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The Genius Trick Amazon Shoppers use To Save Money

Think Amazon has the best prices? Well, here’s a surprise for you.
Shopping on Amazon can be addicting, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Wikibuy is a five-star Chrome extension that finds better prices at other retailers when you shop on Amazon, automatically.

You’re probably thinking: but Prime delivers in two days! That’s awesome, but after Amazon factors two-day delivery into its prices, it can often be a more expensive option.
Ask yourself: do you really need two day shipping on everything you buy? For waiting a few more days, Wikibuy can keep you from wasting money by finding a better priced option.
Here’s how simple it is:

You’re having a great day, shopping for a backup laptop charger, and BOOM! After taking a few seconds to check hundreds of retailers, Wikibuy pops up with a lower price (if it exists).

You click “quick view” to investigate. Looks like Wikibuy is going to save you $16 if you wait an additional 4 days. No biggie, you didn’t actually need the charger in two days.

Get rid of Amazon Prime? No way! The free movies, tv shows, customer service, etc are worth it alone. But, you should use Wikibuy with Prime to make sure you don’t waste money on items that aren’t needed in two days.
Oh, and it’s completely free. Try Wikibuy for free HERE.

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