Galaxy S9 Will Carry Forward S8 Design

Samsung Company is one of the major players in the smartphone market in today’s world. The company is going towards the peak with its fabulous Android smartphones since 2012 when it launched its first Android phone. Recently, Samsung has launched its two Galaxy S series, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ which took the company to a higher place with its amazing features, beautiful display, and high-powered processor.

The philosophy behind the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is eliminating the boundaries between digital and physical world. The rounded edges, which make it disappear from the frame of the screen view (not just coincidentally called Infinity Display), represent the symbology of the absence of friction and barriers between the two universes, to bring the user to interact in an even more natural and engaging with your smartphone. Upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 is coming out next year with an awesome display which would cover 95% screen to body ratio. Sounds Crazy. Stereo speaker and the secondary front camera occupy the elevation level, the design concept is very much impressive. Designers have very effectively united all the features within the S9 phone.

Galaxy S8 device relies entirely on a user experience at the highest levels because it is satisfying to the eyes and to the touch, and the cell’s ability to adapt to the habits of use of specific persons. Coming back on a more concrete level. With the new Samsung Galaxy S8 disappears flat version in favor of two issues that inherit, although honing it and launching it, the aesthetics of Edge models, real distinguishing element compared to competitors. In short, the new S8 immediately attracted the looks but then on the practical level of performance and the actual use that win definitely. Galaxy S9 with its new design concept and dynamic CPU and GPU will catch your imperative eye towards it and make you fall for it.

Exynos 8895: Analysis in detail

One of the most important innovations launched with the Samsung Galaxy S8 + is represented by the chipset Exynos SoC 8895. A rather complex in its elements and deserves to be treated with great detail. We start from the geometry to 10 nm.

For the first time, this chip printing method comes to smartphones by bringing benefits especially in terms of energy efficiency. The smaller the distance between the internal components (10 nm for the note), more decreases (exponentially) the energy needs, impacting positively on the autonomy of the battery, and the tendency of the circuit to overheat.

In practical terms, the average operating temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius (environmental approximately 21 degrees), exceeding 55 degrees in the case of CPU stress. Samsung is bringing new 7nm FinFET technology for its Galaxy S9. The new Exynos 9810 in Galaxy S9 will bring a supreme speed, powerful battery and avoid hanging problems. The device will run with a 550 MHz clock speed. The brand new Exynos 9810 has two variants- Exynos 9810V and Exynos 9810M. The most Industrial market will sell the device Galaxy S9 with Snapdragon 845 SoC.