez Pro. You will be really impressed with the great features. You can get a quick overview of your daily tasks and homework. You can trust this app to manage your class schedule, your upcoming tests and your assignments. It even tracks the instructors’ information and the holiday list. You can use the calculator to calculate your grades. iStudiez Pro has made it easy to catch up assignment deadlines or to catch an important class. You can set a notification for all the tasks and events. Now staying well organized has become a piece of cake for any student. Just install iStudiez Pro in your mobile and you will never miss a deadline.
  2. Wunderlist: If you are looking for an ultimate planner then Wunderlist is the app for you. This app has been created to make planning super easy. You can set a reminder for your upcoming assignments and tests. You can choose to get notifications via push messages and e-mails. Wunderlist is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, iPad and Windows. It enables students to create multiple lists and co-ordinate with other users of Wunderlist. You won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket to get this app, as it comes for free.
  3. Toggl: If you want an alternative to time-sheet, then there is nothing like Toggl. An awesome app to track time. Toggl has made it easy to track how much time you are spending on a single project or assignment. This way you can set monitor and set time for each individual subject matter. This app is extremely simple to use. Toggl improves time management ability by defining priorities. A must have app for any student.
  4. Trello: If you measure by popularity then Trello certainly qualifies at the top. It is an exceptionally useful app, which helps to break tasks into different stages. Once you are assigned a task, it will straightway go to the To-Do column. When you start sharing the work, it will go to the In-Progress column. And after you submit, you can mark it Complete. This helps the student to understand how much is remaining and how quickly they will have to get the task done, since the report is transparent in the Trello Board.

With the evolution of technology no field has been untouched. Keeping the students in mind, the tech giants have created applications to help the kids manage time.


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Online Technology that Helps Build Your Money-Making Potential

When it comes to personal moneymaking potential, online technology has a lot to offer. There used to be gatekeepers that would prevent certain types of information getting out unless you paid for it. The rules of the game have changed now, however, which levels the playing field in many cases.

You can take continuing education courses, join virtual social groups, update online resumes, and find all sorts of potential passive income via various online technologies. It does take some time, effort, and energy to figure out how to make these resources work for you, but the sooner you dig into the possibilities, the sooner you will benefit.

Continuing Education Courses

Especially if you’re a teacher, you want to have as much certification behind you as possible to make as much money as you can. The more education you have, the more money you deserve! So, you can take continuing education courses to bump up your income potential. There is a huge jump in salary between teachers who have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree for instance. Using online resources to further your teaching education has a significant return on investment.

Social Groups

Joining education social groups can have payback potential as well. Not only are you increasing your network of available clients or employers, but you’re also learning how to interact with people who make more money than you. When you see how successful people function within a group, you can start to emulate those characteristics yourself, thereby making yourself more competitive. Make sure that you pay attention to basic online etiquette, and joining social groups through the major media platforms will ultimately have lots of positive effects.

Online Resumes

Be sure to update your online resume every time you add another skill set to your professional array of accomplishments. Online technology allows you to have a real-time resume up where employers can look for it through all different types of platforms. If an employer is impressed with your resume, that will give you an immediately larger sense of job options, some of which probably allow you to make more than your current salary.

Passive Income Potential

The Internet is a tremendous equalizer when it comes to the availability of passive income as well. When you begin to research how to set up websites and advertising so that you’ll get revenue from online sources, you’ll find out that though it takes a while to get rolling, once you have an established online presence, the potential for income only increases over time. As long as you maintain the fundamental value of your website, there are millions of options for you to create income opportunities for yourself.

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The Best Ways To Make Your Life More Environmentally-Friendly

Well, you know today’s homeowners are more aware than ever of the demands their appliances, lawns and heating and cooling needs have on the planet’s limited supply of fossil fuels. And you have to use green energy nowadays, because of high electric bills prices. And speaking of the industrial industry and real estate. A very prominent man that’s big on property development I know, Marty Stallone is the executive vice president of Metropolitan Development Group, an Eastern Pennsylvania land development company that offers a wealth of services pertaining residential, commercial, and industrial property development. The Ivy League-educated Mr. Stallone has overseen MDG’s remarkable rise in recent years, drawing on his extensive professional experience coupled with the exceptional education attained during his time at Cornell University.

Likewise, steady increases in the cost of those fuels mean that those homeowners often feel the cost of inefficient home energy use where it hurts the most: in their account balances after monthly energy bills are paid.

It’s best to go green these days. Because going green is much more cheaper than the regular way.Green, sustainable, energy-efficient…there are so many ways to say “eco-friendly” that it can feel overwhelming to consider making some environmentally friendly changes. Creating an eco-friendly home can start small, with just a few easy steps. As you save money, you can move into bigger changes to save even more. You may be surprised to learn that saving the planet can also save your wallet!

There are many homeowners out there now, that are looking for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly. Marty J. Stallone is doing a great job as an executive vice president of metropolitan development group. And whether this comes from a wish to help the environment or a desire to cut heating and cooling costs, the steps are often the same. Some eco-friendly home improvements are small, simple, inexpensive steps. Others require more time, money and expertise. Here, we’ll look at 10 popular home-efficiency tips that can fit almost any budget. While the best combination for your home’s needs may vary, these home-improvement options include a number of projects and possibilities that could mean energy and cost savings for you and your family.

You can also find an energy calculator to assess your current energy usage. And there are many sites that have calculators that will automatically tally up the energy efficiency of your house. It is also helpful if the site can also produce a graph or tally that can demonstrate what your house’s potential could be after making some minor changes.

Sometimes the best new house is an older house. Consider the amount of building materials and fossil fuel saved by buying an existing home rather than building a new one. A good quality older home can be renovated and retrofitted to make it more environmentally friendly, at a lower cost than if you were starting from scratch.

Right from the start, experts recommend integrating renewable energy systems into the design of a new home, whether it is solar panels, residential wind turbines, or micro-hydroelectric generation. If the initial investment is too steep to consider at the time of construction, planning during the design phase for an eventual switch over to renewable energy will save the owner considerable trouble (and money) later.

However, just as important as the source of the energy you use is how much of it you use. A well-designed home should allow you to minimize your energy needs. This can be accomplished by, for example, choosing efficient appliances, installing LED lights, and using programmable thermostats which will provide you with the cooling and heating you need only when someone’s home. And don’t forget the low-tech solutions: a simple clothesline for drying laundry will further cut down on energy needs.

Children learn from the influences around them. Part of growing up is creating the habits that will follow your children throughout their lifetimes and shape them as they mature. Instilling a healthy lifestyle in your children when they are young can help build the framework for an entire lifetime of healthy habits.

Here are 7 ways to lead your children toward a healthy lifestyle:
Eat at least one meal a day as a family – Use this opportunity to teach your children about food choices and healthy portion sizes.
Get your children outside and involved –Teaching your children the joys of sports early can help them find their talents and teach them to appreciate exercise as a form of fun, not something to be abhorred.

Turn off the technology – Getting your children out of their seats and aware of the world around helps them become more self-aware in mind and body. Communicating in-person with other children and adults establishes social skills that can’t be learned online and are essential for a successful future.

Stack on the support – Talking positively, encouraging your children, and rewarding their good behavior helps reinforce healthy habits. This helps build your child’s self-confidence and can help create a strong future leader.

Focus on extracurricular activities – A healthy lifestyle includes socializing, enhancing skills, learning new talents, and achieving goals. Extracurricular activities allow your child to explore these areas of healthy living.

You should always teach them responsibility – Giving your child responsibilities early teaches them ownership and how to complete tasks required of them, as well as consequences.

Make sure to never use food as a reward – The use of food as a reward is one way to create food motivation, which can be detrimental if your child grows up seeing food as a special reward and was not taught how to limit this reward.

And always Lead by example – Make sure that you are active, healthy, and also explore activities, socializing, and other interests outside of work.

Expose them to good influences – Exploring  your child to a positive environment with positive role models, healthy food options, outside activities and intriguing mental challenges can help them become more positive individuals, which in turn will help them make choices that perpetuate a healthy outlook and a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure their school offers daily, quality Physical Education – Quality physical education programs are needed to increase the physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity for all students so that they can be physically active for a lifetime.

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PatPat: The Ideal Application for Mothers Who Like Taking Advantage of Extreme Online Bargains

When it comes to applications for shopping, there are a great number to choose from; some of them tend to be better than others. As time goes by, there is always one that knocks it out of the park, such as the PatPat app.

PatPat: An App for Budget-Conscious Mothers

This application, which was presented to the public in 2014, differs from all the other ones that are currently on the market, as it is geared toward hardworking mothers on a budget who want to provide their families with the accessories, toys, and clothing they love but are not able to do so due to the high markups that accompany them.

Attain up to 90% off on High-Quality Goods

Many people in the media are already referring to this app as the mommy of all shopping applications. It offers the latest and high-quality essentials at meaningful discounted prices (up to 90% off). With the PatPat app, one can finally say goodbye to the middleman and thus to high price tags, as it works directly with product manufacturers; therefore, it is able to offer its users with the lowest prices in the industry.

You Can Save and Earn Money at the Same Time

PatPat Ambassadors can attain money/credit by sharing this application. Yes, mothers can earn some money and save at the same time.

The PatPat Ambassador Rewards and Benefits program is very simple to put into good use. First, you have to make sure that you are informed about all the PatPat promotions. For each new user who utilizes your invite code, which will take twenty-five percent off their first order, you will earn $5.00 credit. For every $1,000 wallet credits you earn through referrals, you will be able to redeem for $700.00. For every $500.00 wallet credits, you will be able to redeem for $300.00.

Noteworthy Benefits of the PatPat Ambassador Program

For all referred users’ subsequent orders, you will receive a 5% commission, while they receive 10% off each order. With your one-of-a-kind PatPat invite code, you will receive personalized promo material. As a PatPat Ambassador, you’ll attain exclusive holiday gifts, and receive additional benefits when you refer other ambassadors into the program.


There are a couple of things that PatPat Ambassadors need to meet. For one, a minimum of thirty referred orders (individual orders using your referral code) must be met every month. At the end of each month, wallet money can be redeemed. In order to request a PayPal transfer or check, you’ll just have to send a request to Duplicate accounts for a single user are not allowed. Any earning made through additional accounts will be deducted from total earnings at the end of every month.

It’s Easy to Join!

To apply for the PatPat Ambassador, feel free to send your name and PatPat account email to Make sure that the email subject reads ‘Apply for PatPat Ambassador.’

Get Started Today!

To begin taking advantage of the PatPat application, feel more than welcome to download it. If you have an Android device, feel free to visit If you have an IOS device, go ahead and visit

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Making A Living In The Music Business

When it comes to music, I have seen it over and over again. Musicians who have been promoting themselves for years or just starting out who are very cautious of any new online tools or services that can either help their careers get launched or further the growth of their popularity. Speaking of the music business John Jesensky is a great composer and conductor currently living in Los Angeles. John received his Bachelors of Music in Composition from the Hart School of Music where he studied with such composers as Stephen Gryc, David Macbride, Larry Alan Smith, and film composer Joseph Turrin.

I know this because I know the music business very well. Maybe it’s that old saying “Once bitten, twice shy.” because it is true that in whatever era you look back on, the musicians and bands that went the indie route instead of signing to some Major Label have been burned by distributors, stores, the media, and certainly live venues. And that is why, there is a very high resistance to any new digital companies or tools that pop up comes from some negative experience in their past.

Some people say it’s like comparing apples to oranges, when it comes to major record labels and minor record labels. And you know its not fair to these newer digital companies or to yourself.

The music business has really grown a lot. And today there are many new companies promising online exposure and easy-to-use web site templates, let alone digital revenue collectors that may or may not pay their artists, that I can understand the reluctance to accept anything new. Its true that If you align yourself with the wrong start-up company you might get burned.

And you know companies like Spotify, for an example. This company took most of Europe by storm years ago and now are in full operating mode here in the U.S. But listen up…Spotify is going to be around for a long time! Also, the streaming music business, at any level, is really just a new way of thinking about getting your music heard, and yes the royalties paid out by Spotify (and other streaming companies) are extremely low at this time, as are the are the many copycat companies that are doing their best to attract and support independent music online.

Today, I have something different for you. Instead of writing about the subject of record distribution, and how labels, distributors, and music retailers work together, I have come up with a True/False and Multiple Choice test for you to take. It covers music business issues and simple everyday music marketing ideas that you should know a bit about.

I have ulterior motives for this approach. I am always amazed how many well intentioned, yet supremely business naïve, musicians exist in the world. For 15 years now I have been writing articles, columns, and books related to the business of music. John Ross Jesensky is a great musician and he continues to thrive in the music business.

I am hardly alone in this endeavor. There are now countless websites, publications, workshops, and conferences, (both online and off), dedicated to helping independent musicians learn how the music business operates. Yet countless acts try to establish themselves by remaining ignorant of how the distribution and selling of their music actually works.

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Make More Money With A Better Web Design

Designing a business website is much more involved than some people may understand prior to building one.  You may know how to build a visually appealing presentation, but there is more to designing a successful website than making it all look good.  

People have become very comfortable and very familiar with the digital reality of e-commerce, and they have a specific purpose in their search.  Your business website must be designed with a purposeful web user in mind.  Here are a few helpful designing tips to get you on your way to designing the most efficient website possible.  

Showcase the services/products your business provides

Your company’s “Products & Services” page is their proverbial bread and butter.  It is what designing a business website is all about.  You want to do business online.  

The number one most important aspect of a successfully designed “Products & Services” page (like this excellent example) is simplicity.  An overcomplicated purchasing page can cause confusion and cause your business to lose sales.  

Design an eye-catching homepage

Your homepage is theoretically your virtual introduction to your business.  You have less than ten seconds to grab the attention of web users, so your design needs to be thoroughly researched.  

It is good to utilize the use of space in your homepage design.  Web users will run away from a cluttered page quicker than you can think, “Oh, no!”  Take the time to thoroughly research the essential components of a homepage design, before you spend hours designing.  

Communication is super important

Communication is another staple of good business.  If you can communicate with people effectively, you can do anything.  When designing a business website, communication should remain a priority.  

Design an interactive, engaging “Contact Us” page for web users.  Your online community deserves to have a direct line of contact to your customer service professionals.  Make sure it is simple for users to share their thoughts, feelings, and criticism.  

Tell the web community something about your business

It is good for business to build rapport with your online audience, and your website’s “About Us” page is the best place to begin.  Design an informative section of your website to let web users learn a little more about the most influential professionals in your company.  

Share a short bio for the main players, so web users can clearly see their credentials and qualifications for their position in the business.  Show the competence of your staff, and help people see that your employees are the cream of the crop.  

Always optimize for mobile use

The frequency of mobile use in the world is far too high to ignore, especially when you are running a business.  You want to tap into the mobile community.  If users have to pinch and swipe to view your website, then you need to invest in some mobile optimization.

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How to get best battery performance from your 4G smartphone


Your smartphone needs to stay powered wherever you go. In an age when connectivity is of paramount importance, you can’t afford to keep your 4g smartphone off just because the battery won’t function. So how do we exactly make the battery store charge for long enough time, without affecting the battery life? Here’s 4 pro-ways to keep your 4g mobile phones battery work great without spending an extra buck:

Avoid extreme temperatures when charging

Every device is lab-tested under a set of temperature and other constraints that make up its comfort zone. Exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures will damage the battery’s capacity to hold charges.

Preferring WiFi over Mobile Data

This is no secret that SIM-enabled data connection consumes more battery and affects the overall life of your device. Whenever possible, switch to wifi network so that there is less load on the battery power. Also, you don’t have to buy those fancy data plans.

Optimize battery usage in Settings

Most of the 4g mobile phones are powered by Android and so you can reduce the screen brightness to conserve battery. Simply navigate to Settings-> Battery and Storage. Once there, tap on Power-Saving mode. It will prevent background updates to run (don’t worry, the basic functions like calling and other internet-enabled features will still work)

Switch off the phone periodically

Like all intelligent devices, smartphones need to reboot itself. Make sure you turn off your smartphone regularly. It doesn’t have to be hours though, a single 10-minute shutting down of the device can prolong battery performance. Also, good for the hardware.

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How To Start Your Savings While Being In College?

Saving money while studying might just be the biggest challenge you can face as a college student. With different academic expenses and quality of life items you need to buy on a daily and weekly basis, how can anyone manage to save money when college comes knocking?

Luckily, there are ways to control your spending by carefully planning out your savings. What are some of the most useful and easy-to-manage ways to start your savings while still being in college?

Start a savings account

The hardest step is the first step; no matter what you try doing in life. Going to a bank and opening a savings account will give you good motivation to start putting some money on the side early on. Even if you put a couple of dollars into the account each week, you will find yourself in a good position once the academic year is over.

Keeping a saving intact without a bank account is very tempting and difficult for anyone, not just college students. Make it easier on yourself and visit a local bank to inquire about student savings accounts.

Using second-hand textbooks

No professor will care if your books are old or new. What they will care about is your willingness to use them and your ability to follow the curriculum. Talk to some of the seniors at your college and look for second-hand books online.

They are much cheaper than brand new textbooks from your college library. Most of your junior expenses will come from buying new books and equipment for studying, but you can save a lot of money just by looking for used things before opting for new ones.

Opt for cheaper housing

Depending on the country or state you will attend college in, there are different options available for housing in each. Some countries encourage students to live in dormitories with fellow colleagues which automatically translate to having a roommate. Some countries have expensive dorms that many students skip and decide to live in flats and shared apartments across the city.

A good way to control your spending urges is to think about college. The main reason you have moved away from home and started a student’s life is to develop your skills and gain an academic degree down the line.

This will require a lot of effort and sacrifice on your part, which in turn translates to very little free time for spending money. Studying instead of going on a shopping spree is a good way to control your savings and it will also help you handle your courses a lot easier.

Plan your grocery list

It’s very difficult to write things down and then follow up on them to the letter. Planning your grocery lists before going out will save you a lot of time and money down the line, no matter the situation you find yourself in. You can also save time with essay writing companies if you find yourself in a difficult scheduling position.

Grocery shopping is an essential part of college life that can easily eat up your savings if you are not careful enough. Buy the elementary things you need for food, hygiene, and cleaning without glancing at snacks or unnecessary items.

Stay away from entertainment

Opting for free TV, internet, and free-to-play games can help you save a lot of money during your college years. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of buying games or paying for monthly subscription services that you won’t have the time to use anyway.

Try finding your entertainment on YouTube, Tumblr and similar websites that can actually help you learn something new. Listening to podcasts is also free and can help you prepare exams and learn new things about the world without paying a dime.

Limit your credit card use

Stick to using your cash allowance and pocket money instead of drawing your credit card. Your parents and family might give you some spending money to get you by and it should be enough for elementary college expenses.

However, we all know that sometimes this isn’t enough and you will have to use the credit card allowance your parents sent you. Keep these expenses to a minimum and only use card payments when there is no other option.

Go out – moderately

College is all about socializing with colleagues and new friends you will meet on campus. It’s only natural that you will have to go out every once in a while and pay for your drinks. Make it a practice to only go out to a coffee place or a club once a week as a treat to you.

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone and just embrace the habit of limiting your outside expenses. It’s far cheaper and more enjoyable to invite your friends over for homemade coffee and talk without having to think about the bill later on.

Work on your self-control

There will be times when you lose control and spend some extra money on something you really wanted – and that’s okay. You are studying full-time to become a professional in a field that you love.  This requires a lot of concentration and self-sacrifice, so what if you spent a little extra and bought yourself a treat? Just because you are working on your savings doesn’t mean that you should stop living your life.

Final thoughts

Working on your savings is a long-term process that won’t happen overnight. Do your best to put aside as much money as you can but don’t sacrifice elementary living expenses in order to do so. College is only a small part of your life that leads to better things, so make sure it’s memorable for you.

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5 Main Rules of Secure Payments on The Web

Making use of online payments is something available to everyone. However, not every website or alleged service you come across will be legitimate. A number of phishing websites and fake payment operatives are set up throughout the internet, praying on the unfamiliar and elderly.

Payment security issues are a constant threat on the internet, one that will never go away due to the number of active hackers. What are some of the ground rules you need to be aware of when paying for something online?

1. Use of trusted platforms

Whenever you are buying something online, make sure that you only do so through trusted platforms. Websites such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart or reliable writing companies are trusted when it comes to using your payment information.

These sites are only supposed to take as much money from your cards as the receipt tells them to, drawing an exact amount from your account (with the added transfer charge). If a website takes more than it was supposed to or if you notice additional charges several days later, you should contact your card provider immediately and block this service from your card. A good and reliable way to distinguish reliable site from dishonest is check the protocol of it, whether it is http or https. Sites that operate with personal and financial information are prohibited to use the http: protocol.

Even if you are using specialized websites for books, clothing or accessories, make sure that you always know what you are getting into by carefully examining the site beforehand. If you are unsure about a website, ask a friend to help you out or find another service that matches your needs.

2. Always check your hyperlink

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you might know about hyperlinks and how they work. In short, the internet is a repository of hyperlinks, which you access every time you click on a link and go to a different web page. Some of these pages are deliberately designed to look like payment verification pages that ask for your personal information.

Detecting these sites takes a bit of getting used to. They are often masked so well that the only thing differentiating them from real sites is a single letter in the hyperlink.

If you can’t see a padlock icon in your hyperlink bar, you should think twice about entering any personal information that the website is asking of you. While it may be a legitimate site for payment verification, it is more than likely a phishing site designed to take your card information and use it without consent.

3. Stay away from banner ads

Accessing any website through an ad that you saw online might not be a good idea. These advertisement materials show up on a huge number of sites that rely on ad revenue for their income.

However, many of these advertisements are not what they seem, often deliberately masking malicious links as harmless shopping sites, discounts and rewards. This is the traditional tactic of click bait, commonly used amongst scammers.

If you see an interesting ad pop up, ignore it and do a Google search on whatever it is you are interested in. Using Google to access your desired search results is the safest way to avoid malicious content on the web and keep your payment methods secure.

4. Avoid open public networks

Using open Wi-Fi networks is a sure way of getting your information caught by someone you don’t trust. If you find yourself in a park, a coffee shop or a mall and decide to do some online shopping, steer clear of public Wi-Fi networks. It’s far too easy to gain access to devices that connect to these networks and you can have severe consequences for doing so. Use your mobile data for any online shopping you want to do while in public and make sure to do it as fast as possible and keep it to a minimum.

Using your home network and desktop computer is the safest way to shop online while maintaining a relatively high level of security. Not only are desktop computers harder to crack but they are also equipped with antivirus software and better malware detection methods that can help you out tremendously.

5. Check for reviews beforehand

Lastly, it might be a good idea to check for reviews on particular services that you plan on using. If you want to subscribe to a particular unknown service or just use their online features one time, make sure to talk to someone beforehand.

Google searching for user experiences and reviews on particular websites is a good way to verify someone’s credibility. It can also be good practice to check the site yourself, contact it directly, state your intentions and ask for any sort of proof about their legitimacy. Don’t rush into entering your payment information with websites that seem fishy. It might just be personal paranoia, but paranoia can keep your wallet safe when it comes to internet payments.

In conclusion

Web payments have made shopping easier both locally and overseas. You can easily order items from different continents and have them delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days. This sort of technological development has made it easier than ever before to become victim to malpractice, hacking attempts and even identity theft.

Check your favorite websites twice before thinking about trusting them with your personal information. While it may seem like a chore to go through the hoops of checking their background, you would be surprised as to how many fake websites there are on the internet that stalk for unsuspecting buyers and their credit cards.

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The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide

Email marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing tools for any business. To be more precise, it is an integral part of an online and offline business. It allows building direct communication between the brand (business, company) and potential or existing customers. Well-designed newsletters, that meet corporate standards and are just interesting for the audience are the well-thought e-mail marketing campaign. Now, this is the most profitable channel of digital communications. You can invest $1 and get back $38, according to experts.

What tasks does email marketing solve?

● Building a long-term customer relationship program;
● Understanding the interests and preferences of customers;
● Stimulating repeat sales;
● Support for loyalty programs;
● Expansion of customer database.

The process of developing an email marketing strategy is quite a challenge. Any mistake can lead to a complete loss of interest in your letters and the brand as a whole. Thus, to build an effective communication strategy via email newsletters and see an increase in customer involvement and their motivation in making purchases, you need to get the proper knowledge. And that’s why the Every cloud team have prepared for you this Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide. This data can help you to estimate the profit and loss from email marketing. You will be able to develop your own marketing campaign that will work ideal for your business and customers. Knowing how men and women use email can define the right segment of customers. The understanding how consumers use email on various devices will give you a hint where to put an emphasis in the next email campaign. Time, when to send email, will inform you when your customers are more willing to answer you. E-mail marketing is not a rocket science when you know how to use it.

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