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Some Tricks to Improve Your SEO Efforts

When you get started off on your quest for great SEO, there are going to be a lot of different paths you take to try and achieve a high ranking. Certain things will pay off, and others will end up feeling like a complete waste of time. SEOjury will help you to identify these high return activities early and allocate more of your time towards them, so you can create a chance for yourself to speed up the path to SEO success greatly.

One thing that marketers rightly stress over is keyword selection. Keywords are essentially the most focused version of your message, so you need to understand which ones you are going to use and then hammer them down. Something many marketers forget is that it isn’t about maximising the visitors to your site, it’s about maximising the buyers that get to your site. There are tonnes of people in the world who your product or service isn’t going to be right for, and you don’t need them. All you need is to get the people who are most likely to derive value from what you’re offering.

To find the right keywords, Google has a tool called the “Keyword Planner” which can help you to narrow down your results by basing your decisions on actual search results. The planner is judging the keywords for relevance to your content and then the overall demand that keyword is facing at the moment.

This may sound like a mundane task that is over focused on semantics, but 48% of marketers believe this to be the most effective SEO tactic there is. It has been found that 50% of search queries that are made have four or more words, and it is your job to make sure you have captured at least a few of these.

Similar to the use of keywords is the meta tag tool. Meta tags are small bits of text in the HTML code that describes the contents of a web page. Through Google, it can signal to visitors what the page is really about in a very succinct way. Studies have shown that 43.2% of people click on a specific result due to the influence of the meta description.

Between these two tools, you already have a lot to go on to make your website more SEO friendly, but the final piece of the puzzle is making sure your content is great. Having relevant keywords and proper meta descriptions helps, but no one is going to stay on your website if you have terrible content. People will be a lot less likely to buy if the content feels worthless, and they will leave after viewing one page, which will result in a high bounce rate.

Between all of this is a huge opportunity to create relevant content that engrosses the reader, and then have them buy whatever it is you are selling. All you need to do for this to happen is have decent content that Google can correctly classify and place in their search results. The combination of proper keywords and meta descriptions will make it much easier for this to happen as you will have a concise message to present to the world and Google.

SEO can seem very daunting in the beginning, but you should think of it the way you would think of public speaking. Your goal is to get out there and say things in an interesting way while also hammering down your main point. Your message is one thing (the content), and the way you present it (SEO) is what helps it spread.

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