3 Ways Technology Can Make Your Business Money

Once upon a time, there was a candy business. They made some of the best candy in the world and had been since the early 1800s. As technology advanced, over time their aged CEOs simply did not adapt. The company stayed very well known in the town it began in, but as the country grew and the population flourished, so did inflation and the cost of running the business.

As the costs went up, the little candy company began to flounder. Until one day, a fresh, young, entrepreneur came and introduced some new ideas on how to market the best candy in the world. The owners were so excited, they asked the young man to stay. Below are some of the ideas he pitched.

Advertise Using Social Media

One of the first ideas the young man had was to place the candy at eye level. Nowadays, eye level is at the height of a computer screen. Throughout the day, millions of people check Facebook, Twitter, and other such sites on their lunch breaks, before bed, when they get up in the mornings, and when they can’t sleep. Any good business owner knows that if you can get a customer stuck on the image of a product he/she may want, that image tends to advertise for you long after they stop viewing the physical picture.

Set Up A Blog For Customer Feedback

With quite a bit of business moving to online channels, there is less and less physical interaction with the customer. So, the young entrepreneur suggested setting up a blog as a way for customers to ask questions about the different candies for sale, shipping practices and other queries, and receive real time answers from the company’s employees.

As time went on and the store grew in popularity, the young man knew that customers would begin sharing their experiences with the product, as well. This would give the company another avenue for advertisement and create an opportunity to improve with each critique.

Create An Online Store

The final idea he gave the aging owners was to expand by building more stores, but not physical buildings. They were to create online stores. This would give the whole world the privilege of enjoying the hard work put into making each piece of the treasured candy. Anyone who wished would be able to take as long as they wanted searching for the perfect sweet treat, order as much or as little as they wanted, and have it shipped to them anywhere in the world. The owners were most pleased with this idea.

After careful consideration and quite a few adjustments, the best candy company in the world was able to market to the world and spread sweet happiness to children and adults alike and lived happily ever after.