Things That You Should Know About When Traveling to Australia

Well, I’ve heard that there are lots of stereotypes in Australia. I didn’t even know that you could find so much about the Australian culture that would surprise a person. But, before I headed to Australia, although I had already heard and read about the typical Australia stereotypes, I didn’t expect to find too much about the Aussie culture that would surprise me. The Australians speak English and they are a part of the developed world, so really, how different could it be from America?

During the time when I was teaching English in Ukraine, I couldn’t have thought of a better place to travel to that could provide me with very comfortable   than down under. It’s been over a year now since my flight to Australia, and I must say that there have actually been a number of shocking discoveries in respect to my American expectations.

What Americans Believe About Australia

The Americans and Australians are both very uncomfortable with stereotypes being used to define the characteristics of their respective cultures; however, just like the accent that each uses to speak the common language of English, there are some subtle differences that can be used to distinguish Americans as a group from Australians as a group.

Considering Moving to Australia – Read This First!

Hey Folks. Are you considering moving to Australia? Are you grappling with the decision?  Before you sell the house, the car, and put everything you own on a container, take a look at our list of key factors to think about before deciding to make the move!

1. How long will you stay in Australia?

Moving to Australia to start a business and live indefinitely is a different project from coming for a gap year or six month sabbatical. Personally, my family fell somewhere in the middle as we came for a “trial year” and figured we’d see how it went before making a long-term commitment. But, In some ways this approach makes sense, but the negative side is that it leads to ongoing uncertainty. So as you are doing your dreaming and scheming, reflect on your timeline and your tolerance for the unknown. The context for your move will determine the administrative steps in the process, especially regarding your entry and visa. You may find that your intended length of stay will also impact how you handle the challenges you face along the way.

2. What is the cost of living in Australia?

Finances, of course, are one the top questions for most people considering the move to Australia. As you are working on your projected expenses you should make sure you have a good budget.

Shocking Things I Never Knew About Australia

They don’t have free WIFI in Australia and they lack great Mexican food, also. Australia being an advanced country seems to be backwards when speaking of the internet. But mostly that’s just how it is in Australia, you have to pay for WIFI usage. So, If you’re used to being connected 24/7 on the internet in the United States of America, you better be prepared to pay for it in Australia. Do you know that Australia they don’t have Mexican food. Yes it’s true Australian don’t seem to like and care about Mexican food.