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Back To School Tips to Kick Start the New Year and Get you Prepared for a Fresh Start

When starting school sometimes it can be very difficult. Your child will be afraid to go back to school. And going back to school is not only difficult for children, it can be kind of worrisome for parents, also. We all know that the children will be filled with excitement and will have first-day jitters, and the parents are filled with thoughts of Am I prepared enough?” But, To help eliminate these thoughts, and to help you and your child prepare for the new school year, all you need is a little organization and forethought.

From the cover of Young and Healthy, a mother gets her son ready for school

Here are some back to school tips to kick-start the new year and get you prepared for a fresh start.

  • Try to get back in to your sleep routine. To help get rid of those stressful school mornings, start a regular bedtime and morning time routine to help prepare your child for school. Begin your usual school sleep routine about a week or so before school starts.
  • You should shop for school supplies with your child. To get your child excited about starting a new school year, shop for supplies together. Make sure you let them to pick out their own backpack, lunchbox, etc. This way you will give them a little bit of responsibility, too!
  • Start a new school routine. Have your child practice getting back into the rhythm of their daily school routine. You can do this by having them wake up at the same time every day, and eat around the same time they would at school. And also about a week or so before school starts, let them do some outside activities where they have to leave and come home around the same time, they would if they were in school. Doing this will definitely help them be rested and ready for the big day.
  • Be sure and talk to your child early and often. Because It’s never too early to start talking with and listening to your children about the first day of school. Just ask them what they think school will be like and see if they have any specific concerns so that you’ll have time to talk it over the next couple of weeks. It’s totally normal to have first day jitters.
  • And go and meet the teacher. For the children that’s wondering if they’ll like their teacher is a big source of fear. And also if your child isn’t comfortable in the teacher’s classroom, he or she will be less likely to be ready to learn. But, most often many teachers will make themselves available for a phone call or will return an email if a visit isn’t possible.

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