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SEO Information Hacks For Marketing In 2017

Modern day digital technology can be found at the heart of almost every recently successful business venture.  Without proper knowledge of the tools and capabilities of the internet, a business owner is practically powerless.  

Technology has been integrated into almost every part of our lives, personal and professional.  It is high time entrepreneurs jump aboard the digital bandwagon, and start learning.  Take a moment to take in this short summary, highlighting some of the most relevant tips and tricks for search engine optimization and digital marketing in 2017.  

Understand the basics of how Google ranks

Most novice web designers tend to look at the concepts of SEO with the wrong perspective. Beginners see SEO as a quick and easy way to soak up an initial return, but it is quite the opposite in reality.  

Search engine optimization takes time and plenty of effort.  It is a slow, steady, and painful journey to the top of the rankings.  The bottom line in mastering Google’s ranking algorithm is trust.

Google does not trust you, and will not trust you until it sees the appropriate signs of excellence.  Even if the content of a website or blog post is quality (like this knowledgeable example), it will not rank high on the search engine results without first meeting the “trust” standards of Google.  

Components of earning Google’s trust

There are three main components to earning Google’s ever-coveted “trust” stamp of approval.  

  1. Indexed age – Google looks very closely at the indexed age of a website and its internal content.  When a site is brand new, it will have a much more difficult time ranking on the first page of Google’s search results.  The indexed age of a site is dependant upon the date in which the Google bots discovered the website, not the date in which the site was launched.
  2. Authority profile – A site will have a higher authority when it shows quality links to quality material and a healthy range of diversity between sources.
  3. Underlying content – The metadata and other underlying content within a site’s design is commonly overlooked.  Be sure to fill in all the blanks.

Utilize fewer variations of keywords

The days of oversaturating a page’s content with different variations of the same keywords are over.  Google’s RankBrain is smarter than those silly games and can now recognize abbreviations, acronyms, plurals, synonyms, and even answers to general questions.  

Practice ethical SEO to avoid penalization

Before attempting to delve into the realm of search engine optimization, it helps to understand what is considered “bad form.”  Using one word 90 times on one page to try to rank higher in search results is not good practice.  Research other faux pauxs of SEO.

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