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Rocco Basile, Business-man and Professional Photographer

Q: Rocco, What is your favorite camera that you like to use when you’re taking pictures?

I love the Canon cameras. Really any of their DSLR camera’s. I am particularly fond of the Canon Rebel. It is a good price and takes amazing photographs.

Q: What is your favorite city to visit to take photographs in it?

My favorite city to photograph is definitely New York. I love New York. The people, the places, all the tall buildings and busybodies really get me inspired. Any big city is my kind of place. I love the hustle and bustle of life going on around me.

Q: Have you taken any celebrities photos?

Yes, and working with celebrities is absolutely wonderful. They are so professional and really know how to get the most out of each photograph. When I am working with someone who has been in front of the camera before, I can definitely tell. They have more confidence, and know just what to do with their face or body pose.

Q: Do you like taking pictures of landscapes?

I prefer to take pictures of people. There is something dynamic about a living person actually being in the photograph, more so then just a landscape alone.

Q: What type of camera that you use when you take pictures of buildings?

The Canon EOS series would be my recommendation. I would also make sure that I have proper lenses to focus depending on how tall the buildings are, and what angle I want to shoot from.

Q: Have you ever won any awards for taking pictures?

Yes I have, but that isn’t the most rewarding part. The most rewarding part is having people recognize and appreciate my artwork. The fact that people are taking notice of my photography in itself is amazing. I am so grateful.

Q: Would you like to take pictures of Jennifer Lopez and President Donald J. Trump?

Yes I would take a photo of pretty much anyone.

Q: What are your goals as a photographer?

To have a long career as a photographer, make lots of friends, build a family. The true American dream. I have already succeeded in my career and now it is time to work on building my family. I am finally mature enough to say that I am ready for a family now.

Q: Would you like to be an author writing contributor for my website entitled money and technology?

Yes that would be wonderful. I would be honored to be a contributor. Thank you.

Q: How do you prepare to take photographs of the very famous people around the world?

I make sure that I have all of my equipment. It is important to set up the lighting based on the specific quality of the filming location, so I usually take out my light meter and test the light levels. The lighting is the most important aspect of the photograph and once that is set up, the whole photo shoot goes by smoothly.

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